SL 267, 268/4 (86.1ov)
NZ 249, 285 (106.0ov)

Sri Lanka beat New Zealand by 6 wickets

MOM: Dimuth Karunaratne

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  • 85.4TimSouthee to deSilva

    FOUR! Just a run away from a historic chase here in Galle. Short ball on off, de Silva gets on his back foot and pulls it through mid-wicket for a boundary.
  • 83.4TimSouthee to deSilva

    FOUR! Lovely shot! Southee bowls this one on the pads, Dhananjaya flicks this towards the square leg fence. The fielder from fine leg comes running and tries to make a diving stop but his leg gets stuck on the ground. The ball goes through and into the fence. 9 more runs needed.
  • 82.5TBoult to deSilva

    FOUR! Crashed! It is a length ball way outside off, de Silva goes for it and hammers it between the point and covers fielders for a boundary. Dhananjaya gets off the mark with that shot.
  • 82.2TBoult to KPerera

    OUT! CAUGHT! An entertaining cameo comes to an end from Kusal Perera. It is a good length delivery on middle and leg, Perera dances down the track with the intention of going big over the leg side. But it doesn't come properly off his bat and he ends up handing a simple catch to Santner at mid on. Kusal was trying to finish things quickly and perished in that effort. 18 more required.
  • 81.2WSomerville to AMathews

    FOUR! Poor delivery and the watchful Mathews has decided to punish it. Short and on middle, Angelo rocks back and pulls it to deep mid-wicket for a boundary.
  • 80.6TBoult to KPerera

    FOUR! Hammered! It is a good length ball outside off, Perera charges down the track and hammers it past the cover fielder and races into the fence. Perera moves to 23 with that boundary. The hosts need more 22 runs.
  • 78.6TimSouthee to KPerera

    FOUR! Beautiful shot from Perera. Southee bowls this fuller on middle, Kusal comes one step and plays an excellent drive straight down the ground for a boundary. Perera has moved to 18 off just 13 balls. 30 more runs required for the hosts. With Perera in, it looks likely that the match will finish before lunch.
  • 78.3TimSouthee to KPerera

    FOUR! Kusal wants to finish this quickly. On a good length this one from Southee. Kusal hoicks this over the mid-wicket fielder for a boundary. KP is in the mood today.
  • 77.4WSomerville to KPerera

    FOUR! Excellent shot from Perera. It is a loopy delivery on off, Perera comes down the track and hits it past the diving mid on fielder for a boundary. Perera is looking dangerous here. 20 more minutes of him and the game will be over for the visitors.
  • 76.6TimSouthee to KPerera

    FOUR! Kusal Perera was itching to go after anything wide outside off. Gets another one where he likes and throws his bat at it. His willow turns at the point of impact and that assisted the placement there. It hurries through point and beats the diving attempt by a fielder near the fence.

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