RR 139/3 (20.0ov)
KKR 140/2 (13.5ov)

Kolkata Knight Riders beat Rajasthan Royals by 8 wickets

MOM: Harry Gurney

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  • 13.6BenStokes to SGill

    Wide! And it ends in a rather anti-climatic manner, but the victory was always going to come. KOLKATA WIN BY 8 WICKETS AND 37 BALLS REMAINING! Stokes angles this down the leg side as Gill fails to flick. The umpire signals a wide.
  • 13.1BenStokes to SGill

    FOUR LEG BYES! Angling in on leg stump, Gill tries to tickle it fine down the leg side. But it goes off his pads instead as the ball finds its way to the boundary line.
  • 12.5SGopal to RUthappa

    SIX! Straight as an arrow. Tossed right up there, in the slot, Uthappa plants his front foot forward, gets close to the pitch and smokes it back over the bowler's head. It's a flat hit and that's one more biggie for Kolkata. They're inching towards victory here.
  • 12.2SGopal to RUthappa

    SIX! A poor ball and it's been duly punished by Uthappa. Half-tracker in line of the stumps, Robbie goes deep inside the crease and muscles the pull over mid-wicket for a biggie.
  • 10.5SGopal to CLynn

    OUT! Lynn departs. He's more or less finished the job here. Gopal floats it up in line of the stumps, the Australian kneels down and brings out the slog sweep again. Is in no control of it this time as it lobs towards deep backward square leg. Midhun from the deep comes running in and takes a simple catch.
  • 10.2SGopal to CLynn

    SIX! Go fetch that, says Chris Lynn! This is right off the meat. Loopy and full outside off, Lynn moves a step across and nails the slog sweep to perfection. Sends it into the deep mid-wicket stands for a maximum.
  • 9.3SMidhun to CLynn

    FOUR! A boundary this time. Tripathi can't stop it. Lynn sees it turning away from him, so he cuts it off the outer half past short third man.
  • 9.1SMidhun to RUthappa

    FOUR! Shot. This is all about timing and placement. Tossed up leg break outside off, Uthappa drives it neatly through the gap in the covers and bisects the two men in the deep to find the fence.
  • 8.3SGopal to SNarine

    OUT! Great reflex catch and Shreyas Gopal picks up the first wicket. Breaks this brisk 91-run stand beautifully. Fools Narine with the wrong 'un, there's some extra bounce on this one. Narine backs away to cut but gets an edge to Smith at first slip, who takes a sharp catch. A little too late? Kolkata only need 49 to win off 69 balls.
  • 8.1SGopal to CLynn

    SIX! That's outta here! The boundaries are big here, but not big enough it seems for Chris Lynn. He clears the fence once more. Tossed up on middle and leg, there's no turn. Lynn gets low and slog sweeps it over the square leg boundary.

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