RCB 181/5 (20.0ov)
MI 187/8 (20.0ov)

Mumbai Indians beat Royal Challengers Bangalore by 6 runs

MOM: Jasprit Bumrah

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  • We've come to the end of a rather, well, eventful affair. We had everything in this game. Mumbai pick up their first win of the season, while Bangalore still remain in search of theirs. Next up, we have Hyderabad hosting Rajasthan on Friday, at 2000 local (1430 GMT). Join in for that one. Cheers!
  • Man of the Match, Jasprit Bumrah, says he just focuses on the situation in front of him and backs himself. Mentions that he had a plan against every batsman tonight and it came off well. Ends by saying that his shoulder is completely fine.
  • Mumbai captain, Rohit Sharma, says these mistakes (the no ball incident) are not good for the game of cricket. He feels the wide which was given in the 19th over was not one and that too was a poor decision. Adds that the TV replays should be used more often in such scenarios. Further adds that anything over 180 is a fighting score, not a safe one but their bowlers did their job. States that they were always in the game, that they did not panic and stuck to their strengths. Applauds Lasith Malinga and says he is an experienced campaigner and he has done it a lot of times for Mumbai. Continues saying that they should have scored something above 200 but failed to capitalize on the start they got. Feels that they need to work on those issues in the games further. Ends by saying that this game was a confidence booster for Hardik Pandya and hopes he continues performing well.
  • Krunal Pandya also comes in for a chat. He says that it was a great game of cricket. Credits the way Bumrah bowled and says he is an outstanding player. Appreciates the effort from Hardik towards the end and he hopes he does this on consistent basis.
  • Bangalore captain, Virat Kohli, (On the no ball incident) says this is cricket at the highest level and the umpire should have spotted that. On his team's performance, states that they should have finished the innings with the ball better. Reckons that they batted well but could not get over the line. Adds that AB de Villiers needed support and he did not get it much. Feels that they need to be smart at the death with the ball and their pacers need to learn. Continues saying that the responsibility is on every member of the team and they need to step up and show more character. Applauds Jasprit Bumrah and labels him as a world class bowler. Ends by saying that he should not have gone after him and should have played him out.
  • Mumbai were put under the pump for the most part, especially in the second half of the innings. De Villiers and Kohli were motoring along well, especially the former who went berserk towards the end. But, the visitors' were phenomenal in the death overs. And when you have two of the best in the business, you always have a chance. Bumrah, who was the best bowler of the night for the tourists, and Malinga put on an incredible death bowling display and eventually got their side over the line. Earlier in the day, Chahal starred with a 4-fer, but Rohit's fluent 48 and Hardik's cameo of 32 from 14 balls got Mumbai to a total, which eventually proved to be enough.
  • Parthiv and Kohli were going along well after losing Ali early. Then the skipper joined hands with de Villiers and the two were cruising along well till Bumrah got Kohli against the run of play. AB carried on, kept his side in the hunt by scoring a fine fifty. 40 runs were needed in the final 3 overs, which is when de Villiers pounded 18 runs off Hardik Pandya's over. It came down to 22 from 12, then 17 from the last one, and then 7 off the last ball, when Malinga bowled the no ball which wasn't picked up.
  • Seems we have a new topic for debate for the next few days. It was the Ashwin-Buttler Mankad incident a few matches ago, now it's the Malinga overstepping one tonight. Every point matter in this competition, so how much will it affect them as the tournament goes on? Remains to be seen. Either way, Bangalore did well to get close, but the fact that they weren't in a more comfortable position come the final over will be something they will ponder about.
  • 19.6LMalinga to SDubey

    Lasith Malinga... yes, my man! What an amazing over. Amazing. Rolling the years back, isn't he? This is right in the blockhole, Shivam Dubey can only hit it aerially towards wide long on. Rohit moves to his left, Pollard comes from deep mid-wicket to his right, both collide but no harm done. No run taken either but it doesn't matter. MUMBAI WIN BY 6 RUNS! But hold on! What's happened here? Replays are up on the screen and they show that Malinga has overstepped on the last ball, but it's gone unnoticed. Kohli is seen furious and the crowd is clearly unhappy.
  • 19.5LMalinga to deVilliers

