SA 262, 303 (80.3ov)
PAK 185, 273 (65.4ov)

South Africa beat Pakistan by 107 runs

MOM: Quinton de Kock

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  • That will be it, then, from the red-ball leg of the tour. Pakistan have been outplayed in all the three games and the worst part is the lack of fight from them. It was always going to be a tough place for them to come and win but a competition would have been expected from them but it was not to be. 3-0 in the Tests then, and the second installment of the series is not far away. The first ODI will begin on the 19th of January from Port Elizabeth. It will begin at 1300 local (1100 GMT). Hope you guys have enjoyed the coverage of the Tests, looking forward to have you'll back for the One-Day Internationals as well. Till then, it's goodbye from us. Take care!
  • The trophy is presented to Dean Elgar. Shake hands all around and the South African team gather around to pose for the shutterbugs.
  • South African skipper, Dean Elgar, says this win is right up there and they are happy they could maintain their record on this ground. Mentions it is a great way to start this year and they are quite clear about their goals. Credits the way their bowlers bowled, especially Olivier who is the least experienced of their pacers but did very well. Ends by thanking the crowd for the way they have supported them.
  • Man of the Series, Duanne Olivier, says he is very proud of the performance but is happier his team won 3-0. Informs he had to adjust to the wicket here and bowl it little fuller. Mentions every bowler has different skills and he brings something different than the others. Ends by saying they needed to start off well today and they did.
  • Man of the Match, Quinton de Kock, says any Test century means a lot to him as he works hard for it. Informs he has worked hard on correcting his technique which has helped him in recent times. Credits the way Olivier has bowled throughout this series. Ends by saying he is happy to see Dale Steyn bowl the way he has.
  • Pakistan captain, Sarfraz Ahmed, says they could not capitalize on the position they were in after Day 1. Mentions it is very difficult to play in South Africa and their bowlers were excellent. Further adds Shan Massod and Babar Azam are the positives in this tour. Credits Olivier for the way he bowled.
  • What they needed on Day 4 as they began was for the overnight batsmen to continue batting well. That was not the case as both fell cheaply this morning and what followed was a procession. There was not much of a resistance provided by the ones to follow except for Shadab Khan who was delaying the inevitable. Eventually the last wicket fell, albeit in a way the hosts would have least expected but they won't mind. The wickets were shared by all four pacers in this innings. A successful series for Duanne Olivier especially picking up 24 wickets. Pakistan did have a few positives but overall will be ruing the fact that they could not capitalize on a few good positions they had in the series. Stay tuned for the presentation ceremony to follow...
  • Pakistan even had a chance to come back in the game when they had South Africa at 93/5 but from there on, the game started going away from them. Quinton de Kock first built a 100-plus stand with Hashim Amla for the sixth wicket and then a 79-run one with Kagiso Rabada for the eighth wicket en-route to his century. His 129 ensured that the hosts set a target of 381 for the visitors. It looked beyond reach for the visitors. A good opening stand of 67 gave them some belief but late strikes last evening caused them to end Day 3 on 153/3.
  • A deserving win for the hosts and a scoreline that depicts how much better they were as compared to their opposition in this series. Pakistan did have their moments but moments do not win you Test matches let alone series. They have once again fallen to a huge defeat and will be really disappointed to lose all 3 matches here, without putting up much of a fight. In this game the visitors did really well to bowl out South Africa for 262 after a really good start for the hosts. In their reply too, they were really well placed at one point but as has been the case with them recently, they fell apart and ended up giving a 77-run lead that was massive in the context of the game.
  • 65.4DElgar to MAbbas

    OUT! Run out! What a comical way to end the match. Where was Abbas going, only he will know. A flighted one on middle, Abbas pushes it towards mid on and sets off but his partner was going no where. The fielder throws it back to De Kock who takes the stumps off. Abbas was at sea and it means that SOUTH AFRICA WIN BY 107 RUNS AND TAKE THE SERIES 3-0. A complete performance and a whitewash!
  • 65.3DElgar to MAbbas

    Lots of air on this one outside off, Abbas plays it back softly as well.
  • 65.2DElgar to MAbbas

    Looped outside off, defended towards cover.
  • 65.1DElgar to SKhan

    Flatter one outside off, driven to deep cover for a single.
  • Dean Elgar to roll his arm over. Also, Lunch has been extended by half an hour to give the hosts a chance to pick up the 1 remaining wicket. It is extended till 12.30 pm local (1030 GMT), post which Lunch will be taken if the wicket does not fall.
  • 64.6DOlivier to MAbbas

