KXIP 177/2 (18.4ov)
MI 176/7 (20.0ov)

Kings XI Punjab beat Mumbai Indians by 8 wickets

MOM: Mayank Agarwal

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  • MI
  • KXIP
  • 18.1JBumrah to LRahul

    FOUR! Educational edge! Length and outside off, Rahul looks to open the face of the bat but the ball goes off the edge, a lot finer than he wanted to play it and to the third man fence. Two runs away now.
  • 17.7MMcClenaghan to DMiller

    FOUR! Yes, it does. Full length delivery outside off, Miller smashes it through covers. It is wide of the fielders at deep and they have no chance to stop that. Only 6 needed off the last 2.
  • 17.6MMcClenaghan to DMiller

    WIDE! Poor this from McClenaghan. It is a full toss outside leg. Miller looks to flick it but misses. Wide signalled. Will this extra ball prove to be costly?
  • 16.4JBumrah to LRahul

    FOUR! Two in two for Rahul. The pressure now on Bumrah. Length delivery on middle, Rahul lifts his front leg and pulls it powerfully through square leg for a boundary.
  • 16.3JBumrah to LRahul

    FOUR! Just what Punjab wanted. Good length delivery on off, Raul gets on top of that one and smashes his drive through covers for a boundary.
  • 15.6LMalinga to LRahul

    FOUR! Now moves onto 50 in style! A well-crafted innings. He started off slowly, played second fiddle to both, Gayle and Agarwal but then stepped on the gas when his team needed him to. He though would love to stay there till the end. Gets there with a pull shot towards fine leg. It was not off the middle, it flew off the glove but he won't care. Raises his bat and soaks in the applause.
  • 15.4LMalinga to LRahul

    WIDE! Down the leg side, Rahul looks to flick but misses.
  • 14.8HPandya to DMiller

    FOUR! Boundary to end and it is probably the over which turns the tide in completely in the favor of the hosts. 19 from it. A poor delivery again, short and on the body. Miller just helps it on its way to the fine leg fence.
  • 14.6HPandya to LRahul

    FOUR! That has gone to the fence like a tracer bullet. It was uppish but in the gap. Full and on off, Rahul leans into the stroke and caresses it through covers. Moves into the 40s and it seems that the biggie has got him going.
  • 14.4HPandya to DMiller

    Another wide! This is just not good from Pandya. Again it is down the leg side, Miller misses the flick and once again it has been wided.

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