PAK 348, 156 (56.1ov)
NZ 274, 353/7 (113.0ov)

New Zealand beat Pakistan by 123 runs

MOM: Kane Williamson

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  • So Williamson has been handed the trophy and he, along with his team, poses with it. End of a hard-fought series. We bid you goodbye from this one but there is plenty of cricketing action going on. You can catch the ongoing Australia-India Test in Adelaide with Day 3 to begin on Saturday at 1030 local (0000 GMT). Cheers!
  • New Zealand skipper and Man of the Match, Kane Williamson, says it was a fantastic performance, especially as Pakistan are strong in their backyard. Adds that it's special to win the decider and his team will remember this for a long time. Mentions that they knew it would be hard work to do well here, but they stayed positive despite the ebbs and flows and didn't get ahead of themselves which helped. Reckons that they didn't let themselves fall behind at any stage which helped them put pressure on Pakistan. On his spinners, he says they showed their talent and experience and it's a big deal to perform after coming to such a place. Further adds that besides his performance, Henry Nicholls and the others buckled down and put in key performances which proved to be the difference in the end. Before he's done, Kane congratulates Mohammad Hafeez for a wonderful career and wishes him the best of luck in his future endeavours.
  • Pakistan captain, Sarfraz Ahmed, says they were the ones who let the opportunities slide, especially as a batting unit, which cost them the series. Mentions that the tailenders aren't able to contribute either which is adding to their batting woes. Continues saying that it's been 4-5 matches where they have collapsed like this on the final day of the Test and they need to work on that. On their tour to South Africa, states that they have to be positive over there and be mentally strong for the challenge.
  • Man of the Series, Yasir Shah, thanks the Almighty first up. Says that after a good while he's performed well in a series, so is happy to get the award. Informs that he used to work hard in the nets and even improved his action after studying a lot of videos. Stresses that he gives his best every time he steps out on the pitch, but expresses his disappointment at not winning the series.
  • Two sessions is all it took for the Black Caps to bundle the Pakistan batsmen out. Five were taken before Lunch and five post Lunch. Southee, Ajaz and Somerville all took 3 apiece but one would say, it was the debutant who was the tormentor-in-chief as his three were probably the wickets which would have hurt Pakistan the most.
  • Quick runs this morning, from Colin de Grandhomme, Tim Southee and Henry Nicholls, who remained unbeaten, saw the Kiwis bat Pakistan out of the game. Also, that helped Williamson declare much earlier than what one would have expected and the visitors set a target of 280.
  • New Zealand then trailed by 74 and even before they had cut down the deficit, they were 4 down. Then though came the recovery. A magnificent 212-run stand between skipper Kane Williamson and Henry Nicholls took New Zealand into a commanding position heading into Day 5. The former got to his ton on Day 4, whereas the latter did the same on Day 5.
  • Then with the bat too, the hosts were in an excellent position to take a big first innings lead when Azhar Ali and Asad Shafiq were batting. The two added a 201-run stand with both scoring tons and Pakistan were cruising at 286/4, but a collapse then saw them being bundled out for 348. Somerville was the star, as the debutant finished with the 4-fer, hence keeping the home side in check.
  • Pakistan, however, had their moments but failed to capitalize on it. They had New Zealand on the mat at 72/4 in the first innings, but let them off the hook as Williamson and Watling added a brilliant 104-run stand. Both scored half centuries and took New Zealand to a respectable total.
  • A huge achievement for the Kiwis. They have managed to beat Pakistan in their fortress. What an effort from them, one they would remember for a long, long time. A team effort is what it was and not many would have given them a chance heading into the third and final Test, especially after the battering they got in the second game. They have bounced back extremely well and taken the series 2-1.
  • 56.1APatel to HAli

    OUT! And there it is! A famous series win in the U.A.E. for New Zealand. What a tremendous effort. Smiles and handshakes all around, they'll be mighty proud of it. It's floated up by Patel, Hasan Ali comes down the track to go big but ends up getting a big top edge. It balloons towards point where fittingly, skipper Kane Williamson takes the catch. NEW ZEALAND WIN BY 123 RUNS AND TAKE THE SERIES 2-1!
  • 55.6WSomerville to SAfridi

