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Perth Scorchers beat Melbourne Stars by 6 wickets

MOM: Andrew Tye

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  • So, we're done with this one. Perth Scorchers bag their second win of the season and can try to gain momentum from here. The Stars remain third, but would like to forget this and move on to the next one quickly. On Thursday, Brisbane Heat host Melbourne Renegades and the clash takes place at 1815 local (0815 GMT). See you for that. Goodbye!
  • ANDREW TYE IS THE MAN OF THE MATCH! His figures of 4-0-18-4 restricted Melbourne Stars to a decent total, which in turn helped his side chase it down with relative ease in the end.
  • Melbourne Stars were never really in this contest, especially after the below par total they had on the board. They needed wickets upfront which never came. The opening stand and Turner's blitzkrieg killed the chase off, and the Stars had no answer to either. Bravo gave a glimmer of hope as he picked up 2 wickets in 2 balls in the 17th over, but the asking rate was far too less and eventually, the visitors got over the line.
  • A much-needed victory for the Scorchers and it's come in a rather emphatic manner too. The target wasn't a massive one to begin with, and the Stars needed early wickets. But Bancroft and Klinger provided a brisk start and their 75-run stand more or less set it all up. The former scored a fifty in the process and then when he was dismissed, Turner came in and blasted the Stars away, more or less finishing the game off. There were a couple of late wickets to fall, but nothing to stop the away side from winning in the end.
  • 17.6LPlunkett to WilliamBosisto

    A bit of a comical end to the game. Plunkett bangs it short and Bosisto lets it be. Seeing the batsman out of his crease, the keeper scores a direct hit at his end. But William is back in and then, wants to take the run. So he steps out again, Gotch gets to the ball, takes it and uproots the stumps. Bosisto is probably out of the crease, he would have been run out too but the umpire signals no ball as it's the second bouncer of the over. So, that means PERTH SCORCHERS WIN BY 6 WICKETS!
  • 17.5LPlunkett to ATurner

    Slower full ball on middle and leg, flicked just wide of short mid-wicket for a single. Just 1 run to win now for the Scorchers.
  • 17.4LPlunkett to ATurner

    Short of a good length outside off, Turner cuts it hard through backward point and gets a brace for it.
  • 17.3LPlunkett to ATurner

    Wide! Spills this down the leg side, wide signalled by the umpire.
  • 17.2LPlunkett to ATurner

    FOUR! Back of a length and slower in pace, Turner cuts it hard off the outer half and beats short third man. The chasing fielder has no chance to stop it.
  • 17.1LPlunkett to WBosisto

    Full in length outside off, driven to covers for a run.
  • Liam Plunkett back into the bowling attack.
  • 16.6DBravo to WBosisto

    Another slower one. Fuller in length around off, Bosisto taps it towards backward point and takes a quick single.
  • 16.5DBravo to WBosisto

    No hat-trick for Bravo. Well picked by Bosisto. Slower, dipping full toss around off, William defends it with a straight bat.
  • William Bosisto is out to face the hat-trick ball.
  • 16.4DBravo to HCartwright

    OUT! 2 in 2 for Bravo. A brilliantly disguised slower one is followed up with a wonderful yorker and no batsman likes to face that first up. Cartwright tries to make space for himself by getting his front foot out of the line but the ball hits his front pad and hits the timber. Hat-trick chance for Bravo. Is there a twist in the tale here?
  • Hilton Cartwright out to bat next.
  • 16.3DBravo to AAgar

    OUT! What a beauty! Agar comes down the track trying to give the charge to the bowler. Bravo brilliantly disguises his slower one to perfection and Agar is way too early in his shot and misses the ball completely. Bravo doesn't miss and hits the middle stump. A wicket too late for the Stars though.
  • 16.2DBravo to AAgar

    Slower one by Bravo, Agar charges down the ground but the ball flicks his pads.
  • 16.1DBravo to ATurner

    Full on off, Turner hits it towards long off for a single.
  • Dwayne Bravo is back.
  • 15.6SBoland to AAgar

    Played through mid-wicket by the batsman. The batsmen have picked up a couple of runs. Just 12 to win off 24 now.
  • 15.5SBoland to ATurner

    Behind a length, around off, it takes the inside edge and thuds onto the pads. The batsmen take a single as the ball falls on the off side.
  • 15.4SBoland to ATurner

    SIX! Off the top edge and that's still flown away. Back of a length on leg, Turner moves across and plays it with one hand. It flies well over the fine leg boundary for a maximum.
  • 15.3SBoland to ATurner

    Cutting in from a length, zipping off the deck, Turner punches it to mid on and quickly takes two more.
  • 15.2SBoland to ATurner

    Back of a length on the stumps, pulled to deep mid-wicket for a double.
  • 15.1SBoland to AAgar

    Didn't read that at all. Slower length ball which Agar doesn't pick at all. It lobs to the vacant square leg region, much to the batsman's fortune. A single is taken.
  • Scott Boland returns to the attack.
  • 14.7MBeer to ATurner

    SIX! Beer over analysing things here and tosses it up on off and Turner hits it over the mid on fielder for a maximum. 20 runs came off that over. An expensive one for the Stars.
  • 14.6MBeer to ATurner

    FOUR! SHOT! Beer pulls back his length but Ashton is up to the task, he rocks on his back foot and punches it through mid-wicket for a boundary.
  • 14.5MBeer to ATurner

    Beer tries to over compensate and bowls it way outside off. The umpire signals as wide.
  • 14.4MBeer to ATurner

    SIX! Smacked! Tossed up outside off and Turner heaves it over the mid on region for a maximum.
  • 14.3MBeer to ATurner

    Flighted outside on middle and leg, Turner flicks it away towards mid-wicket for a couple.
  • 14.2MBeer to ATurner

    Flatter delivery once again by Beer, Turner defends it off his back foot.
  • 14.1MBeer to AAgar

    Flatter delivery on middle, Agar goes on his back foot and hits it towards long on for a single.
  • 13.6LBowe to AAgar

    A lot of air on middle and leg, wristed down to long on for a single.
  • Michael Beer back on.
  • 13.5LBowe to AAgar

    Short and wide outside off, turning away, Agar backs away and slaps the cut through covers. The sweeper cuts it off and keeps the batsmen down to two.
  • 13.4LBowe to AAgar

    Tossed up down leg, Agar flicks it fine down the leg side. It actually goes off his pads. A couple of leg byes are taken.
  • Ashton Agar to bat next.
  • 13.3LBowe to CBancroft

    OUT! That's a huge wicket. Well done, Liam Bowe. Gets the set batsman. Floats it up around off and it's the straighter one, Bancroft kneels down to sweep but it goes under his bat. His back leg is dragged out a bit and the keeper whips the bails off seeing this. It's taken upstairs and replays show Bancroft is just out of his crease. 51 needed to win in 39 balls.
  • A stumping appeal against Bancroft is referred upstairs. This could be close.
  • 13.2LBowe to ATurner

    Driven to long off to rotate strike.
  • 13.1LBowe to CBancroft

    Sliding in on leg, Cameron is out of his crease to play at it and it goes off his pads. Falls on the leg side and a leg bye is collected.
  • 12.6DBravo to CBancroft

    Quite full again, on off, driven sweetly through to long off for another run.
  • 12.5DBravo to ATurner

    Low full toss on the stumps, flicked through mid-wicket. Single to the total.

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