WI 421 (49.2ov)
NZ 330 (47.2ov)

West Indies beat New Zealand by 91 runs

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  • WI
  • NZ
  • 47.2FAllen to IshSodhi

    OUT! STUMPED! Sodhi's luck runs out and that is the end of the New Zealand innings. Ish comes down the track and Allen fires it outside off. The batter looks to put bat on ball but misses. Hope does the rest. WEST INDIES WON BY 91 RUNS!
  • 46.6CBrathwaite to IshSodhi

    FOUR! Good shot. Full on off, Sodhi hits it over covers for a boundary.
  • 46.2CBrathwaite to IshSodhi

    46.2: C Brathwaite to Ish Sodhi,SIX! Sodhi lofts this over the covers for a biggie. It's hit high and over the fence. Some late hitting from the lower order.
  • 45.5FAllen to MHenry

    OUT! New Zealand are falling like nine pins here. Flighted delivery on leg, Henry comes down the track and looks to go big but misses it. Matt Henry gets stumped as Shai Hope quickly takes the bails off.
  • 45.3FAllen to IshSodhi

    FOUR! Nice shot. Short delivery on middle, Sodhi pulls it through square leg for a boundary.
  • 44.6CBrathwaite to IshSodhi

    FOUR. sodhi flicks this length ball through the mid-wicket region for a boundary.
  • 44.4CBrathwaite to IshSodhi

    SIX! Sodhi Flicks this length ball up and over mid-wicket fence for a maximum.
  • 44.2CBrathwaite to deGrandhomme

    OUT! Carlos bowls a length ball outside off, Colin looks to smash it through the off side, but ends up slicing it towards deep point. Nurse makes a lot of ground to his left and takes a very nice catch.
  • 44.1CBrathwaite to deGrandhomme

    FOUR! Colin smashes this through the covers for a boundary. New Zealand are not going down with out a fight.
  • 43.4FAllen to IshSodhi

    SIX! Amazing shot. Short delivery on middle, Sodhi comes down the track and lofts it over long on for a biggie.

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