SRH 96 (17.4ov)
MI 136/7 (20.0ov)

Mumbai Indians beat Sunrisers Hyderabad by 40 runs

MOM: Alzarri Joseph

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  • MI
  • SRH
  • 17.4AJoseph to SKaul

    OUT! EDGED AND TAKEN! Joseph does get a six-fer. Best figures by a bowler in the Indian T20 League. What a performance by the youngster. Outstanding stuff. He lands this one on a length and it is outside off. Kaul hangs his bat out, the ball kisses the outside edge and de Kock behind makes no mistake. All smiles in the Mumbai camp as THEY HAVE WON BY 40 RUNS!
  • 17.2AJoseph to SSharma

    FOUR! Poor ball and put away! Down the leg side, Sandeep flicks it through fine leg for a boundary.
  • 17.1AJoseph to BKumar

    OUT! Or he would just look to shuffle across in the hope to find a boundary but miss with his flick shot and see his middle stump get uprooted. FIFER FOR ALZARRI! That too on debut, how better could you start your Indian T20 League career. They do check for the no ball but AJ is fine. He now has 5 balls to take a six-fer.
  • 16.4JBumrah to MNabi

    OUT! That is probably the final nail in the coffin. Bumrah gets rid of Nabi. Hits the deck hard and lands it on middle, the ball zips through. Nabi is way too late in the pull shot. It goes off the top edge towards mid off and Rohit takes it with ease.
  • 15.8AJoseph to BKumar

    No hat-trick though. The idea was right. It is full but the line is a little too straight. Kumar looks to flick but it hits his pads and rolls towards mid-wicket. A leg bye taken. 5 runs and two wickets from this one.
  • 15.7AJoseph to RKhan

    OUT! Two-in-two for Joseph and it is Mumbai's game to lose now! The short ball does the trick again for him. It is on the body and rushes onto the batsman. Rashid looks to pull by taking his eyes off the ball. The ball takes the top edge, then hits the shoulder and lobs beside the pitch. Joseph runs towards it and takes it. Nabi has to do it by himself. Needs to replicate what Pollard did. On the other hand, AJ is on a hat-trick on his debut.
  • 15.6AJoseph to DHooda

    OUT! BOOM! Third for Joseph. You miss, I hit. Full and straight. Hooda swings across the line but misses. The furniture behind is disturbed. Hooda, the batsman who was set walks back. 49 needed in 26.
  • 15.5AJoseph to DHooda

    WIDE! Down the leg side again, Hooda goes for the paddle but once again misses. Wided again.
  • 15.4AJoseph to MNabi

    A bye! The slower one outside off, Nabi looks to go over the off side but misses. de Kock fails to collect it cleanly and a bye is taken.
  • 15.2AJoseph to DHooda

    Down the leg side, Hooda looks to sweep but misses. It has been wided.

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