    Full toss there and Abbas seems to have missed his flick. The South Africans appeal but S Ravi turns it down. Had to be an inside edge there or else it looked to be in line.
  • 64.5DOlivier to MAbbas

    Short one outside off, Abbas rides the bounce and keeps it out towards point.
  • 64.4DOlivier to MAbbas

    Another one on a good length and off stump line, it takes the outside edge and runs towards point.
  • 64.3DOlivier to MAbbas

    This one is sprayed down the leg side and Abbas misses his glance.
  • 64.2DOlivier to SKhan

    Short of a length ball on middle, pulled away by Khan to deep mid-wicket for a single.
  • 64.1DOlivier to MAbbas

    Frustration for SA! A poor misfield allows Abbas to pick up a single towards point and get off strike.
  • Duanne Olivier is back on.
  • 63.6DSteyn to SKhan

    FOUR! A length ball outside off, Shadab places it wide of gully and looks to take a single but once that fielder is beaten, there is no stopping that ball. Runs away for a boundary as Bavuma can't reach it.
  • 63.5DSteyn to SKhan

    On a good length outside off, solidly defended by Shadab.
  • 63.4DSteyn to MAbbas

    Fuller one on middle, driven down the ground towards long on by MA. Three runs taken as mid-wicket gives chase to that ball.
  • 63.3DSteyn to MAbbas

    Another bumper slightly going down leg, Abbas ducks and lets it go once more.
  • 63.2DSteyn to MAbbas

    Bouncer! Mohammad does well to duck under it.
  • 63.1DSteyn to MAbbas

    On a length outside off, left alone by Abbas.
  • 62.6KRabada to SKhan

    Bouncer! Shadab manages to fend it away somehow to end the over.
  • 62.5KRabada to SKhan

    FOUR! Cut away hard behind point. A short length ball outside off, width on offer and Shadab cuts it away stylishly for a boundary. A batsman would have been proud of that shot.
  • 62.4KRabada to SKhan

    Bouncer! The batsman ducks under it and lets it go.
  • 62.3KRabada to SKhan

    A false shot from Shadab finally, but luckily for him it goes off the inside edge and drops onto the pitch itself.
  • 62.2KRabada to SKhan

    Short of a length ball outside off, Mohammad stands tall and punches it towards deep point. Good running once more as they pick up two runs.
  • 62.1KRabada to MAbbas

    This one is a fuller length ball on middle, Abbas pushes it towards deep mid-wicket and gets to the other end.
  • 61.6DSteyn to SKhan

    FOUR! Stylish upper cut from Shadab here. Short of a length delivery outside off, Khan rocks back and upper cuts this over the slip cordon. No third man there, goes for a boundary.
  • 61.5DSteyn to SKhan

    A slightly fuller length ball outside off, pushes this out towards the cover region.
  • 61.4DSteyn to SKhan

    On a length ball outside off, defended by Shadab off the back foot.
  • 61.3DSteyn to SKhan

    A mistimed pull to this short length ball but it has enough to carry over mid on's head. Two runs taken once more.
  • 61.2DSteyn to SKhan

    On a length outside off, Shadab looks to defend but gets an outside edge. The ball runs wide of third man and the batsmen do really well as they come back for the second.
  • 61.1DSteyn to SKhan

    Keeps out this good length ball on off.
  • 60.6KRabada to MAbbas

    Length ball on middle, Abbas gets an inside edge that runs towards the fine leg region. The single is not taken.
  • 60.5KRabada to MAbbas

    Loud appeal but S Ravi turns this one down. Looks like that ball was going down leg. On a length, pitching on off stump and coming in after landing. Abbas tries to push it back but plays down the wrong line. Gets rapped on the pads but the umpire turns down the appeal. No reviews left for SA either.
  • 60.4KRabada to SKhan

    Pushes this one towards cover for a single.
  • 60.3KRabada to SKhan

    This one is on a good length outside off, SK cuts it handsomely but it goes straight to point.
  • 60.2KRabada to SKhan

    Another one on a length outside off, kept out by Khan.
  • 60.1KRabada to SKhan

    On a good length outside off, Shadab pushes it away towards mid off.

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