PAK 305/7 (50.0ov)
SL 238 (46.5ov)

Pakistan beat Sri Lanka by 67 runs

MOM: Usman Shinwari

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  • PAK
  • SL
  • 46.5SKhan to WaninduHasaranga

    OUT! Caught! That ends the game. PAKISTAN WIN BY 67 RUNS TO TAKE A 1-0 lead in the now turned 2-match series. A tossed up ball outside off, Hasaranga swings it towards deep mid-wicket but does not quite connect well. Iftikhar Ahmed comes running in from deep mid-wicket and pouches it, albeit a bit too quickly. The ball almost pops out but he controls it.
  • 45.6WRiaz to LKumara

    OUT! LBW! Number 9 goes down. Looked a harsh call to the naked eye but Sri Lanka do not have any review left. A length ball, around middle and off, cutting back in sharply, Kumara jumped to defend but was beaten by pace. The ball skidded back sharply and caught him on the pads, Riaz appealed and the umpire raised his finger. Well... Ball Tracker shows it to be hitting leg. Perhaps Kumara expected a short ball.
  • 45.3WRiaz to WHasaranga

    FOUR! Nicely struck. A length ball outside off, Hasaranga leans and lofts it as cleanly as a whistle, over cover for a boundary.
  • 44.3SKhan to WHasaranga

    SIX! CLOUT! Excellent connection. Shadab has been taken to the cleaners tonight. Full and outside off, Hasaranga comes down the track and hits this as straight as an arrow, over the bowler, in front of the sightscreen!
  • 44.1SKhan to WHasaranga

    SIX! That is a glorious shot. Tossed up outside off, Hasaranga, himself a leg spinner, steps out, gets to the pitch of the ball and plays it with the turn over extra cover!
  • 42.6UShinwari to IUdana

    OUT! Edged and caught behind. Lion-hearted effort from Usman Shinwari as he bags his second ODI 5-fer on a flat deck. He has come in and run very hard on a highway, as if to question the selectors, as to why, o why, was I left out of the World Cup squad. A slower ball, outside off, cutting away, Udana backs away and slogs hard, only managing a thick outside edge. Simple catch for Sarfaraz Ahmed.
  • 42.2UShinwari to WHasaranga

    WIDE. A nasty bouncer, following the batsman, but too high, down the leg side, from around the wicket. Hasaranga just about sways out in time.
  • 41.1SKhan to DShanaka

    OUT! Caught! That is a stunning catch from Fakhar Zaman. In the twinkle of an eye, both Batman and Robin have disappeared. First, Jayasuriya. Now, Shanaka. Short and outside off, Dasun rocks back and pulls it. The ball seems to be dipping towards deep mid-wicket but Fakhar Zaman comes running in and dives forward to take a brilliant catch. A fine 68 from Shanaka, his highest ODI score. Sadly for him and his team, this match is over.
  • 40.5UShinwari to SJayasuriya

    OUT! Caught behind! No century for Jayasuriya. No double century stand. The 6th wicket stand has finally been broken. Usman gets his fourth. A length ball outside off, Shehan looks to push but misses. The ball goes behind, generating some noise and Sarfaraz immediately appeals. The umpire consents and Shehan walks back disappointed. He tried hard but the task was too mountainous for him. A fantastic 96 from a position where Sri Lanka were down and out at 28/5. Now, they need 102 from 55 balls.
  • 37.6SKhan to DShanaka

    FOUR! 13 from the over! Quicker one, fullish and on off, Dasun gives it the full whack of his bat and powers it over mid off for a boundary. This is also the highest sixth wicket stand for Sri Lanka in ODIs and also against Pakistan by any team for the same wicket.

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