RCB 181/5 (20.0ov)
MI 187/8 (20.0ov)

Mumbai Indians beat Royal Challengers Bangalore by 6 runs

MOM: Jasprit Bumrah

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  • MI
  • RCB
  • 19.1LMalinga to SDubey

    SIX! And young Dubey goes big... really big! First ball of the over and he sends it sailing. Full and right in the slot, the southpaw stays deep inside the crease and smokes it over long off for half a dozen. 11 needed off 5 balls.
  • 18.4JBumrah to deGrandhomme

    OUT! Gone next ball. Bumrah with another wicket. Been an exceptional over so far. Short of a length outside off, de Grandhomme lofts it over covers. Never in control of this, he skies it towards the man in the deep. Krunal out there moves to his right, gets under the ball and gobbles it up.
  • 18.3JBumrah to deGrandhomme

    WIDE! De Kock is furious with the decision. Furious! Can understand too, it does look a big dicey. Short ball outside off, de Grandhomme looks to hit it away but misses. If Quinton could review this, he probably would have.
  • 18.2JBumrah to deVilliers

    Immaculate. He's dead accurate with his yorkers. Bumrah fires it outside off, AB moves across to play at it but is caught on the pads. The ball falls on the off side and the batsmen take a leg bye.
  • 17.5HPandya to deVilliers

    SIX! Whoever might have mentioned that he's finished, they probably might want to reconsider. Wow. With him already in form, Hardik isn't helping himself with a juicy full toss. AB de Villiers slams it into the mid-wicket stands for half a dozen.
  • 17.4HPandya to deVilliers

    SIX! Mr. 360 for a reason! He somehow finds a way to score in any area. Look at that! Full and wide outside off, de Villiers gets down, reaches out to it and just hacks it over covers. Clears the leaping fielder just inside the rope and gets a maximum to his name.
  • 17.1HPandya to deVilliers

    FOUR! Perfect start to the over from de Villiers. Premeditates this one. Moves well across before, he gets a full toss outside off and slog sweeps it through square leg for a boundary.
  • 16.1JBumrah to SHetmyer

    OUT! Would you look at that? He's come on and already got a breakthrough. This is what the best in the business do. They deliver. It's full on the stumps, Hetmyer backs away and tries to go big downtown. Mistimes it altogether and hands a simple enough catch to Hardik Pandya at mid off. A bit poor from Hetmyer, all he needed to do was give the strike to AB. Nothing more.
  • 15.7LMalinga to deVilliers

    SIX! Consecutive maximums from AB de Villiers. He is turning it on here, folks! It is on. This length ball on middle and leg is right there for AB to dispatch. He adjusts in crease, gives it the full swing of his bat and clears the mid-wicket boundary comfortably. 20 from the over, 31 from the last 2.
  • 15.6LMalinga to deVilliers

    SIX! That is outta here! Sweet hit from de Villiers. Fuller and outside off, AB picks his spot, lines it up and smashes it over wide long off for a biggie. Super shot. With this, AB de Villiers completes 4000 runs in the Indian T20 League.

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