    Only a single. Malinga with another good yorker. De Villiers can only manage to hit it to long on and take a single. Dubey has to nail this and clear the fence. Can the young man pull something special out of his hat? Big moment awaits...
  • 19.4LMalinga to SDubey

    Misses out! He should have put it away, he knows that. A juicy full toss outside off, Dubey hits it to sweeper cover and gets de Villiers back on strike. 8 needed off 2. Need a big hit now. At least a boundary.
  • 19.3LMalinga to deVilliers

    Absolutely bang on. The Malinga of old. A pinpoint yorker on the stumps, AB digs it out off the inner half on the leg side and takes a run.
  • 19.2LMalinga to SDubey

    Dropped! A bit difficult as he's running back, but Bumrah should have taken it, especially at this stage. Slower length ball on off, Dubey swings across the line and gets a top edge as he's early into the shot. It goes over short third man, Bumrah runs back and it comes to his palms, but he can't hang on. Single taken.
  • 19.1LMalinga to SDubey

    SIX! And young Dubey goes big... really big! First ball of the over and he sends it sailing. Full and right in the slot, the southpaw stays deep inside the crease and smokes it over long off for half a dozen. 11 needed off 5 balls.
  • Lasith Malinga to bowl the final over of the game. He has 16 runs to defend.
  • 18.7JBumrah to SDubey

    Yorker on off, Dubey drives it to mid off and takes a single. Just 5 runs and a wicket off Bumrah's final over. Beautiful. He finishes with figures of 4-0-20-3.
  • 18.6JBumrah to deVilliers

    Running out of superlatives for his man. What a bowler. Should be called Deadshot if he isn't already. He doesn't miss his mark yet again, spears in the yorker on middle, de Villiers digs it out towards mid on for a single.
  • 18.5JBumrah to deVilliers

    Superb ball. Takes AB by surprise with the bumper. The batsman looks to take the hook shot on but misses. No wide given, not this time. It's the perfect ball.
  • Shivam Dubey walks out now. Big moment ahead in front of the youngster. AB de Villiers will be on strike though.
  • 18.4JBumrah to deGrandhomme

    OUT! Gone next ball. Bumrah with another wicket. Been an exceptional over so far. Short of a length outside off, de Grandhomme lofts it over covers. Never in control of this, he skies it towards the man in the deep. Krunal out there moves to his right, gets under the ball and gobbles it up.
  • 18.3JBumrah to deGrandhomme

    WIDE! De Kock is furious with the decision. Furious! Can understand too, it does look a big dicey. Short ball outside off, de Grandhomme looks to hit it away but misses. If Quinton could review this, he probably would have.
  • 18.2JBumrah to deVilliers

    Immaculate. He's dead accurate with his yorkers. Bumrah fires it outside off, AB moves across to play at it but is caught on the pads. The ball falls on the off side and the batsmen take a leg bye.
  • 18.1JBumrah to deGrandhomme

    Good length delivery outside off, de Grandhomme does the smart thing by placing it towards point and taking a quick single to bring de Villiers on strike.
  • 17.6HPandya to deVilliers

    Sharp bumper. Hardik ends the over well but he's conceded 18 in it. Bouncer on middle, AB tries to hook but misses. 22 needed off the final 2 overs.
  • 17.5HPandya to deVilliers

    SIX! Whoever might have mentioned that he's finished, they probably might want to reconsider. Wow. With him already in form, Hardik isn't helping himself with a juicy full toss. AB de Villiers slams it into the mid-wicket stands for half a dozen.
  • 17.4HPandya to deVilliers

