SRH 161/1 (15.0ov)
KKR 159/8 (20.0ov)

Sunrisers Hyderabad beat Kolkata Knight Riders by 9 wickets

MOM: Khaleel Ahmed

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  • KKR
  • SRH
  • 14.6PChawla to JBairstow

    SIX! And he does so! Another slog sweep and another biggie. Once again over the mid-wicket stand. HYDERABAD HAVE STEAMROLLED KOLKATA BY 9 WICKETS!
  • 14.5PChawla to JBairstow

    SIX! 5 more needed now! That has been nailed! Once again the slog sweep is out and it is hit over the mid-wicket fence. He has one ball to finish it in this over.
  • 14.4PChawla to JBairstow

    FOUR! Clever shot this! Chawla fires it fast outside off. JB goes back and then at the very end, guides it past backward point for a boundary. One more than 10 needed.
  • 12.5PRaj to KWilliamson

    WIDE! Bowls a bouncer outside off, Williamson watches it sail through. The umpire gives it wide for height.
  • 12.2PRaj to DWarner

    OUT! TIMBER! Prithvi Raj finally gets one and he is pumped up. His team is not in a great position but your first wicket is always special. He has been getting no assistance from his fielders so he does it by himself. It is the slower one on middle, stays a touch low. Warner looks to hit it across the line, the ball though sneaks under his bat and rattles the stumps. End of a top knock by Warner. He has taken his team to the brink of victory.
  • 11.6SNarine to DWarner

    SIX! BANG! 10 from the last two balls. 30 runs more needed. This is very full on middle, Warner lofts it over long on and clears the fence with ease.
  • 11.5SNarine to DWarner

    FOUR! Right over the bowler's head! Makes room does Warner and then slaps it to the long off fence.
  • 9.4SNarine to DWarner

    Flighted delivery on middle, Warner looks to flick but misses it and gets hit low on the pads. It goes towards third man for a run. The umpire gives it as a leg bye.
  • 8.2KCCariappa to JBairstow

    FOUR! DEFT! Lovely, lovely batting! He too like this partner, moves onto 47 in 25 balls. This is bowled flatter and on off, Bairstow waits for it and then guides it past short third man. Cariappa is having a forgetful debut.
  • 8.1KCCariappa to JBairstow

    SIX! Welcome back into the attack! They are in a hurry to end this are Hyderabad. The slog sweep is out, it is connected well and it is into the mid-wicket stands.

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