NZ 237/6 (50.0ov)
PAK 241/4 (49.1ov)

Pakistan beat New Zealand by 6 wickets

MOM: Babar Azam

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  • NZ
  • PAK
  • 49.1LFerguson to SAhmed

    FOUR! PAKISTAN WIN BY 6 WICKETS! Full toss outside off, Sarfaraz gets bat on ball and puts it away through the gap between cover-point and point for the winning runs.
  • 48.3MHenry to BAzam

    OUT! What an anti-climax! Haris Sohail is run out. A yorker on off, Babar digs it out near the stumps and looks at his partner who shows interest in a run. Azam stutters a bit but Sohail puts his head down and runs. Guptill, in the meantime, also charges to the ball, dives forward to pick it up and then disturbs the stumps. All in one motion. It's referred upstairs and Haris is found short. End of a fine knock nonetheless and his century stand with Babar completely spoiled New Zealand's chances of any comeback.
  • 47.5LFerguson to HSohail

    Wide called for height! Lockie follows the batsman down towards leg with a short ball but it goes well over Haris. He tries his best to hook but misses.
  • 47.1LFerguson to HSohail

    FOUR! Beautiful timing and placement! Back of a length delivery outside off, Haris crunches it off his back foot and places it through backward point. The third man fielder tries to run across to make the stop but he slipped.
  • 45.7LFerguson to BAzam

    FOUR! Moves to 99 with this boundary! Ferguson tries to test the right-hander with a short ball, Babar rides the bounce and plays a hammer-pull to deep mid-wicket. 9 from the over, Pakistan 14 away!
  • 45.5LFerguson to HSohail

    Wide called for height! Ferguson bends his back to go short but it goes way over the batsman.
  • 44.6TBoult to HSohail

    FOUR! Easily done! A length delivery outside off, Haris knows that mid off is inside the circle and hence chips it over the head of the in-ring fielder for a boundary. 8 from the over, 23 more needed in the last 5 overs.
  • 41.2MSantner to BAzam

    FOUR! Babar wants to finish it in a hurry! Once again he kneels to a full ball and sweeps it against the spin. Gets it away from the middle of his blade and the ball screams away to the fence at mid-wicket.
  • 41.1MSantner to BAzam

    FOUR! Fine shot! Santner delivers a full ball around off, Babar goes down on one knee and plays a well-timed slog sweep. Finds the gap and also finds the fence at mid-wicket.
  • 40.6TBoult to HSohail

    FOUR! Deft! Boult offers width outside off, Sohail spots that and deliberately delays his shot. He opens the face at the last moment and runs it fine down to third man for a boundary. Smooth sailing for Pakistan, under 50 required now.

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