MI 198/7 (20.0ov)
KXIP 197/4 (20.0ov)

Mumbai Indians beat Kings XI Punjab by 3 wickets

MOM: Kieron Pollard

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  • KXIP
  • MI
  • 19.3ARajpoot to KPollard

    OUT! Pollard is dismissed! Drama at the Wankhede! This game is not over yet. Rajpoot switches to over the wicket and delivers a short ball outside off. Pollard stands back to fetch it from there as he attempts to pull it over mid-wicket. He fails to gather enough power behind it and Miller in the deep takes his fourth catch of the evening. 4 needed off 4 balls.
  • 19.2ARajpoot to KPollard

    FOUR! A full toss on the pads, Pollard picks it up and smashes it behind square leg for a boundary. 4 needed off 5 balls.
  • 18.4SamCurran to KPollard

    SIX! Into the night sky! Pollard is motoring. Curran showing his inexperience there. Continues to bowl in the slot. A length ball and it has been dispatched over mid-wicket. 16 needed off 8 balls.
  • 18.3SamCurran to KPollard

    SIX! No need to take singles if you can hit such big shots! 10 off first three balls, the crowd is going bonkers. Curran serves right in the slot for Pollard and he hoists it over long off.
  • 18.1SamCurran to KPollard

    FOUR! Pollard has taken matters in his own hands! Curran delivers it full and wide outside off, Kieron shuffles across a bit and rockets it over extra cover for a boundary. 28 needed off 11 balls.
  • 17.4MShami to AJoseph

    FOUR! That's the boundary Mumbai desperately needed. Shami bowls it on a length but wide outside off. The mid off is up and Joseph muscles it past the left side of that very fielder for a boundary.
  • 16.6SamCurran to KPollard

    SIX! Seventh biggie for the big West Indian. Curran errs on the final ball and delivers a full toss around off. Pollard swivels and effortlessly sends the ball sailing over mid-wicket. 14th fifty in the League for the Monster from Trinidad!
  • 16.1SamCurran to KPollard

    SIX! Not from the middle of the bat but it still travels the distance. A length ball outside off, Kieron pounces onto it and dismisses it over long off.
  • 15.7MShami to AJoseph

    FOUR! That's uppish but safely goes to the fence. Short delivery on middle and leg, Joseph pulls it over backward square leg and Henriques (sub) rushes across to his right to attempt for the catch. But it falls just wide of his outstretched hands and goes to the boundary.
  • 15.6MShami to KPandya

    OUT! Soft dismissal! Shami angles across a full ball on off, a well-disguised slower one, Krunal tries to go inside-out over covers but fails to get any timing behind his shot. A straightforward catch for David Miller inside the ring, his third of the match. A dejected Pandya returns. This is fantastic bowling from Shami. 58 needed off 26 balls.

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