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SA 262, 303 (80.3ov)
PAK 185, 273 (65.4ov)

South Africa beat Pakistan by 107 runs

MOM: Quinton de Kock

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  • 65.4DElgar to MAbbas

    OUT! Run out! What a comical way to end the match. Where was Abbas going, only he will know. A flighted one on middle, Abbas pushes it towards mid on and sets off but his partner was going no where. The fielder throws it back to De Kock who takes the stumps off. Abbas was at sea and it means that SOUTH AFRICA WIN BY 107 RUNS AND TAKE THE SERIES 3-0. A complete performance and a whitewash!
  • 63.6DSteyn to SKhan

    FOUR! A length ball outside off, Shadab places it wide of gully and looks to take a single but once that fielder is beaten, there is no stopping that ball. Runs away for a boundary as Bavuma can't reach it.
  • 62.5KRabada to SKhan

    FOUR! Cut away hard behind point. A short length ball outside off, width on offer and Shadab cuts it away stylishly for a boundary. A batsman would have been proud of that shot.
  • 61.6DSteyn to SKhan

    FOUR! Stylish upper cut from Shadab here. Short of a length delivery outside off, Khan rocks back and upper cuts this over the slip cordon. No third man there, goes for a boundary.
  • 58.6KRabada to MAbbas

    FOUR! What was that? A short length ball on off stump line, Mohammad Abbas takes his eyes off and tries to leave it thinking it will bounce enough for him to leave that one. It doesn't, stays low and luckily for him, gets the outside edge of his bat that was hanging out there. Runs through slip and gully for a boundary.
  • 58.4KRabada to HAli

    OUT! This time it is taken! Rabada calls for it and Rabada takes it. He has bounced Hasan Ali out here. Two bouncers to which Ali ducked well, the third one hit him on the gloves and the fourth one, he has had enough. Goes for the pull and gets a top edge. The pace on the ball was a bit too much for him, bowled at 146 kph! It goes straight up in the air and KG calls early and takes a really simple catch. His third wicket. After a slightly frustrating partnership, Hasan Ali departs, 1 left to go.
  • 57.4DSteyn to SKhan

    FOUR! Outside edge! On a length ball on off stump but Shadab removes his lower hand and ensures the ball does not carry to slip. It runs wide of third slip and to the third man fence.
  • 57.2DSteyn to SKhan

    FOUR! Overpitched this time from Steyn and Shadab gets into position early as he eases his drive through the covers. There is a tease for the fielder but the ball wins the race. Not that it matters so much, but the runs required are less than 150 now.
  • 56.2KRabada to HasanAli

    SIX! Woohoo! Hasan is not going to waste time defending here. A short one on middle and he rocks back and pulls this handsomely over the fence at deep square leg. Way back into the stands.
  • 56.1KRabada to ShadabKhan

    Hurls this one at the hips, Shadab fends it off uncomfortably behind square on the leg side for a single. It looks to have come off his thigh pad as replays show later. Should be a leg bye.

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