MI 187/5 (20.0ov)
RR 188/6 (19.3ov)

Rajasthan Royals beat Mumbai Indians by 4 wickets

MOM: Jos Buttler

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  • Not surprisingly, Jos Buttler has been named the Man Of The Match for his stunning knock. What would have been interesting to see is - who would have got the award had Rajasthan not got through. That ends the proceedings for this game but do not go anywhere. The Punjab-Bangalore match is about to begin in Mohali.
  • How does the points table stack up now? No change in the positions. Mumbai stay at third. Rajasthan are rooted to 7th. Only, the latter double their points to 4, staying alive in the tournament. Need 6 wins in their remaining 7 matches to make it to the knockouts.
  • Full marks to Mumbai for their effort. Their never-say-die spirit. For 70 percent of the chase, they were not in it at all but Buttler's wicket changed things and they dragged the momentum their way. Spare a thought for Alzarri Joseph. First, he was hammered by Jos Buttler. Then, he hurt his right shoulder which could keep him out of the game for a while. Bumrah and Krunal then strut their stuff, picking up 2 and 3 wickets respectively.
  • Buttler departed for 89 with 40 balls remaining, thinking that perhaps if he had stayed till the end, Rajasthan would have won in the 18th over. Now, they might win in the 19th. But what followed after that was absolute mayhem. Bumrah started the show, getting Samson, then Krunal got Livingstone and Tripathi in the next over. Smith then fell the next ball and it seemed like the game had slipped away. But somehow, Gopal held his nerve and carried his team through.
  • Ideally, Rajasthan should have done this with 7 or maximum 6 wickets in hand and an over to spare. The 60-run opening stand between Rahane and Buttler laid the platform, then another half century stand kept Mumbai at bay. Then came that explosive 28-run over in the 13th and that seemed to hit Mumbai really hard. With 42 needed from 42 balls and 9 wickets in hand, which side do you expect to win? The chasing one. But cricket is such a game that the more you expect, the more you get surprised. That is exactly what happened.
  • Phew! 217 minutes. 375 runs. 11 wickets. 237 balls. What a match. Mumbai batted first and raked up 187. Rajasthan were coasting through till the 14th over. But the game, funny that it is, shocked one and all as the visitors collapsed, only to somehow sneak through.
  • 19.3HPandya to SGopal

    FOUR! Here it is... RAJASTHAN WIN BY 4 WICKETS! Pandya offers a bit of room around off, Shreyas Gopal gives it the full whack of his bat and slaps it over extra cover for the winning runs. Rajasthan break their losing streak, their dugout is all pumped up!
  • 19.2HPandya to SGopal

    Play and a miss! Shortish this time, on off, Gopal tries to slam it through the line but fails to connect.
  • 19.1HPandya to SGopal

    IN THE AIR... DROPPED! The batsmen take two, two important runs. Fullish length ball on off, Gopal stands tall and lofts it over mid off. The fielder runs back to attempt for the catch but fails to hold on. It rolls behind and the long on fielder stops it from crossing the rope.
  • Who bowls the final over? Hardik Pandya gets the chance to become a hero. 1-0-5-0 so far. And how much is he defending? 5!
  • 18.6JBumrah to SGopal

    EDGED, BUT DROPPED! Will that cost Mumbai? Outside off, Gopal looks to force it through the off side again but gets another outside edge. This time it is closer to the keeper who dives to his right but cannot quite hang on to the catch. Sensational over from Bumrah. Almost did it for his side. Again.
  • 18.5JBumrah to SGopal

    FOUR! Edged and a boundary! On a length outside off, Gopal looks to force it through the off side but gets a thick outside edge which flies past the keeper and beats even the very fine third man!
  • 18.4JBumrah to SGopal

    Is that a nick? Not out, says the umpire. Gopal backs away to the leg side, attempting to force it through the off side but is cramped for room as the ball comes in. There is a noise as the ball goes through and Mumbai appeal but the umpire shakes his head. Mumbai do not have a review left. Replays show that there was no edge involved.
  • 18.3JBumrah to SGopal

    Lovely shot, excellent effort but has Alzarri Joseph done himself a lot of harm? Full and outside off, Gopal leans and drives it through mid off. Joseph gives it a chase and tries to pull it back but then while trying to do so, he lands awkwardly on his shoulder and is in immense pain. Meanwhile, 2 runs taken.
  • 18.2JBumrah to KGowtham

    NOT OUT. MISSING LEG. Cannot blame the fielding unit for taking the review. It was a yorker, fired in on middle and leg and Gowtham was looking to flick, getting across. Was hit on the pads and up went Bumrah but the umpire was firm. There is a massive team meeting and just when the time remaining for DRS says 1 second, Rohit smilingly takes the review. Hawk Eye does not support the hosts though.
  • Gone first ball? A sensational yorker from Bumrah and he believes that he has Gowtham trapped LBW. What does Hawk Eye say?
  • Krishnappa Gowtham comes in now at number 8.
  • 18.1JBumrah to SSmith