    Loopy delivery on middle, Shaheen defends off the back foot.
  • 55.5WSomerville to SAfridi

    Floated on off, Shaheen keeps it out.
  • 55.4WSomerville to SAfridi

    Tossed up on off, Shaheen defends off the front foot.
  • 55.3WSomerville to SAfridi

    Flighted delivery on off, Shaheen looks to defend but gets beaten on this one.
  • 55.2WSomerville to SAfridi

    Flighted delivery on off, Shaheen looks to go straight but gets a top edge towards mid off where Jeet Raval runs back and drops the catch. The batsmen pick up a couple of runs.
  • 55.1WSomerville to SAfridi

    BEATEN! Tossed up on off, Shaheen looks to defend but misses it and gets beaten on this one.
  • 54.6APatel to HAli

    FOUR! Short and wide outside off, Hasan rocks back and cuts it through point for a boundary.
  • Shaheen Afridi is the last man in for Pakistan.
  • 54.5APatel to BAzam

    OUT! Azam is dismissed immediately after getting to his half ton! New Zealand now only a wicket away. Babar's patience gave away there. He comes down the track and tries to go big. He however, makes the mistake of trying to play across the line. The ball takes a top edge and goes high up in the air towards mid off. Southee there runs back and takes a very good catch.
  • 54.4APatel to BAzam

    Gives it air on middle, Azam defends it back to the bowler.
  • 54.3APatel to BAzam

    Another loopy ball on off, Azam lunges and keeps it out.
  • 54.2APatel to BAzam

    Flighted ball on middle, the batsman is solid in defense.
  • 54.1APatel to BAzam

    Tosses it up on middle, it is kept out.
  • Ajaz Patel is on. The session has been extended by 15 minutes as 8 wickets have fallen.
  • 53.6WSomerville to HAli

    Loopy delivery on middle, Hasan defends off the back foot.
  • 53.5WSomerville to HAli

    Tossed up on middle, Hasan keeps it out.
  • 53.4WSomerville to BAzam

    Floated on middle, Babar plays it towards mid on for a single.
  • 53.3WSomerville to BAzam

    DROPPED! Flighted delivery on off, Babar looks to drive but gets an outside edge towards slip where Taylor grabs it but could not hold on. He has dropped a sitter.
  • 53.2WSomerville to BAzam

    Tossed up on off, Babar drives it straight towards the bowler.
  • 53.1WSomerville to BAzam

    50 for Babar Azam. 9th fifty for Babar Azam. He has fought a lone battle for his team. Full on off, Babar drives it through covers. The fielder chases it and stops it comfortably. The batsmen pick up a couple.
  • 52.6TimSouthee to BAzam

    Short of length delivery, Babar pulls it towards mid-wicket. The batsmen get three runs.
  • 52.5TimSouthee to BAzam

    Full on off, Babar drives it to covers.
  • 52.4TimSouthee to BAzam

    Good length delivery on off, the batsman keeps it out.
  • 52.3TimSouthee to BAzam

    FOUR! Short ball on middle, Babar pulls it through square leg for a beautiful boundary.
  • 52.2TimSouthee to BabarAzam

    Length delivery on middle, Babar flicks it to square leg.
  • 52.1TimSouthee to BAzam

    Bowls short of a length delivery, Babar pulls it towards mid-wicket. The batsmen pick up a couple.
  • 51.6WSomerville to HAli

    Tossed up on off, Hasan blocks it well.
  • 51.5WSomerville to HAli

    Loopy delivery on leg, Hasan Ali pushes it to the leg side.
  • 51.4WSomerville to BAzam

    Floated on middle, the batsman cuts it towards point for a single.
  • 51.3WSomerville to BAzam

    Floated on middle, Babar defends off the back foot.
  • 51.2WSomerville to BAzam

    Tossed up on off, Babar defends off the front foot.
  • 51.1WSomerville to BAzam

    Flighted delivery on off, Babar keeps it out.
  • 50.6TimSouthee to HAli

    Good delivery to bowl to a new batsman first up! He has been bowling all short till now and hence, Hasan must have been expecting a short one. That is not the case though as Southee bowls a yorker but Hasan manages to jam it out.
  • Hasan Ali to bat next.

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