UAE 108/9 (20.0ov)
OMN 109/3 (18.2ov)

Oman beat United Arab Emirates by 7 wickets

MOM: Fayyaz Butt

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  • 18.2JSiddique to ZMaqsood

    SIX! The skipper finishes it off in style! A short one on the body, he swivels and pulls it a long way back over the backward square leg fence. OMAN WIN BY 7 WICKETS!
  • 18.1JSiddique to AIlyas

    Slightly shorter and on off, this is pulled down to wide long on for one.
  • 17.6ZKhan to AIlyas

    Another short ball, the batter this time manages to pull it through mid-wicket but just for a run.
  • 17.5ZKhan to ZMaqsood

    One more slower short ball! Maqsood is once again done in by the pace. He mistimes his pull towards mid on. The fielder misfields and a run is taken.
  • 17.4ZKhan to ZMaqsood

    A short one, it is ducked under. Oman are in no hurry to chase this down.
  • 17.3ZKhan to AIlyas

    Shorter and on off, this is guided down to third man for one. 100 up for Oman.
  • 17.2ZKhan to AIlyas

    Run out chance missed. A slower short one! The batter is way too early in the pull. It goes off the inner half towards mid-wicket. The skipper takes off from the non-striker's end but is sent back. He slips as he tries to turn. The fielder though misses his shy at the bowler's end.
  • 17.1ZKhan to ZMaqsood

    Zahoor begins his new spell with a short delivery wide outside off, Zeeshan stands back and slaps it to sweeper cover for one.
  • 16.6JSiddique to AIlyas

    A dot to end! Shorter and on the body. Ilyas tries to pull but misses.
  • 16.5JSiddique to AIlyas

    On the shorter side, it skids through. The batter mistimes it to mid on.
  • 16.4JSiddique to ZMaqsood

    On the pads, it is worked through square leg for one.
  • 16.3JSiddique to ZMaqsood

    On off, this is defended nicely.
  • 16.2JSiddique to ZMaqsood

    FOUR! 12 more needed now! Short, wide and put away. It is outside off. Maqsood cuts it past point and it races away to the fence.
  • 16.1JSiddique to ZMaqsood

    Fuller and on off, this is hit to mid off.
  • 15.6ARaza to AIlyas

    Another couple! 16 more needed in 4 overs. This is on the pads, it is swept behind square on the leg side for two.
  • 15.5ARaza to AIlyas

    On middle, this is pushed to the right of the bowler who makes a good stop. Saves a run. UAE need to save every run possible.
  • 15.4ARaza to AIlyas

    Another couple! The batter comes down the track and stays leg side of the delivery. It is hit wide of long off for two.
  • 15.3ARaza to AIlyas

    Loopy ball on off, Ilyas looks to drive but it goes off the outer half through point for two. 20 more needed.
  • 15.2ARaza to ZMaqsood

    One more slog sweep which goes on the bounce to the deep square leg fielder. Another single.
  • 15.1ARaza to AIlyas

    On off, this is tapped towards cover and a run is taken.
  • 14.6RMustafa to ZMaqsood

    On the pads, it is worked towards mid-wicket. A good over this for UAE.
  • 14.5RMustafa to AIlyas

    A single as this is eased down to long on.
  • 14.4RMustafa to ZMaqsood

    Pushed to the cover region by the batsman. They have run through for a single.
  • 14.3RMustafa to ZMaqsood

    Out comes the reverse sweep to a ball outside off. The batter misses.
  • 14.2RMustafa to ZMaqsood

    On middle, this is pushed back to the bowler.
  • 14.1RMustafa to ZMaqsood

    On off, this is guided to point. UAE need a lot more dot balls if they are to build the pressure.
  • 13.6ARaza to ZMaqsood

    Off the mark is the skipper. He plays the slog sweep which goes on the bounce to the deep mid-wicket fielder for one.
  • 13.5ARaza to ZMaqsood

    On middle, it is worked to mid-wicket.
  • 13.4ARaza to AIlyas

    Flatter and on off, this is pushed towards cover where the fielder misfields and a single is taken.
  • 13.3ARaza to AKaleem

    OUT! Kaleem holes out! However, he has played a good useful knock here. Also, the 42-run stand here has probably done the job for Oman. Kaleem comes down the track and looks to drag this from outside off over long on. Does not get the distance on it and it goes towards Rameez Shahzad who takes it. 28 more needed.
  • 13.2ARaza to AIlyas

    Gets bat on this one and works it with the angle through mid-wicket for one.
  • 13.1ARaza to AIlyas

    On the pads, the batter looks to sweep but misses to get hit on the pads.
  • 12.6WAhmed to AIlyas

    29 now! This shorter delivery is guided towards backward point for one.
  • 12.5WAhmed to AKaleem

    This is angled into the batter, it is worked towards mid-wicket for one. 30 more needed.
  • 12.4WAhmed to AIlyas

    Ilyas was aiming for the leg side but the bowler bowls it wide outside off, a full toss though. AI swings but it goes off the outside edge down to third man for one.
  • 12.3WAhmed to AIlyas

    Shorter and on off, this is guided to point.
  • 12.2WAhmed to AIlyas

    On middle, Ilyas goes down on one knee and hits it over backward square leg. It is not off the middle and hence, slows down as it gets near the ropes. Stopped before it and a couple is taken.
  • 12.1WAhmed to AIlyas

    On middle, this is hit to the right of the bowler who dives and stops a single.
  • 11.6ARaza to AKaleem

    FOUR! Out comes the slog sweep and it is in the gap in the mid-wicket region. One more boundary for Kaleem. He moves to 26 in 17 balls. 34 more needed.
  • 11.5ARaza to AIlyas

    Singles will do it for Oman! They get one more as this is worked towards square leg.
  • 11.4ARaza to AKaleem

    On the pads, the batter looks to flick but misses. It brushes the pads and rolls towards short fine leg for one. Leg bye signaled.
  • 11.3ARaza to AKaleem

    Outside off, the batter looks to run it down but misses.
  • 11.2ARaza to AIlyas

    Eases this one down to long off for one.
  • 11.1ARaza to AIlyas

    Good running! This is worked with the angle with soft hands through mid-wicket for two.
  • 10.6RMustafa to AIlyas

    Very full, this is jammed down to long on for one more run.

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