    OUT! Caught behind! Is that the game? Is that the game? Rajasthan pulling off a sensational choke here. A length ball outside off, Smith looks to force it through the off side but the ball comes back in, cuts him for room and goes through. There is a noise and the keeper appeals but the umpire is unmoved. However, Smith walks and the hopes of Rajasthan sink.
  • Shreyas Gopal walks in at number 7, replacing Livingstone. He can hold the bat for sure.
  • 17.6KPandya to LiamLivingstone

    OUT! BOWLED! Are Mumbai pulling off the unthinkable? Another rash shot. The arm ball, outside off, Livingstone looks to play a wild slog but misses. The ball hits the timber and Mumbai think they can...
  • 17.5KPandya to SSmith

    Full and outside off, driven wide of long off for one more.
  • 17.4KPandya to LLivingstone

    Outside off, dabbed straight to short third man for a quick run. Rohit is not happy with the fielder. He wanted the new man on strike.
  • 17.3KPandya to SSmith

    Short and outside off, dragged wide of long on for a single.
  • 17.2KPandya to SSmith

    Dot ball. Outside off, short and wide, Smith lashes out the cut, but finds point. Smiles immediately after playing that shot. Indicates that he should have played it behind point.
  • Liam Livingstone walks in at number 6, with the cat seemingly amongst the pigeons.
  • 17.1KPandya to RTripathi

    OUT! Tripathi holes out and Mumbai have got 2 wickets in the span of 3 balls! Time for a choke? Full and outside off, Tripathi reaches out and looks to play the slog sweep. Seems to connect well too but to his dismay, the hit is flat, lacking elevation. Hardik Pandya races to his left from deep mid-wicket and accepts the catch. Scoreboard pressure... 17 needed from 17.
  • 16.6JBumrah to RTripathi

    Outside off, watchfully pushed towards third man for a single. 3 runs and a wicket from the over.
  • Rahul Tripathi comes in at number 5, replacing Samson.
  • 16.5JBumrah to SSamson

    OUT! LBW! The decision stays as it is and Rajasthan are very lucky that they do not lose a review. Samson walked across his stumps and Bumrah lined it very straight, from over the wicket. Sanju missed his flick and was hit dead straight in front of the stumps, prompting an LBW appeal and the raise of the umpire's finger. Smith was adamant that this was missing leg and forced Samson into the review. Hawk Eye shows it to be clipping leg stump. Now then. Mumbai get the set batsman. Relatively two new batsmen at the crease. Are we in for another humdinger? 18 needed from 19 balls.
  • Samson departs! Adjudged LBW! Samson is ready to walk but Smith has convinced him to go for the review. Looks pretty adjacent.
  • 16.4JBumrah to SSmith

    Short and outside off, pulled awkwardly through mid-wicket for a run.
  • 16.3JBumrah to SSmith

    Oops... looks to pull, does Smith but is early into the shot. Gets hit on the pads and the ball rolls to the off side. Steven instantaneously looks for the single without even knowing where the ball is. Samson sends him back in time as Bumrah races across.
  • 16.2JBumrah to SSmith

    Around off, coming in, solidly defended.
  • 16.1JBumrah to SSamson

    Down the leg side, flicked through mid-wicket for a single.
  • STRATEGIC BREAK. 4 overs left. 20 needed. Rajasthan should get home from here. But... you never know. Cricket is a game of uncertainties. If Mumbai can get Samson, then Bumrah is always there for death over miracles. Jasprit Bumrah is back on. 2-0-13-0 so far.
  • 15.6KPandya to SSamson

    Outside off, punched down to long on for one more. 10 from the over.
  • 15.5KPandya to SSamson

    FOUR! This time it runs to the boundary. Full and outside leg, Samson paddles it very fine. The ball races away.
  • 15.4KPandya to SSmith

    Full on middle, Smith gets across and paddles it fine for a single.
  • 15.3KPandya to SSmith

    Comes down the track and pushes it back to the bowler.
  • 15.2KPandya to SSmith

    Full and outside off, driven straight to cover.
  • 15.1KPandya to SSmith

    FOUR! Off the edge! Full and outside off, Smith looks to sweep but gets a top edge. Hardik Pandya starts to give it a chase from short third man and thinks of pulling it back but then eventually looks to chase. Then he tries to pull it back again, but in the end, is late.
  • Krunal Pandya time. 2-0-21-1 so far.
  • 14.6HPandya to SSamson

    Outside off, played straight to point.
  • 14.5HPandya to SSmith

    Dropped short, pulled through mid-wicket for one more. That was a cutter and it barely came off the pitch. Samson is extremely important for the visitors now. New batsmen will find it difficult to score.
  • 14.4HPandya to SSamson

    Outside off, eased past point for another single.

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