MI 187/5 (20.0ov)
RR 188/6 (19.3ov)

Rajasthan Royals beat Mumbai Indians by 4 wickets

MOM: Jos Buttler

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  • MI
  • RR
  • 19.3HPandya to SGopal

    FOUR! Here it is... RAJASTHAN WIN BY 4 WICKETS! Pandya offers a bit of room around off, Shreyas Gopal gives it the full whack of his bat and slaps it over extra cover for the winning runs. Rajasthan break their losing streak, their dugout is all pumped up!
  • 18.5JBumrah to SGopal

    FOUR! Edged and a boundary! On a length outside off, Gopal looks to force it through the off side but gets a thick outside edge which flies past the keeper and beats even the very fine third man!
  • 18.2JBumrah to KGowtham

    NOT OUT. MISSING LEG. Cannot blame the fielding unit for taking the review. It was a yorker, fired in on middle and leg and Gowtham was looking to flick, getting across. Was hit on the pads and up went Bumrah but the umpire was firm. There is a massive team meeting and just when the time remaining for DRS says 1 second, Rohit smilingly takes the review. Hawk Eye does not support the hosts though.
  • 18.1JBumrah to SSmith

    OUT! Caught behind! Is that the game? Is that the game? Rajasthan pulling off a sensational choke here. A length ball outside off, Smith looks to force it through the off side but the ball comes back in, cuts him for room and goes through. There is a noise and the keeper appeals but the umpire is unmoved. However, Smith walks and the hopes of Rajasthan sink.
  • 17.6KPandya to LiamLivingstone

    OUT! BOWLED! Are Mumbai pulling off the unthinkable? Another rash shot. The arm ball, outside off, Livingstone looks to play a wild slog but misses. The ball hits the timber and Mumbai think they can...
  • 17.1KPandya to RTripathi

    OUT! Tripathi holes out and Mumbai have got 2 wickets in the span of 3 balls! Time for a choke? Full and outside off, Tripathi reaches out and looks to play the slog sweep. Seems to connect well too but to his dismay, the hit is flat, lacking elevation. Hardik Pandya races to his left from deep mid-wicket and accepts the catch. Scoreboard pressure... 17 needed from 17.
  • 16.5JBumrah to SSamson

    OUT! LBW! The decision stays as it is and Rajasthan are very lucky that they do not lose a review. Samson walked across his stumps and Bumrah lined it very straight, from over the wicket. Sanju missed his flick and was hit dead straight in front of the stumps, prompting an LBW appeal and the raise of the umpire's finger. Smith was adamant that this was missing leg and forced Samson into the review. Hawk Eye shows it to be clipping leg stump. Now then. Mumbai get the set batsman. Relatively two new batsmen at the crease. Are we in for another humdinger? 18 needed from 19 balls.
  • 15.5KPandya to SSamson

    FOUR! This time it runs to the boundary. Full and outside leg, Samson paddles it very fine. The ball races away.
  • 15.1KPandya to SSmith

    FOUR! Off the edge! Full and outside off, Smith looks to sweep but gets a top edge. Hardik Pandya starts to give it a chase from short third man and thinks of pulling it back but then eventually looks to chase. Then he tries to pull it back again, but in the end, is late.
  • 13.2RChahar to JosButtler

    OUT! Caught! No century for Buttler but his 89 might prove enough to give Rajasthan a couple of points tonight. Full and outside off, Buttler, who is in six-hitting mood, looks to go big. But he is done in by the turn and miscues it towards long off. Simple catch for Suryakumar Yadav. Replays show that Chahar bowled that from almost behind the wickets. So along with the turn, the lack of pace was also the issue. Well played, Jos.

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