WI 286 (49.0ov)
NZ 291/8 (50.0ov)

New Zealand beat West Indies by 5 runs

MOM: Kane Williamson

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  • NZ
  • WI
  • 48.6JNeesham to CBrathwaite

    SIX? NO! OUT! YES! Caught! Oh dear me! I don't know what to tell you! Boult has stunned the crowd here. Neesham bowls a slower bouncer outside off, Brathwaite looks to pull. It looks like, this is the end. It looks like West Indies have sealed the deal but NO! TRENT BOULT! He holds his nerve, keeps his calm and considering the situation takes a blinder at long on. He takes a very good catch just, just before the ropes. Brathwaite cannot believe it. He is down in disbelief. The Kiwi players are riding with joy. NEW ZEALAND WIN BY 5 RUNS!
  • 47.5MHenry to CBrathwaite

    FOUR! Edged! But who cares? 24 runs off the over. Henry bangs it in short, Carlos goes for the pull but top edges it over the keeper's head for a boundary.
  • 47.4MHenry to CBrathwaite

    SIX! Not full, but a full toss! Brathwaite is becoming the hero but dear me! Henry is becoming a villain here. He bowls a full toss on off, Brathwaite smokes it over long off for a maximum.
  • 47.3MHenry to CBrathwaite

    SIX! Fasten your seat belt, Brathwaite is on a mission here. Full toss wide of him, Brathwaite slices it over backward point for another maximum. 19 needed of 15 balls. With West Indies you just don't know what's going to happen. Even New Zealand. They have provided a lot of thrillers.
  • 47.2MHenry to CBrathwaite

    SIX! Can Brathwaite take his side home? Back of a length ball on off, Carlos flat bats it like a bullet over long on for a maximum.
  • 46.3LFerguson to CBrathwaite

    SIX! Connects and connects well this time. Full on off, in the slot for Brathwaite. He takes full toll of it and smokes it over long off for a maximum.
  • 45.1TBoult to CBrathwaite

    FOUR! SMASH! Brathwaite has decided to free his arms now. He has to! A length ball outside off, Carlos clubs it via a pull, past the bowler, down the ground and to the long off fence!
  • 44.6LFerguson to SCottrell

    OUT! Bowled! Full and straight on off, Cottrell looks to hit it but the ball goes between his bat and pad onto the off pole. The end looks near for West Indies. He hung in there well with Brathwaite. Can't criticize him but credit him for the fight he has shown.
  • 42.4JNeesham to SCottrell

    FOUR! This looks to be Cottrell's day. A length ball outside off, Sheldon smartly guides it past the diving keeper, through the vacant slip cordon, towards the third man region for a boundary!
  • 42.3JNeesham to SCottrell

    FOUR! Very poor from Neesham. He bowls it on the pads to the number 10, Cottrell flicks it fine down the leg side for a boundary.

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