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PER 178/3 (18.5ov)
SYS 177/5 (20.0ov)

Perth Scorchers beat Sydney Sixers by 7 wickets

MOM: Cameron Bancroft

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  • So that's all from here, we have come to the end of a Super Sunday in the eighth edition of the Big Bash League. Sydney Thunder, Brisbane Heat and Perth Scorchers all came out on the right side of the result today in their respective matches. The fact about all the games though was that they were all decided by really comfortable margins. On Monday, we have the two teams that were not in action today facing off at the MCG. Melbourne Stars will host the Hobart Hurricanes and it will begin at 1915 local (0815 GMT). Do join us for that and hope you enjoyed a brilliant Sunday of non-stop cricket. See ya!
  • CAMERON BANCROFT IS THE MAN OF THE MATCH for his unbeaten 87. He was there from the start and saw the chase through till the end. Well deserved and a great comeback for him after the long hiatus that was forced on him last year.
  • Early on, the Sixers did well to post 177 on the board after a sedate start that they got. Their final overs in the batting innings was a plus and it looked like they had enough at the innings break. The unfortunate fact for them was that the bowlers could not back up the batsmen's performance. Cameron Bancroft stayed from start to end and only three wickets fell at the other end. Tells you about the ease of the game. Especially looked very easy with a 98-run stand. Mere formalities were left when that was broken. Perfect execution of a chase.
  • This has to be one of the most incredible chases ever. Not at a moment did the Scorchers look like they were in trouble and they have finished things off with 7 balls and 7 wickets left. Cameron Bancroft was the star with an unbeaten 87 but the real impetus came from Ashton Turner who just smashed the Sixers out of the contest with a 30-ball 60. The hosts are back up and running after the early rut in the tournament. This win should give them a lot of confidence to take further. As for the Sixers, their bowling looked out of sorts but not much should be read out of this result as they came across two batsmen who were on fire.
  • 18.5TomCurran to CBancroft

    FOUR! Oh yes, Bancroft finishes it off in style with a boundary! Short in length again, Cameron moves back to make space and thwacks it over covers for the winning runs. PERTH SCORCHERS WIN BY 7 WICKETS!
  • 18.4TomCurran to CBancroft

    Short this time, around of, Cameron moves back and whacks it over point. He returns for the second run. The keeper collects the ball and throws it onto the stumps but to no use. 4 needed off 8 balls. Can they finish it in this over?
  • 18.3TomCurran to CBancroft

    FOUR! Too full in length and outside off, Bancroft reaches out for it and times his drive beautifully through extra cover. The sweeper fielder puts in a chase but the ball wins the race.
  • 18.2TomCurran to HCartwright

    Pitches it up and outside off, it's forced down in front of mid off for yet another single.
  • 18.1TomCurran to CBancroft

    Full toss on off, pushed towards mid off for a run.
  • Tom Curran is back on. 12 needed off 12 balls.
  • 17.7SAbbott to CBancroft

    Another yorker length ball flicked away to deep mid-wicket this time. Single taken and Bancroft keeps strike for the 19th over.
  • 17.6SAbbott to CBancroft

    Yorker length ball on middle, flicked away by Bancroft who crossed over when the catch was being taken. It is in the gap towards deep square leg and a couple is picked up easily. Back to a run-a-ball equation. 13 off 13.
  • Hilton Cartwright is the new batsman.
  • 17.5SAbbott to ATurner

    OUT! The 98-run stand has finally been broken. A slower one from Abbott does the trick in the end. Bowls this on a length and Turner, who was looking to hit it over cow-corner, is into his shot too early and the ball just goes high in the air. Jordan Silk at deep mid-wicket comes in and takes a good catch. Loud calling there as Moises Henriques has also come in from long on. The breakthrough has come, but it is too late for the Sixers. Ashton Turner departs for an incredible 30-ball 60 and this partnership has made a mockery of the run chase. 15 runs required off 14 balls now.
  • 17.4SAbbott to ATurner

    Wide! Hurls this one down the leg side, a wide is signalled.
  • 17.3SAbbott to CBancroft

    Shot! It's pulled really hard towards deep mid-wicket by Bancroft. Just a single though as Silk cleans up.
  • 17.2SAbbott to CBancroft

    FOUR! Makes room and smashes this one over the head of the cover fielder. Short of a length delivery on middle, Bancroft accepts the gift gleefully. This has become too easy for CB now.
  • 17.1SAbbott to CBancroft

