SL 244, 122 (70.2ov)
NZ 431/6 (115.0ov)

New Zealand beat Sri Lanka by an innings and 65 runs

MOM: Tom Latham

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  • 70.2TBoult to LEmbuldeniya

    OUT! Embuldeniya is bounced out! NEW ZEALAND WIN BY AN INNINGS AND 65 RUNS! A snorter by Boult. He digs in a well-directed short ball on middle and Embuldeniya is caught by surprise. He takes his eyes off the ball, tries to fend at it but the ball takes his gloves and balloons to Williamson at gully. The Kiwi skipper does the rest and it's a convincing win for the Black Caps to level the 2-match series.
  • 70.1TBoult to LEmbuldeniya

    FOUR! Very full in length and sliding down the leg side, Embuldeniya gets bat on ball and flicks it behind square leg for a boundary.
  • 69.3APatel to NDickwella

    OUT! What have you done Dickwella? Pensive faces in the Sri Lankan dressing room. Ajaz serves a flighted full ball around off, Dickwella gets down to play the paddle sweep but there is some extra bounce and it takes the top half of his bat before deflecting from the arm-guard. The ball loops in the air and Latham moves across to his left in anticipation from forward short leg to grab a fine reflex catch. Dickwella is frustrated with himself. New Zealand celebrate. They can smell a win here, only 1 wicket more left to pick.
  • 65.3WSomerville to SLakmal

    OUT! Lakmal's fight is over! Somerville strikes to break this 107-ball partnership! A superbly tossed up off spinner. It hits the deck outside off and breaks back in to kiss the gloves of Lakmal who was trying to defend. It then brushes his pads and lobs to Latham at forward short leg. He takes the simplest of catches and Sri Lanka lose their eighth wicket. The Kiwis are relieved. 25.3 overs left in the Test match to pick the remaining two wickets.
  • 63.1WSomerville to NDickwella

    FOUR! Superbly played! Loopy and full, landing outside off, Dickwella sweeps it against the spin but backs it with great power. A boundary at mid-wicket results.
  • 61.6WSomerville to SLakmal

    SIX! High and handsome. Tossed up on middle and leg, Lakmal picks the length early and smashes it over the long on fence for a biggie. He is not shying away from swinging his bat.
  • 61.4WSomerville to SLakmal

    FOUR! Short on the body, Lakmal gets on his back foot and pulls it through the vacant mid-wicket region for a boundary. Sri Lankan supporters starting to find their voice here.
  • 60.5APatel to NDickwella

    FOUR! Well played! Flighted delivery, landing full on off, Niroshan advances down the track and just pushes it gently over mid off for a boundary.
  • 57.5WSomerville to SLakmal

    FOUR! Fine shot! Too full in length on off, Lakmal drives it through covers and the ball races away to the fence in no time.
  • 48.6TBoult to NDickwella

    FOUR! Another good shot. Width on offer outside off, the length is short and Dickwella slaps it through backward point for a boundary. New Zealand won't mind it much as Lakmal will be on strike for the next over.

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