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NZ vs SA



New Zealand beat South Africa by 4 wickets
Kane Williamson

48.3Phehlukwayo to Williamson

FOUR! NZ WIN BY 4 WICKETS! And possibly, possibly, have knocked South Africa out of the competition as well. On a length outside off, Williamson goes back in his crease and guides it behind point. The fielder dives to his left but the ball goes through! Time for the handshakes then!

48.2Phehlukwayo to Williamson

SIX! SLAUGHTERED! That surely should be the game, shouldn't it? Century for Williamson, his 12th in ODIs and probably his most important one. Full and outside off, Kane gets down on a knee and slogs it over mid-wicket for half a dozen! Takes his helmet off and does not even smile. Real ice man. Just soaks in the pressure. Takes in the applause and raises both his hands. What a player. Just one needed now.

48.1Phehlukwayo to Santner

A short ball, around middle, pulled powerfully but straight to deep mid-wicket. Just a single. 7 needed from 5.

47.6Ngidi to Williamson

FOUR! He goes to get the maximum out of it but in a smart way. This is just class. The third man is up and Williamson shows composure as he just guides this length ball outside off, wide of the fielder at short third man. It goes past him for a boundary. Believe me this man, Kane Williamson is ice and he's got nerves of steel.

47.5Ngidi to Santner

Good length ball on off, Santner hits it straight as an arrow. Ngidi does the split but the ball does not hit his feet. It hits the stumps at the bowler's end and goes towards long off. Single taken. Will Williamson go for the single or try to get the maximum out of it?

47.4Ngidi to Santner

Once again an off cutter. It is outside off, Santner looks to play it through cover but misses. 13 needed off the last 8 balls.

47.3Ngidi to Williamson

Slow again. It is on middle and off, Williamson comes down the track and chips it towards long on. Only a single taken. New man Santner will face the first ball of his innings now.

47.2Ngidi to Williamson

IN THE AIR...AND JUST SHORT. Slower delivery on middle, Williamson ends up chipping it back towards the bowler. Ngidi dives in front but it falls agonizingly short of him.

47.1Ngidi to Grandhomme

OUT! Is the match turning in South Africa's favour here? Ngidi smartly takes the pace off the ball. He bowls it full, de Grandhomme looks to clear long off but he gets out foxed by the change of pace and ends up hitting it to the man there. Faf du Plessis there comes ahead and takes a good catch sliding forward. First wicket of the game for Ngidi and it has come at a critical juncture here.

46.6Rabada to Grandhomme

Single to end the over. Good length ball outside off, de Grandhomme taps it towards point and takes a single. 14 needed off the last 2 overs.

46.5Rabada to Grandhomme

Good smart thinking this. Faf keeps a short third man. Length ball outside off, de Grandhomme looks to run it down to third man but it goes to short third man and no run allowed.

46.4Rabada to Williamson

Outside off on a length, Kane runs it down to third man for one.

46.3Rabada to Williamson

Rabada hits the length hard on middle, Williamson taps it to point and shouts a loud no to his partner.

46.2Rabada to Williamson

Good length ball outside off, Williamson looks to flick it on the leg side but misses and the ball hits his elbow and then rolls back off his pad.

46.1Rabada to Grandhomme

Good length ball outside off, de Grandhomme punches it towards cover for a single.

45.7Ngidi to Grandhomme

Flicks it through mid-wicket for a run.

45.6Ngidi to Grandhomme

WIDE. Well outside off, left alone.

45.5Ngidi to Grandhomme

FOUR! A bit short and slightly outside off, Colin de Grandhomme goes for a pull but doesn't time it well. David Miller runs to his right from deep mid-wicket but the ball falls a bit short in front of him. Kagiso Rabada, the back up fielder from square leg, also dives to his left but fails to save the boundary! Poor from SA.

45.4Ngidi to Grandhomme

This one was a fuller one outside off, Colin goes for a wild swing but misses it, the ball stays a bit low and ends up in the hands of de Kock.