    Length ball on top of off stump, Bancroft plays it with soft hands towards square leg and picks up a couple. That is brilliant cricket from the batsman, it is a big ground and twos are available if you find the gaps.
  • Sean Abbott to bowl his final over.
  • 16.6BenDwarshuis to CBancroft

    Good length delivery angling into the batsman, Bancroft tucks it in the gap at mid-wicket for a run. 23 needed off 18 balls.
  • 16.5BenDwarshuis to CBancroft

    Beaten for excessive bounce! Short and outside off, Bancroft tries to pull but fails to connect. Later practices the ramp shot.
  • 16.4BenDwarshuis to ATurner

    Slower delivery on middle, on the shorter side, Ashton goes on his toes and taps it down behind square leg for one.
  • 16.3BenDwarshuis to ATurner

    Fullish and on off, flicked on the leg side but straight to mid-wicket.
  • 16.2BenDwarshuis to ATurner

    FOUR! All too easy! On top of his game, Turner! Back of a length delivery outside off, Ashton shuffles across the stumps and paddle scoops it cleanly over the keeper's head for a boundary.
  • 16.1BenDwarshuis to CBancroft

    Fuller in length on the pads, tickled towards mid-wicket for a run.
  • 15.6TomCurran to ATurner

    No! The last one is a couple. Short of a length slower one on middle, Turner mistimes his flat-batted shot towards the right of long on. The fielder does well to keep it down to two. 7 runs off the over without much risk taken. 30 required in 4 overs now. These two are doing it easily.
  • 15.5TomCurran to CBancroft

    Shorter one on top of middle, Cameron makes room and cuts it away to deep point for a single. 5 singles off 5 balls, will it be 6?
  • 15.4TomCurran to ATurner

    Overpitched delivery on middle, flicked away to deep mid-wicket by Ashton. A single is taken.
  • 15.3TomCurran to CBancroft

    Slower bouncer, Bancroft mistimes his pull towards deep mid-wicket for a single.
  • 15.2TomCurran to ATurner

    On a good length outside off, Turner runs it down to third man for another single.
  • 15.1TomCurran to CBancroft

    Fuller one on the pads, flicked away to deep square leg by Bancroft for a single.
  • Tom Curran is back on.
  • 14.6BenDwarshuis to CBancroft

    Shortish on middle, helped in front of square leg for one.
  • 14.5BenDwarshuis to CBancroft

    An off-pace delivery, a touch short outside off, Bancroft once again fails to put bat on ball in this over.
  • 14.4BenDwarshuis to CBancroft

    Fullish and outside off, Bancroft drives it firmly through cover-point for a couple.
  • 14.3BenDwarshuis to CBancroft

    Play and a miss! Good length delivery wide outside off, Cameron flashes and misses.
  • 14.2BenDwarshuis to CBancroft

    Beaten for pace! Too full and outside off, skidding off the surface,
  • 14.1BenDwarshuis to CBancroft

    SAFE! Fractionally short and around leg, Bancroft clips it off his pads to backward square leg and rushes back for the second run. The throw comes to the keeper who takes the bails off and appeals. It's referred upstairs and the replays find that Cameron's bat is on the line when the stumps illuminated. Quite close but the third umpire has ruled it in favour of the batsman.
  • Appeal for a run out! It's referred upstairs...
  • Ben Dwarshuis is back on.
  • 13.6SO'Keefe to CBancroft

    13.6: S O'Keefe to C Bancroft, Shortens the length this time, CB punches it off the back foot and picks up a single. Keeps strike for the next over. 16 off this one though, a massive one for the Scorchers. 42 runs required in 36 balls now.
  • 13.5SO'Keefe to CBancroft

    13.5: S O'Keefe to C Bancroft, Quicker one fired in on middle, Bancroft comes down the ground and flicks it away to deep mid-wicket. A quick couple is taken. Amazing running by the two batsmen.
  • 13.4SO'Keefe to ATurner

    13.4: S O'Keefe to A Turner, Flatter one outside off, driven to long off for a single.
  • 13.3SO'Keefe to ATurner

    13.3: S O'Keefe to A Turner, Flatter one on the pads, Turner flicks it away to deep square leg for a couple of runs. Good running and it also brings up the half century for Turner. A brilliant innings. It has come off just 22 balls, a strike rate of well above 200. Incredible batting, is taking the game away from the Sixers very quickly.
  • 13.2SO'Keefe to ATurner

    13.2: S O'Keefe to A Turner, SIX! Turner turning on the heat here. This one is on middle and he comes down the ground and smashes it right into the sightscreen for a huge maximum. Too easy for this guy it looks like, 10 off the first two balls of the over.

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