NZ 137/0 (16.1ov)
SL 136 (29.2ov)

New Zealand beat Sri Lanka by 10 wickets

MOM: Matt Henry

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  • SL
  • NZ
  • 15.5LMalinga to MGuptill

    FOUR! Blazed away! Short and down the leg side, Guptill swivels on the back foot and pulls it thunderously towards long leg. There is a fielder present but it's hit so hard that he fails to even react in time. Just 8 more needed to close this game.
  • 15.4LMalinga to MGuptill

    Wide called for height! Malinga attempts a bouncer but it goes well over the head of the batsman. Easy call for the square leg umpire.
  • 14.5JMendis to MGuptill

    SIX! 18 more needed! Sees the flight and his eyes lit up. He dances down the track, gets to the pitch of the ball and lofts it over long on.
  • 14.3JMendis to MGuptill

    The ball strikes the batsman very low on the pads One run added to the total. Leg bye signalled by the umpire
  • 13.5TPerera to CMunro

    FOUR! Shot! Right from the middle of the bat. Perera offers a bit of width and Munro buys it quickly. Gives it the full whack of his bat and drills it through wide mid off for a boundary.
  • 12.6IUdana to MGuptill

    SIX! 35th ODI fifty for Martin Guptill and the century partnership also comes up. Martin gives charge to the pacer and receives a length ball in return. He does well to line himself behind the delivery and hammers it over wide long on for a maximum. A rise smile on his face as he raises his bat to acknowledge the crowd. Great beginning to his World Cup campaign, although he was a bit scratchy initially.
  • 11.4TPerera to CMunro

    FOUR! Boom! Aggression shown by Munro. He skips down the track as soon as the bowler releases the ball. It turns out to be in his zone and he thwacks it past the diving mid off fielder for a boundary. Under 50 required now.
  • 11.1TPerera to MGuptill

    On middle and leg, Martin tries to flick but misses. It goes off his pads to short fine leg and they steal a leg bye.
  • 9.6TPerera to CMunro

    FOUR! Edged and a boundary. No slip in place. Back of a length delivery outside off, angling away, Munro pushes inside the line and edges it past the keeper for a boundary. 77 runs in the Powerplay 1, another 60 needed!
  • 9.2TPerera to MGuptill

    FOUR! Much-better this time from Guptill. He fetches a short delivery from wide outside off and punishes it via a short-arm jab. Good connection and it races away to the deep mid-wicket fence.

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