PAK 348, 156 (56.1ov)
NZ 274, 353/7 (113.0ov)

New Zealand beat Pakistan by 123 runs

MOM: Kane Williamson

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  • 56.1APatel to HAli

    OUT! And there it is! A famous series win in the U.A.E. for New Zealand. What a tremendous effort. Smiles and handshakes all around, they'll be mighty proud of it. It's floated up by Patel, Hasan Ali comes down the track to go big but ends up getting a big top edge. It balloons towards point where fittingly, skipper Kane Williamson takes the catch. NEW ZEALAND WIN BY 123 RUNS AND TAKE THE SERIES 2-1!
  • 54.6APatel to HAli

    FOUR! Short and wide outside off, Hasan rocks back and cuts it through point for a boundary.
  • 54.5APatel to BAzam

    OUT! Azam is dismissed immediately after getting to his half ton! New Zealand now only a wicket away. Babar's patience gave away there. He comes down the track and tries to go big. He however, makes the mistake of trying to play across the line. The ball takes a top edge and goes high up in the air towards mid off. Southee there runs back and takes a very good catch.
  • 52.3TimSouthee to BAzam

    FOUR! Short ball on middle, Babar pulls it through square leg for a beautiful boundary.
  • 50.5TimSouthee to YShah

    OUT! Soft dismissal! No. 8 down and the short ball does the trick. It was a matter of time as Yasir never looked comfortable. Southee bangs it halfway down outside off, the ball though never arrives. Yasir tries to cut but ends up lobbing it to covers. Ajaz Patel there takes the simplest of catches.
  • 50.3TimSouthee to YShah

    FOUR! JUST WIDE! Almost another, it instead goes to the boundary! Short and down the leg side, Yasir goes to pull but gets some glove on it. It goes just wide of the diving Watling and into the fine leg fence.
  • 48.6TimSouthee to BAsif

    OUT! Loose shot from Bilal. He's paid the price. Despite Babar being the pure batsman here, Bilal has faced the majority of the deliveries in this partnership. New Zealand took advantage of that and worked him over. Good length delivery outside off, Bilal looks to drive but gets a thick outside edge and it goes behind to Watling who takes a comfortable catch. Pakistan lose their seventh wicket. New Zealand are three away from a series victory.
  • 44.6TimSouthee to BAsif

    Not out! Bilal survives! Would have been a bit comical had he been given out. Southee with a back of a length ball in line of the stumps but it doesn't rise as much. Asif ducks, thinking it will sail over his head but instead he's caught on the helmet. A loud shout goes up, the umpire remains unmoved. New Zealand though, want to take this upstairs. The replays roll in and show that the ball is just going over the stumps. The review is lost, but that was a close call. Also, the ball went all the way to the fence behind since everybody was busy appealing, so leg byes are signalled.
  • 39.5WSomerville to BAzam

    FOUR! Up and over! Excellent use of the feet! Uses his feet and lofts it over deepish mid on for a boundary.
  • 35.4WSomerville to SAhmed

    OUT! TIMBER! The skipper perishes. He was playing with fire and got burnt here. Never a good idea trying to play against the turn on a wicket which is providing good assistance for the spinners. He has done that well till now but this time he has been dismissed in trying to do so. Somerville bowls this quicker and just outside off, Ahmed goes back and tries to guide it late through short third man. He has played this shot quite often today. However, this one turns back in sharply, misses the bat and hits the leg stump. 3rd wicket for Somerville and his 7th in the game. It has been a dream debut for him. New Zealand only 4 wickets away.

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