RR 164/3 (19.5ov)
RCB 158/4 (20.0ov)

Rajasthan Royals beat Royal Challengers Bangalore by 7 wickets

MOM: Shreyas Gopal

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  • RCB
  • RR
  • 19.5UYadav to RTripathi

    SIX! What a way to finish things off! Tripathi doesn't let it go into the Super Over and calmly gets his side over the line. Short ball and it's pulled with absolute control, flat over the mid-wicket fence. RAJASTHAN WIN BY 7 WICKETS!
  • 18.6MSiraj to SSmith

    OUT! Taken this time. Umesh Yadav the man to gobble it up. Virat Kohli applauds that. Smith backs away to this fuller length ball and looks to clear long on. Can hit it only as far as the fielder who takes it well this time. A wicket finally comes, but maybe a little too late.
  • 17.5NSaini to RTripathi

    FOUR! Once again, the execution from Tripathi is spot on. A full toss around off, the batsman backs away and slices it behind point. Third man tries to cut it off by moving to his right but can't stop it.
  • 17.4NSaini to RTripathi

    Wide! Bumper but it's angled down the leg side, the umpire signals it as a wide.
  • 16.7MSiraj to SSmith

    SIX! Take that, Mohammed Siraj! Steven Smith with an immaculate hit. This is full again, right in the slot, Smith swings across the line and nails the slog. Clears the mid-wicket boundary with ease for a maximum. 18 runs needed in 18 balls now.
  • 16.5MSiraj to SSmith

    Wide! Darted full, well outside off, Smith tries to reach out and hit it away but fails to do so. It goes from the other side of the tramline and that's a wide.
  • 16.1MSiraj to RTripathi

    FOUR! Clean as you like. What a hit. So much control. Full and wide outside off, Tripathi makes sweet connection as he smashes it over covers. Nobody out there in the deep, it's a boundary.
  • 14.1MStoinis to RTripathi

    FOUR! Tripathi welcomes Stoinis with a boundary. All too easy, this. Back of a length on middle and leg, the batter adjusts inside the crease and pulls it over mid-wicket, right in the gap. Nobody out there, so that will be a boundary.
  • 13.4UYadav to SSmith

    FOUR! Streaky runs for Steven Smith. Rajasthan will gladly accept all of them. Length ball rising off the deck outside off, Smith plays away from his body and gets an edge down to third man for a boundary.
  • 12.5YChahal to JosButtler

    OUT! Buttler holes out! Huge wicket for Bangalore. They have broken the 44-run stand. A flighted ball on middle, Buttler looks to slog it for a maximum but the ball takes the edge and goes high towards long off. Stoinis there settles under the ball and takes a good catch. Can this pave the way back for Bangalore?

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