RCB 202/4 (20.0ov)
KXIP 185/7 (20.0ov)

Royal Challengers Bangalore beat Kings XI Punjab by 17 runs

MOM: AB de Villiers

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  • RCB
  • KXIP
  • 19.3UYadav to HViljoen

    OUT! Caught down the leg side and Umesh has 3! A short ball, around middle and leg, Viljoen looks to pull but is done in by the pace. Only manages to get a top edge which is taken nicely by Parthiv Patel diving to his left. Is a hat-trick on the cards?
  • 19.2UYadav to RAshwin

    OUT! No MSD magic for Ravi Ash. A length ball again, once more Ashwin backs away to the leg side and looks to go big. But this time, he does not time it. Holes out to Virat Kohli at long on who takes it but then fumes at Umesh regarding the length. Not the best ball to be bowled at this stage...
  • 19.1UYadav to RAshwin

    SIX! Is Ashwin going to do an MSD? A length ball, around middle, Ashwin backs away and sends this sailing over long on! 21 needed from 5 balls...
  • 18.6NSaini to NPooran

    OUT! Caught! Is that the final nail in the coffin? Pooran holes out and with that, perhaps, the last hopes for Punjab go out. A length ball, outside off, Nicholas backs away and looks to go big but skies this way too high in the air. He has the height but not the distance. AB de Villiers keeps his eyes on the ball but loses it in the night sky. However, he adjusts well in the end to take it slightly away from his body. Fine knock from the West Indian though.
  • 18.1NSaini to DMiller

    OUT! AB takes a stunner and the crowd finds its voice back! Miller departs. A length ball, around middle and leg, David clears his front leg and looks to swing this through the line. The shot does not too much elevation but it does have enough power. The ball goes flat towards long on but AB de Villiers races to his right and dives full stretch to take a wonderful catch!
  • 17.5UYadav to DMiller

    WIDE. Pressure and frustration. Full and outside off, David lets it pass.
  • 16.2TimSouthee to DMiller

    FOUR! THRASH! Banged in short, Miller pulls it with disdain over mid-wicket for a boundary! 39 more needed from 22 balls and Virat Kohli is beginning to look pensive...
  • 16.1TimSouthee to DMiller

    FOUR! Off the edge! Outside off, on a length, Miller looks to punch but the ball angles away, takes the outside edge and goes through the vacant slip cordon to the third man fence!
  • 15.5MAli to NPooran

    SIX! Another one into the stands! A short ball, around middle, Pooran backs away and sends this flying over long on! That also brings up the 50 run stand between the two. They have looked good out in the middle, especially Pooran.
  • 15.3MAli to NPooran

    SIX! TALE THAT! Pooran is broadcasting a show of his own tonight. His 4th six already! Fired in outside off, Nicholas backs away and sends this sailing over long off!

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