KXIP 182/6 (20.0ov)
RR 170/7 (20.0ov)

Kings XI Punjab beat Rajasthan Royals by 12 runs

MOM: Ravichandran Ashwin

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  • So that is all from this game. A much-needed win for the hosts of tonight, means that there are three teams now on 10 points each and the race for the playoffs is heating up. The Indian T20 League action goes from North to South on Wednesday as Hyderabad host the high-flying Chennai in what is a crucial game for the team from Telangana so that they can keep up the pace with the top 4. Join in for the coverage of the same. That one will begin at 2000 local (1430 GMT). Till then, take care and cheers!
  • Punjab skipper and Man of the Match, Ravichandran Ashwin says it's important to get the momentum as it's the right time in the tournament. Feels that it's incredibly tough to chase on this wicket and goes on to state that they did well in the first innings with the bat. Credits his bowlers for delivering at different moments in their defense. On Arshdeep Singh, he mentions that he gets lateral swing and he has high hopes from him going forward. Continues saying that he works on his variations and keeps trying new things in the nets. Stresses that most of the changes in the side have been forced due to injuries, but emphasizes that they have options going forward in the next game. On Moises Henriques and Mujeeb Ur Rahman's injuries, Ashwin feels positive and thinks they'll make a quick recovery.
  • Murugan Ashwin comes in for a talk. He says that they just wanted to bowl well and they executed their plans. Mentions that he and the other Punjab bowlers wanted to make use of the long boundaries and they were just trying to make them hit in those areas. Credits his captain, Ravichandran Ashwin, for helping him out and says he has played a lot of cricket with his namesake which helps him. Murugan feels that the ball was coming nicely on to the bat but they bowled well and ended up on the right side.
  • Rajasthan skipper, Ajinkya Rahane says that 182 on this wicket was chaseable and it was just a matter of a couple of sixes in the end. Credits his bowlers for the way they bowled and thinks it was a good game overall and there cannot be too many complaints. Reckons that they lost wickets in clusters in the middle which cost them. Says that Tripathi was struggling in the middle order so they decided to send him up the order and he decided to come in the middle.
  • Earlier in the evening, Rajasthan ended up conceding plenty of runs in the last over and it was the Punjab skipper Ashwin, who scored those runs. He made 17 off 4 balls and then turned up with the ball to turn the screws along with his namesake. Surely a captain's performance to ensure his team is back on track as far as the tournament goes. Also takes his team into double figures as far as the points tally is concerned.
  • When the chase began, Rajasthan got off to a steady start due to their two openers Buttler and Tripathi. Buttler though in an attempt to remain on top, lost his wicket. His team really needed him to make a big one tonight as he has been one of the main cogs in this batting line-up. Samson, who came in next at number 3, and the skipper who demoted himself to number 4, failed to score much. The debutant Turner fell for a first-ball duck and in the end, it proved too much for Binny despite him scoring at a strike rate of more than 275.
  • A comfortable victory in the end for Punjab. 12 runs maybe the margin but the writing was almost on the wall for the last 3 or 4 overs, despite a few lusty blows from Binny in the end. Mohammed Shami had an over left in the bank and 23 runs proved too much to get in the final over. The victory for Ashwin and co. comes as a much-needed tonic for the hosts who were losing their way over the last few games.
  • 19.6MShami to SBinny

    FOUR! It does not matter though! PUNJAB WIN BY 12 RUNS! A length ball on off and Binny gets under the ball and gets it over cover. Agarwal runs from long off to try and stop the ball but fails to keep it in. No harm done. Punjab win and the crowd here is going bonkers. A win after two losses. Very important one!
  • 19.5MShami to SBinny

    Full on off, Binny strokes it wide of cover and gets a couple.
  • 19.4MShami to SBinny

    Yorker on middle and leg, Binny moves back and hits it towards long on. Mayank Agarwal gets to the ball and throws it at the keeper's end. Pooran demolishes the stumps but Binny is quick and gets the second easily.
  • 19.3MShami to SBinny

    Bit of a fumble but does not cost much. Full and straight on middle, Binny hoists it hard towards long off. Mayank Agarwal there misfields it but then saves it with a dive. Two taken.
  • 19.2MShami to SBinny

    DOT BALL! Gayle with some antics as well. A yorker on the leg stump line, Binny tries to get under it but fails to time the ball. All he can do is dig it out towards point and the ball goes just as far as Gayle there who acts coyly trying to let the ball through allowing Binny to go for a single which he surely is not going to take.
  • The new man in is Jaydev Unadkat.
  • 19.1MShami to SGopal

    OUT! Agarwal does not have to move and the crowd in Mohali has found its voice again! A length ball on middle and leg, Gopal wanted the big one and goes through with a slog. Can't free his arms and the ball goes high towards long off where Mayank is stationed and takes the catch comfortably. 23 needed in 5 balls now, Binny back on strike.
  • Mohammed Shami to bowl the final over. 22 to defend!
  • 18.6ASingh to SBinny

