PAK 308/7 (50.0ov)
SA 259/9 (50.0ov)

Pakistan beat South Africa by 49 runs

MOM: Haris Sohail

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  • PAK
  • SA
  • 49.4MAmir to APhehlukwayo

    FOUR! Another poor effort in the fielder! Phehlukwayo hits this through covers. The fielder in the deep runs to his left but dives over the ball and Andile bags a boundary.
  • 48.2WRiaz to LNgidi

    OUT! This is why he wanted to get off strike! Wahab is just too good for him. Wahab lands this one middle and gets it to straighten. Ngidi plays the original trajectory and gets squared up. The ball goes past the outside edge and knocks the stumps behind.
  • 47.3MAmir to APhehlukwayo

    FOUR! Poor effort in the field! Very full and outside off, Phehlukwayo jams it through backward point. Afridi runs to his left from third man, dives and looks to push it back in but does not do it convincingly and the ball rolls back onto the fence.
  • 47.1MAmir to APhehlukwayo

    WIDE! Too far wide outside off, Andile looks to slash at it but misses.
  • 46.5WRiaz to KRabada

    OUT! Full, straight and Wahab has knocked Rabada over! Too good this for the no. 9. This starts from outside off and then it tails back in. Rabada misses his drive and the middle stump is disturbed.
  • 45.6MAmir to APhehlukwayo

    FOUR! Off the top edge now. Another short ball, Phehlukwayo looks to pull again but this time gets a top edge. It sails over the keeper, eluding fine leg.
  • 45.5MAmir to APhehlukwayo

    FOUR! Fine shot. A short ball, around off, Phehlukwayo pulls it over mid-wicket, one bounce and into the ropes!
  • 44.5WRiaz to APhehlukwayo

    Too short this time! Phehlukwayo ducks under it. Wided.
  • 44.2WRiaz to CMorris

    OUT! Waahab gets his first! He says, he needs no support from his fielders and he will do it by himself! A corker of a yorker there. It is right at the base of leg stump. Tails away. Morris fails to jam it out and he has to take the long walk back.
  • 43.4SKhan to APhehlukwayo

    FOUR! In the gap! Phehlukwayo brings out the slog sweep. Does not hit that well but away from the deep mid-wicket fielder who puts in a dive but does not get to it. Need another boundary in this over.

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