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PAK 418/5 (167.0ov)
NZ 90, 312 (112.5ov)

Pakistan beat New Zealand by an innings and 16 runs

MOM: Yasir Shah

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  • 112.5YShah to TBoult

    OUT! Caught behind! 14 wickets for Yasir in the match and PAKISTAN HAVE WON BY AN INNINGS AND 16 RUNS! The series is level 1-1. Shah runs across to his left and dives as if in a swimming pool. It has been HIS Test match, taking 70 percent of the opposition wickets to have fallen. Coming to the ball, it is full and outside off, Boult looks to defend but the ball spins away, takes the outside edge and Sarfraz does the rest. Pakistan appeal and the umpire raises his finger!
  • 112.2YShah to NWagner

    WICKET! Top edge and taken! 5-for for Yasir again, 13 in the match now! Special performance from a special player. He gets down and does the sajda. This was the googly, outside off, Wagner went for the slog sweep but due to the away turn, got a top edge. The ball swirled a lot in the air but Hasan Ali came running in from deep mid-wicket, kept his cool and took it nicely, diving forward in the end. New Zealand still 17 away from making Pakistan bat again.
  • 111.3HAli to APatel

    EDGED, FOUR! That has somehow gone through. Full and around off, Patel looks to defend but the ball goes off the outside edge past the slip cordon towards third man. The deficit is now down to 17. The stand is worth 10.
  • 109.3HAli to HNicholls

    OUT! Bowled! 'That's game for me' says an elated Waqar Younis on air. What a delivery. It is bowled at 140 kph, outside off and Nicholls looks to defend. But the ball jags back in a long way, goes past the bat and hits the off stump! Henry stands there, looking at the ground in disappointment. Perhaps, missing the the century will not be that bad a feeling for him as not taking New Zealand past the innings defeat mark. 27 more needed to make Pakistan bat again.
  • 105.1BAsif to HNicholls

    SIX! All the way! Excellent use of the feet as Henry gets to the pitch of the ball and lofts it over the bowler's head. It is Nicholls' first six in his Test career.
  • 100.5YShah to IshSodhi

    OUT! Cleaned all ends up! Unnecessary from Sodhi here! Nice and looped up delivery on middle and leg, holding its line. Sodhi goes for the paddle sweep but misses the ball completely. It goes on to hit the stumps. Disappointing stuff from Ish, especially with a set batsman at the other end. Fourth wicket of this innings for Yasir and Pakistan are just 3 away now.
  • 96.1YShah to HNicholls

    FOUR! Good connection on this one from Nicholls. Might be going into the attack mode now. This one is flighted outside off and Nicholls dancing down the wicket, lifts it over mid on's head for four.
  • 95.4HAli to deGrandhomme

    OUT! TIMBER! Hasan Ali gets his man once again. This is the third time in 4 innings he has got Colin in this series. His bunny? Well one could say so. He was exactly brought in to get CdG and he has delivered. However, Colin has thrown it away. He had come out with an attacking approach but you need to be selective about which ball to attack and which ball not to. This was on a length and around off, Colin swings across the line, the ball does not bounce as he anticipates it to. It sneaks under his bat, hits the pads and then deflects onto the stumps. Hasan brings out his trademark celebration and also gives de Grandhomme the stare. Pakistan now 4 wickets away from an innings victory. Also, they are into the tail now.
  • 95.3HAli to deGrandhomme

    FOUR! If it is in his arc de Grandhomme will go for it. It was uppish but in the gap. The slower ball and it is full on off, CdG strokes it through covers and a boundary.
  • 93.3HAli to deGrandhomme

    FOUR! Top shot! You just need not run for those. Slightly fuller this time around off, Colin de Grandhomme leans into it and strokes it on the up, through mid off and the ball races away.

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