SL 125/8 (20.0ov)
NZ 88 (16.0ov)

Sri Lanka beat New Zealand by 37 runs

MOM: Lasith Malinga

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  • 15.6LSandakan to SRance

    OUT! Game over! What a terrific bowling effort from the hosts. A flighted ball on middle, Rance looks to sweep but fails to get bat on ball. He is hit flush on the pads. The Lankans appeal and the umpire agrees to end the New Zealand innings. Rance looks for a review but then he is informed that there is none left for New Zealand. Would not have mattered. Hawk Eye shows the impact to be umpire's call, around off and clipping the off stump, again, on umpire's call. The 36-run stand would've given the Lankan fans some worry. Rance should've tried to negotiate the ball and get Southee on strike but he went for the sweep to confirm the eventual.
  • 15.5LSandakan to SRance

    Full ball, worked towards mid-wicket.
  • 15.4LSandakan to SRance

    Beats the bat this time. Bowls a quicker one outside off. Rance looks to push at the ball but misses.
  • 15.3LSandakan to TimSouthee

    Shortish ball, tapped towards point for a single.
  • 15.2LSandakan to TimSouthee

    NOT OUT! The verdict arrives, finally. That looked close but the back leg is down in time. Full ball, outside off, Southee looked to reverse sweep but couldn't get bat on it. Kusal Perera collected and whipped off the bails and appealed. It was referred upstairs but replays confirmed that Southee was safe.
  • 15.1LSandakan to TimSouthee

    Some football skills from Southee this time. Flatter ball around off, Southee looks to cut but gets an inside edge. The ball rolls towards the stumps but Southee is aware of it and kicks to ball away towards point.
  • 14.6WHasaranga to SRance

    Defended off the front foot by the batsman presenting the full face of the bat.
  • 14.5WHasaranga to TimSouthee

    Loopy ball on middle, Southee goes for the heave but mistimes it. The ball goes wide of the long on fielder. They take a run.
  • 14.4WHasaranga to SRance

    And again. Another inside edge which misses the timber and goes to fine leg. They pick up a single this time.
  • 14.3WHasaranga to SRance

    Almost a wicket! Fuller ball, Rance looks to drive this through covers but gets an inside edge which passes the stump and goes towards fine leg for a couple.
  • 14.2WHasaranga to SRance

    Quicker one again, blocks awkwardly off the back foot.
  • 14.1WHasaranga to SRance

    Flatter one and a quick one. Looks to work it down the leg side but misses to hit on the stumps.
  • 13.6LMalinga to TimSouthee

    Another yorker. Southee negotiates it well with a push back to the bowler. End of a superb spell from Malinga.
  • 13.5LMalinga to SRance

    Goes for the yorker but dishes a full toss. Worked towards mid on for a single.
  • 13.4LMalinga to SRance

    The batsman has driven it through mid-off.
  • 13.3LMalinga to SRance

    Another yorker. This time Rance blocks it well.
  • 13.2LMalinga to SRance

    Just missed the timbers! Another yorker which misses the timber, only just. Malinga can't believe it.
  • 13.1LMalinga to SRance

    Goes for the yorker straight away. Rance pushes this right of Malinga who dives to stop but the ball goes towards mid on.
  • 12.8LSandakan to TimSouthee

    Flighted ball on middle, pushed back to the bowler.
  • 12.7LSandakan to TimSouthee

    The batsman has punched the ball off the back foot.
  • 12.6LSandakan to TimSouthee

    SIX! Third of the over. Fullish ball to Southee who slogs this powerfully over the deep mid-wicket fence. Some hammering this.
  • 12.5LSandakan to TimSouthee

    The batsman shows the full face of the bat and defends the ball off the back foot.
  • 12.4LSandakan to TimSouthee

    SIX! Southee is not going to hold on. Flighted ball around off, Southee lines up and slogs it over the long on fence for another maximum.
  • 12.3LSandakan to TimSouthee

    WIDE! Another one going down the leg side. Southee again goes for it but misses again.
  • 12.2LSandakan to TimSouthee

    WIDE! This one is down the leg side. Southee goes after it but can't get bat on it.
  • 12.1LSandakan to TimSouthee

    SIX! A rare shot in an innings devastated by swing bowling. A full toss, on off, Southee bludgeons this straight back into the sightscreen.
  • 11.6WHasaranga to TimSouthee

    The batsman has defended it by getting right behind the line of the delivery. The batsmen have run through for a single.
  • 11.5WHasaranga to SRance

    This time misses the stumps off an inside edge. Looks to drive but gets an inside edge which goes fine down the leg side. They take three.
  • 11.4WHasaranga to SRance

    Almost the end of the game. This a googly which beats the bat to go onto the pads. Hasaranga appeals but the umpire is not interested.The Hawk Eye shows that this was just clipping which means even if the Lankas had a review, the umpire's call would have been the final one.
  • 11.3WHasaranga to TimSouthee

    He is lining up for a slog but Hasaranga bowls smartly, another quicker one which goes towards mid on. They take a run this time.
  • 11.2WHasaranga to TimSouthee

    Quicker one on the pads this time as Hasaranga sees the batsman going across the leg side.
  • 11.1WHasaranga to TimSouthee

    Bowls a quicker one around off, pulled towards deep mid-wicket and denies a single.
  • 10.6LSandakan to TimSouthee

    Outside off, punched through the covers for one.
  • 10.5LSandakan to TimSouthee

    Outside off, Southee swings hard but misses.
  • 10.4LSandakan to SRance

    Full on middle, Seth hammers this straight back to Sandakan who fumbles while trying to field and allows it through. A run taken.
  • 10.3LSandakan to SRance

    Outside off, Rance looks to drive but misses.
  • 10.2LSandakan to TimSouthee

    Works this through mid-wicket for a single.
  • 10.1LSandakan to TimSouthee

    A short ball, pulled through mid-wicket for a couple.
  • 9.6WHasaranga to TAstle

    OUT! Hasaranga strikes for Sri Lanka now. Just a wicket away from a win. This is a fullish ball, Astle wants to sweep it fine down the leg side but can't get bat on the ball. He is wrapped on the pads. Hasaranga appeals along with the entire stadium. The umpire agrees. Astle wants the third umpire to have a look at it but only for the sake of it. Ultra Edge shows no bat. The Hawk Eye shows that this is going to topple the middle stump which means Astle will have to walk back.
  • 9.5WHasaranga to TAstle

    Defended off the back foot by the batsman.
  • 9.4WHasaranga to TAstle

    And again! This one would have hit the timber but Sri Lanka doesn't have a review. Looks to punch but it goes off the inside edge towards fine leg for a couple.
  • 9.3WHasaranga to TAstle

    Flatter ball on middle, Astle looks to block but is hit on the pads. An appeal follows but the umpire is unmoved. That looked close.
  • 9.2WHasaranga to TimSouthee

    Almost a wicket again! Shorter one on middle, Southee looks to heave this over the long on but mistimes it. It goes to the fielder on the bounce.
  • 9.1WHasaranga to TimSouthee

    Quicker one around off, blocked towards the point region.
  • 8.6ADananjaya to TimSouthee

    The batsman been hit on the back pad. The batsmen have run through for a single. Leg bye signalled by the umpire.

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