    SIX! Just the way Rajasthan wanted the over to finish. 23 needed off the last over now. Binny has given them slight hope here. Full ball on middle and leg, Binny smokes it straight into the sightscreen.
  • 18.5ASingh to SBinny

    Fuller outside off, Binny swings his bat but misses.
  • 18.4ASingh to SBinny

    SIX! This is out of here. Why didn't Rahane give Binny the strike early? Can he pull a rabbit out of his hat here? Back of a length ball on off, Binny lofts it high and over the mid-wicket fence for a maximum.
  • 18.3ASingh to ARahane

    OUT! Arshdeep Singh is showing his class and composure in his very first game. Rahane cannot do much and has to walk back. Length ball around off, Rahane gets on one knee and looks to sweep it. He just manages to get a top edge and the ball goes behind. Mohammed Shami from short third man runs to his left and takes a very good catch. 35 needed off 9 balls. And Shreyas Gopal is the next batsman in.
  • 18.2ASingh to ARahane

    Good length ball on off, Rahane flat bats it over cover and wide of the fielder in the deep. Gets a couple.
  • 18.1ASingh to ARahane

    Fuller outside off, Rahane moves to his off stump and looks to play it to the off side. The ball goes straight back to the bowler off the bottom edge.
  • Arshdeep to bowl the penultimate over of the game.
  • 17.6MShami to ARahane

    Oh, Rahane misses it and he is upset with himself. Full toss at a very good height, Rahane hits it straight to cover but gets a single. 13 off the over. 37 needed off 12 now.
  • 17.5MShami to SBinny

    On middle and leg, Binny whips it to mid-wicket and gets a single. Cannot make it 14 or 16 off 3.
  • 17.4MShami to SBinny

    SIX! 10 off 2 and Binny won't try thinking. Good length ball on the pads, Binny pulls it over the fine leg fence for a maximum.
  • 17.3MShami to SBinny

    FOUR! Binny is off the mark and in some style. Back of a length ball on off, Binny pulls it and pulls it hard through deep mid-wicket for a boundary.
  • 17.2MShami to ARahane

    Back of a length ball on off, Rahane pulls it to deep mid-wicket for a single.
  • Stuart Binny is the new batsman in.
  • 17.1MShami to JArcher

    OUT! Shami strikes with the very first ball and Jofra Archer is a goner. 50 needed off 18, Archer had no choice but to go after it. Back of a length ball on off, Archer goes for the pull. He hits it very well. But to his dismay, KL Rahul runs to his left and takes the catch diving in front. It looks very, very difficult for Rajasthan now.
  • Mohammed Shami is back into the attack.
  • 16.7MAshwin to JArcher

    Floated on off, Archer plays it towards covers for a run. 6 runs and a wicket from the over. Good over for Punjab.
  • 16.6MAshwin to JArcher

    Tossed up wide outside off, Archer looks to cut but gets a bottom edge on this one.
  • 16.5MAshwin to ARahane

    Short and outside off, Rahane slaps it towards covers for a single.
  • Jofra Archer is the new batsman in.
  • 16.4MAshwin to ATurner

    OUT! The other Ashwin strikes now! Turner departs for a golden duck on his League debut! A flighted ball outside off and turning away from the right-hander. Turner goes for the maximum but fails to middle the ball. The bat turns in his hand and the ball flies really high towards long off where Miller comes in a bit and takes a really safe catch. Punjab roaring now! 52 needed off 21 balls.
  • 16.3MAshwin to ATurner

    WIDE! Bowls it wide outside off, Turner shoulders his arms to this one.
  • 16.2MAshwin to ARahane

    Short again on middle, Rahane pulls it through square leg for a run.
  • 16.1MAshwin to ARahane

    IN THE AIR BUT SAFE! Short on off, Rahane looks to pull but gets a top edge. He was too early in his shot. It goes towards mid off where it falls short of the fielder. The batsmen get two runs.
  • Ashton Turner is the new man in.
  • 15.7RAshwin to RTripathi

    OUT! Ashwin strikes in the last ball of his spell. Tripathi does not hang long after getting to his fifty and Rajasthan did not want that. The carrom ball has been Ashwin's go-to weapon tonight and has given him his second scalp. It was slightly shorter on off, Tripathi looks to flat-bat it over long off. He does not get the full swing on it and the ball goes straight down the throat of Mayank Agarwal. The crowd is going bonkers here and Ashwin is ecstatic.
  • 15.6RAshwin to ARahane

    Floated on off, Rahane plays it towards point for a run.
  • 15.5RAshwin to RTripathi

    Short on middle, Rahul pulls it towards mid-wicket for a run.
  • 15.4RAshwin to RTripathi

    Floated delivery on middle, Tripathi defends it off the back foot.
  • 15.3RAshwin to RTripathi

    NOT OUT! WIDE! Ashwin bowls it wide outside off, Tripathi comes forward and looks to cut but misses it. Pooran takes his own time and takes the bails off. Tripathi survives in the end.
  • Stumping appeal taken upstairs. Rahul Tripathi is the man in question. KL Rahul does not look confident. Let's see what the replays have to say.

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