    SIX! Mr. 360 for a reason! He somehow finds a way to score in any area. Look at that! Full and wide outside off, de Villiers gets down, reaches out to it and just hacks it over covers. Clears the leaping fielder just inside the rope and gets a maximum to his name.
  • 17.3HPandya to deGrandhomme

    Just ahead of a length, hit down to long on for one run.
  • 17.2HPandya to deVilliers

    Full delivery in line of the stumps, AB goes for the big slog again, but only manages to drag it off the inner half to deep mid-wicket. A single results.
  • 17.1HPandya to deVilliers

    FOUR! Perfect start to the over from de Villiers. Premeditates this one. Moves well across before, he gets a full toss outside off and slog sweeps it through square leg for a boundary.
  • Hardik Pandya is back into the attack.
  • 16.6JBumrah to deGrandhomme

    Terrific! This is terrific from Bumrah. A wicket and just 1 run off it. Beats Colin once more with a length delivery around off, the batter fails to connect.
  • 16.5JBumrah to deGrandhomme

    Stays deep inside the crease, waits for the length ball to come to him before punching it to the cover fielder.
  • 16.4JBumrah to deGrandhomme

    Beaten! Length delivery just around off, cutting back in, de Grandhomme loosely pushes inside the line and gets beaten past the outside edge.
  • 16.3JBumrah to deGrandhomme

    On the stumps, de Grandhomme works it to mid-wicket. Wants the run but won't get it.
  • 16.2JBumrah to deVilliers

    Fifty for AB de Villiers, his 29th in the Indian T20 League. He gets to the milestone with a punch through the covers for a single. He's the key, he knows that. He'll want to finish it off for his side.
  • Colin de Grandhomme is out now to bat.
  • 16.1JBumrah to SHetmyer

    OUT! Would you look at that? He's come on and already got a breakthrough. This is what the best in the business do. They deliver. It's full on the stumps, Hetmyer backs away and tries to go big downtown. Mistimes it altogether and hands a simple enough catch to Hardik Pandya at mid off. A bit poor from Hetmyer, all he needed to do was give the strike to AB. Nothing more.
  • Strategic break. 41 needed in the final 4 overs. A set AB de Villiers is out there in the middle with Shimron Hetmyer to partner him. Still a tough task, but anything can happen with these two. Jasprit Bumrah's two overs will be the key for Mumbai. We're in for a show in these final few overs. And, here comes Bumrah to bowl.
  • 15.7LMalinga to deVilliers

    SIX! Consecutive maximums from AB de Villiers. He is turning it on here, folks! It is on. This length ball on middle and leg is right there for AB to dispatch. He adjusts in crease, gives it the full swing of his bat and clears the mid-wicket boundary comfortably. 20 from the over, 31 from the last 2.
  • 15.6LMalinga to deVilliers

    SIX! That is outta here! Sweet hit from de Villiers. Fuller and outside off, AB picks his spot, lines it up and smashes it over wide long off for a biggie. Super shot. With this, AB de Villiers completes 4000 runs in the Indian T20 League.
  • 15.5LMalinga to deVilliers

    Wide! Fires this down the leg side, wide called by the umpire.
  • 15.4LMalinga to deVilliers

    FOUR! There's a massive appeal for a leg before, but the umpire has signalled runs. Rohit Sharma has a chat with his bowler and keeper, and decides not to take the DRS. Good decision in the end, replay shows there is some bat involved. Full toss on the stumps, de Villiers gets low to slog sweep but it takes the inside edge, goes off the pad and runs away to the fine leg fence.
  • 15.3LMalinga to SHetmyer

    A little too straight in line, it is flicked away on the leg side for one.
  • 15.2LMalinga to SHetmyer

    Good running between the wickets. Hetmyer works it through mid-wicket and both batsmen, who are quick between the wickets, rush for the first one. The call for the second comes instantly and they complete it with ease too.
  • 15.1LMalinga to SHetmyer

    A dipping full toss around off, Hetmyer with a slightly opened face pushes it on the off side.

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