SL 161/9 (20.0ov)
NZ 165/6 (19.4ov)

New Zealand beat Sri Lanka by 4 wickets

MOM: Tim Southee

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  • 19.4WHasaranga to MSantner

    FOUR! Santner finishes this off in style. Floated around off, Santner drags it towards cow corner in no man's land for a boundary. NEW ZEALAND WIN BY 4 WICKETS AND WIN THE SERIES 2-0 WITH A GAME TO GO!
  • 19.3WHasaranga to MSantner

    SIX! Brilliant piece of work but a collision has seen the fielder touch the rope. This is nail-biting stuff. Flighted outside off, Santner gets down on one knee and goes for a big slog sweep. He gets to the left of long on and right of mid-wicket. Both the fielders come steaming in. The man at long on, Shehan Jayasuriya takes the catch but the fielder from mid-wicket, Kusal Mendis is too fast and he cannot stop himself. He clips Jayasuriya in his followthrough on the ankle and takes down his own partner. Both the fielders are down in pain and over the boundary line. Jayasuriya tries to throw the ball away but replays find him to be late. Jayasuriya hobbles to the pavillion but Mendis is not moving. Worrying sign this. The umpires initially signals a boundary but after a few moment he signals it as six. So just one needed now.
  • 19.2WHasaranga to DMitchell

    OUT! Stay where you are because Wanindu is pulling off a stunner here. Floated on off and middle, Mitchell looks to clear the man at long on against the spin. He does not time it well and it goes to the right of the man at long on. Substitute, Lahiru Madhushanka swiftly moves across to his right and makes no mistake. He takes a very good catch.
  • 19.1WHasaranga to DMitchell

    OUT! WHAT A START! Wanindu has not just started with a dot, he has got rid of the well set Bruce with some smart, athletic efforts. Shorter around off, Mitchell looks to hit it straight but it comes off the inner half of his bat and goes to the left of Wanindu. He gathers the ball and scores a direct hit at the bowler's end where Bruce was way out of his crease. Hasaranga scores a direct hit. The umpire takes it upstairs and replay shows that Tom's dive is not enough to save him.
  • 18.6IUdana to DMitchell

    Full outside off, Mitchell slams it hard but to the man at long off for a single. 7 needed off last over.
  • 18.5IUdana to TomBruce

    Good length ball around off, Bruce flat bats it towards long off on a bounce for a single.
  • 18.4IUdana to TomBruce

    Excellent running but also poor fielding. Fuller outside off, Bruce squeezes it towards long off. The fielder is too deep in the ropes and they call for two. The fielder fumbles allowing them to get the second with ease. Udana is not happy. Bruce seems to have hurt himself as he slipped while turning for the second. 9 needed off 8 now.
  • 18.3IUdana to TomBruce

    FOUR! BOOM! Bruce gets to his fifty in style. Back of a hand slower ball around off. Tom gets across and paddles it over backward square leg. The fielder could not even move and the ball races away to the fence. Subdued celebrations from Bruce as he knows the job is not complete yet.
  • 18.2IUdana to deGrandhomme

    OUT! De Grandhomme holes out! Is this the game-changing wicket? Fuller outside off, Udana takes the pace off this one. De Grandhomme goes for the big one over covers. He does not time it well as the ball comes slower to him. Colin then ends up chipping it straight to the man at deep extra cover. Avishka Fernando in the deep makes no mistake and the crowd is back on its feet, having found their voice back. End of a fantastic knock, he though will be gutted not to see his side home. 15 needed off 10 balls.
  • 18.1IUdana to deGrandhomme

    Very full outside off, de Grandhomme plays it really well. Does not power it but just guides it wide of deep backward point for a couple. This has been a fantastic knock from the big man.
  • 17.7LMalinga to TomBruce

    A couple to end! Very full and outside off, Bruce swings but it goes off the inner half through square leg for two. 9 from the over. 17 needed in 2. This is going down to the wire.
  • 17.6LMalinga to deGrandhomme

    Just the single again! On the pads, Colin looks to flick but misses. It hits the pads and rolls towards fine leg. A leg bye taken.
  • 17.5LMalinga to TomBruce

    One more single! A low full toss on middle, it is worked through mid-wicket for one.
  • 17.4LMalinga to deGrandhomme

    Very full again and on middle, this is hit down to long off for one. Singles won't harm Lanka at the moment.
  • 17.3LMalinga to deGrandhomme

    Down the leg side, the batter looks to flick but misses. Wided. 100-run stand up. De Grandhomme and Tom Bruce have taken New Zealand to the brink of victory but need to win it for them.
  • 17.2LMalinga to TomBruce

    A yorker outside off, Bruce fails to jam it out towards the left of the bowler for one.
  • 17.1LMalinga to TomBruce

    A couple to begin! Full and on the pads, it is worked in the gap through the mid-wicket region for two.
  • 16.6IUdana to deGrandhomme

    A dot to end! Another top, top over and Sri Lanka are managing to crawl back here. 26 needed in the last 3. A yorker outside off, Colin looks to jam it out but misses.
  • 16.5IUdana to TomBruce