45.3Ngidi to Williamson

Full and outside off, driven through the covers for one.

45.2Ngidi to Grandhomme

Slower one onto the leg, batsman flicks this one towards square leg for a single.

45.1Ngidi to Williamson

Full and outside off, Williamson goes for the slog but ends up mistiming it. The ball goes in the air but lands safely near the mid-wicket region.

44.6Morris to Grandhomme

FOUR! FIFTY FOR DE GRANDHOMME! This is one of the most vital knocks he has played. This shot was coming wasn't it? Good length ball on off, de Grandhomme drags it over mid-wicket. There is no one in the deep so he gets a boundary. Only his second ODI fifty but what a time to get it. The job is not done yet and he now needs to take his side over the line now.

44.5Morris to Grandhomme

Make that the fourth dot ball of the over. It is a brilliant yorker on off, de Grandhomme gets his bat down in time.

44.4Morris to Grandhomme

Third dot of the over. Good length ball outside off. It is a cross seam delivery, de Grandhomme looks to guide it down to third man but misses.

44.3Morris to Williamson

Around off on a length, Kane taps it down to third man for a single.

44.2Morris to Williamson

Good length ball on off, Kane once again plays with fire as he blocks it. 31 needed off 28 and you hardly see people doing that but Williamson is cool as an ice.

44.1Morris to Williamson

Full on off, Williamson shows courage and calmness as he blocks it off the front foot.

43.7Phehlukwayo to Williamson

The batsman has played it fine down the leg side. The batsmen have run through for a single.

43.6Phehlukwayo to Grandhomme

Nothing much on the Free Hit. Slow and full onto the off stump, Colin fails to make use of the Free Hit and ends up hitting it sluggishly towards long on for a single.

43.5Phehlukwayo to Williamson

CATCH DROPPED! But it is a no ball anyways. A high full toss, Williamson pulls it towards fine leg. Lungi Ngidi gets to the ball but then puts it down. A single taken.

43.4Phehlukwayo to Williamson

A bit short this time outside off, Williamson waits for it and pulls it hard to the fielder at deep mid-wicket and grabs a pair.

43.3Phehlukwayo to Grandhomme

A full toss on middle, whipped through mid-wicket for a single.

43.2Phehlukwayo to Grandhomme

FOUR! A slower one, bit fuller and outside off, Colin de Grandhomme goes for the drive but gets a thick outside edge and the ball races away to the fence for four. The Black Caps are way lucky here, everything is going their way now.

43.1Phehlukwayo to Williamson

Fuller onto the off stump, Williamson shuffles down the leg side and cuts it towards short third man for a single. 200 UP FOR NEW ZEALAND! 42 more needed from 35 balls.

42.6Morris to Williamson

Good length ball outside off, Williamson taps it down towards third man and keeps the strike with a single.

42.5Morris to Grandhomme

Full on middle, de Grandhomme nudges it to deep mid-wicket and gets a single.

42.4Morris to Grandhomme

Good length ball on off, de Grandhomme cannot squeeze it past point.

42.3Morris to Grandhomme

Fuller on off, de Grandhomme drives it to the man at point.

42.2Morris to Williamson

Length ball outside off, Williamson cuts it properly this time for a single.

42.1Morris to Williamson

Good length ball outside off, Williamson looks to tap it down to third man but gets an inside edge onto the ground.

41.6Phehlukwayo to Williamson

Phehlukwayo bowls short on off, this one's a slower one again, Williamson pulls it towards deep mid-wicket for single.

41.5Phehlukwayo to Grandhomme

A yorker onto the middle, Colin gets bat under the ball in time and the ball goes rolling past mid-wicket for a single.

41.4Phehlukwayo to Williamson

Full and around off, driven through mid on for one.

41.3Phehlukwayo to Grandhomme

Short ball, pulled through mid-wicket for a run.