    A single now! Sri Lanka won't mind. Fuller and on off, it is pushed down to long off for one.
  • 16.4IUdana to TomBruce

    One more dot! Gold dust at this stage! Slower one outside off, the batter looks to work it on the leg side but is early in the shot. Misses.
  • 16.3IUdana to deGrandhomme

    Bowled to his field there! Full and wide outside off, it is hit to sweeper cover for one.
  • 16.2IUdana to TomBruce

    Slower one on off, Bruce looks to swing but it goes off the inner half through mid-wicket for a single.
  • 16.1IUdana to TomBruce

    A dot to begin this one! A slower one outside off, Bruce looks to paddle scoop it but misses to get hit on the pads.
  • 15.6LSandakan to TomBruce

    A single to end! Lovely over, given Sri Lanka some hope. 29 needed in 24. This is on the pads, it is sweeped towards short fine leg for one.
  • 15.5LSandakan to TomBruce

    One more dot! This is flatter and on middle, it is pushed back to the bowler.
  • 15.4LSandakan to TomBruce

    Three googlies in a row! Bruce looks to defend but once again it goes off the outer half to point.
  • 15.3LSandakan to deGrandhomme

    Slower through the air again and it is another googly, Colin looks to defend but it goes off the outer half towards point for one.
  • 15.2LSandakan to deGrandhomme

    The googly on the leg stump, Colin does not pick it. He looks to flick but gets a soft leading edge on the off side.
  • 15.1LSandakan to TomBruce

    Loopy ball on off, Bruce opens the face of the bat and guides it towards covers for one.
  • 14.6LMalinga to deGrandhomme

    FOUR! Crunched away! Overpitched on off, Malinga misses his yorker by just few inches but that is enough for de Grandhomme. He creams his drive through extra cover for a boundary.
  • 14.5LMalinga to deGrandhomme

    FIFTY FOR COLIN DE GRANDHOMME! This has been a brilliant knock from the Kiwi all-rounder. He missed out on a well deserved fifty in the first game but this time he has got to the milestone. Full around off, de Gradhomme drives it through point and gets a couple to get to his 2nd T20I fifty. He raises his bat as his teammates applause his knock. Colin came in at a time when New Zealand were losing their way but he has shown them the path like a true leader.
  • 14.4LMalinga to deGrandhomme

    Brilliant ball! A crisp yorker on middle and off. Colin does well to get his bat down and tuck it towards mid-wicket. The ball is wide of deep mid-wicket and they call for two. Akila Dananjaya gets to the ball quickly and has a shy at the bowler's end. He misses but replay later on shows Bruce was quick as he was in.
  • 14.3LMalinga to TomBruce

    Full on the pads, Bruce flicks it to the on side and gets to the other end. Smart batting this as they are not taking any risks against Malinga and just seeing him out.
  • 14.2LMalinga to deGrandhomme

    Very full on middle. Colin does well to milk it towards mid-wicket for one. This is now the highest 4th wicket stand for New Zealand against Sri Lanka in T20Is.
  • 14.1LMalinga to TomBruce

    Bends his back and bowls it short. The ball does not rise as it is just above the waist. Bruce turns it behind square on the leg side for a single.
  • 13.6ADananjaya to deGrandhomme

    SIX! That is some hit! A powerful shot. Wow! A clear indication of the power of this guy. It is on middle and shorter in length. Colin de Grandhomme goes back and lofts it off the back foot over the long on fence. The fielder there does leap and try to take it but falls awkwardly. The last ball spoils the over. An expensive end to Dananjaya's spell but still a good one. 4-0-36-3.
  • 13.5ADananjaya to TomBruce

    Another single as this is eased down to long on.
  • 13.4ADananjaya to deGrandhomme

    On middle, it is worked towards mid-wicket for one.
  • 13.3ADananjaya to deGrandhomme

    In the air... but the fielder slips! Nothing going right for the Lankans. The move to get back Dananjaya almost works. It is on middle, Colin brings the slog sweep out but only a top edge is induced. It goes high up in the air towards deep mid-wicket. Madushanka, the sub, runs in and just as he looks to settle under the ball, he slips. It falls behind him and two is taken.
  • 13.2ADananjaya to TomBruce

    Short and on middle, it is slapped through covers for one.
  • 13.1ADananjaya to TomBruce

    A wild throw or there was another opportunity! This is on middle, it is worked through mid-wicket with soft hands. The batters take two. The striker is struggling to get to his end but the fielder makes a wild throw.
  • 12.7LMalinga to TomBruce

    One more yorker on middle, it is jammed out towards mid-wicket for one.
  • 12.6LMalinga to deGrandhomme

    Very full and on middle, this is hit down to long on for one.
  • 12.5LMalinga to TomBruce

    One more chance but another fumble! A slower one on off, it is pushed towards cover and the batter takes off. The fielder at covers takes his eyes off the ball at the very end and misfields.
  • 12.4LMalinga to deGrandhomme

    Misfield and the run becomes easy. This is full and on off, Colin de Grandhomme pushes it to mid off and takes off. The fielder gets to the ball does not collect it cleanly.

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