RCB 62/7 (5.0ov)
RR 41/1 (3.2ov)

Match Abandoned

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  • So that's it from this one. We move on though, as on Wednesday, the two qualified teams face off against each other. Chennai host Delhi at 2000 local (1430 GMT), so do join in for all the action. Goodbye and take care!
  • In response, Rajasthan paced the chase well with Samson and Livingstone finding the fence comfortably without taking much risk. When 23 runs were needed in 12 balls, Chahal came on and got rid of Samson. And just when we thought things could get interesting, the rain decided to make an appearance again and the game had to be called off, as we had no more time left for any more breaks. Quite a tame finish, to this game and Bangalore's chances in this tournament. They needed a win but having no result here has officially ended their run in this campaign. This hurts Rajasthan's chances of qualifying for the playoffs. They'd have backed themselves to chase this down but now have to win their last game and rely on other results to go their way.
  • What an anti-climatic finish to this rain-marred affair. We waited... and waited... and waited... and waited... and finally, after several gruelling hours passed by, the rain, which came after the toss, subsided and we had a 5-over game. Bangalore went ballistic at the start when Kohli and de Villiers opened and scored 23 runs off the first over, but post that, it all went downhill. Gopal's hat-trick really derailed them and eventually, the home side only finished with 62 on the board.
  • Steven Smith walks out to bat now but wait... the rain has turned up once more and that means the game is over! It's been called off.
  • 3.2YChahal to SSamson

    OUT! Samson is gone. Chahal provides the breakthrough for his side, like he does so often. Slows this up and lands it on a driving length outside off, it turns away as Samson looks to go big down the ground. It goes off the outside edge and skies towards point, where Negi comes under the ball and catches it safely.
  • 3.1YChahal to LLivingstone

    Spinning away from outside off, Livingstone goes a step across and kneels down to play the big slog sweep. It goes under his bat and past the keeper. The batsmen steal a bye.
  • Yuzvendra Chahal to bowl now. Bangalore will want him to bowl a really good over with just 23 needed off 12 balls now, so that the bowler to bowl the final over has something substantial to defend.
  • 2.6KKhejroliya to SSamson

    FOUR! We've seen enough of this in this game, the edges will fly and most likely go away. 18 runs off the over, massive for Rajasthan. Length ball outside off, Samson goes after it without any foot movement and gets a thick edge. It goes through the vacant slip cordon and away to the third man boundary.
  • 2.5KKhejroliya to SSamson

    SIX! One of the sweetest timers of the ball. Incredible hit. Khejroliya makes the mistake of providing pace on the ball, bowls it full and around off, Samson's eyes light up as he comes forward and bangs it straight back over the long on fence. Maximum.
  • 2.4KKhejroliya to SSamson

    No wide called. Just on the line according to the umpire. Kulwant angles across this length ball outside off, Samson goes after it but doesn't put bat on ball.
  • 2.3KKhejroliya to LLivingstone

    maybe too cheeky. Livingstone goes across to this full ball well outside off, attempts to scoop it but misses and wears it on the pads. The ball rolls on the off side and the batsmen manage to steal a leg bye.
  • 2.2KKhejroliya to SSamson

    Plays this on the up. Goes after it with hard hands and hits it down to long off for a single.
  • 2.1KKhejroliya to SSamson

    SIX! Khejroliya is welcomed in fine style by Samson. A length ball on middle and off, Sanju plants his front foot forward and gives this the full swing of his bat. It's right off the meat and away she goes over the cow corner.
  • Kulwant Khejroliya will bowl the third over of the innings.
  • 1.6NSaini to LLivingstone

    Excellent delivery. Excellent. Every dot ball is like gold dust. The wide yorker from Saini, Livingstone tries to reach out to it but it's too good for him. Can't make any sort of connection. 12 runs off this one.
  • 1.5NSaini to LLivingstone

    Slower length ball outside the line of off stump, Livingstone swings hard and gets an inside edge behind to the keeper. It missed the off stump by a fair margin.
  • 1.4NSaini to SSamson

    This back of a length ball is pulled behind square leg for a run.
  • 1.3NSaini to LLivingstone

    Dropped! But what an effort from Heinrich Klaasen. He's done exceptionally well to even get his hand to it. Full toss outside off, Livingstone tries to loft it over covers but doesn't get enough elevation. Klaasen there moves to his right, dives full stretch with a leap and gets his right hand to it. The ball just doesn't stick. He doesn't catch it, but saves a sureshot boundary. The batsmen only manage a single.
  • 1.2NSaini to LLivingstone

    SIX! He's mistimed that but such is the pace on the ball and the power of the batsman that it's cleared the rope. Wow. Short ball in line of the stumps, Livingstone throws his front leg out of the way and hammers it over long on for half a dozen. 10 runs off the first 2 balls. 43 runs to win now off 22 balls.
  • 1.1NSaini to LLivingstone

    FOUR! That's clubbed away. Almost a tennis-like shot. Back of a length into the body, Livingstone adjusts slightly inside the crease and muscles it over mid-wicket. Nobody out there in the deep, so it will run away to the boundary line.
  • Navdeep Saini will share the new ball.
  • 0.6UYadav to SSamson

    Straight to the fielder. 10 off the over, a decent over for both sides. Extremely full wide outside off, Samson opens the bat face, gets low and tries to squeeze it past point, but can't get it wide of the fielder.
  • 0.5UYadav to SSamson

    Dot ball. Sanju clubs this as it skids off the surface, towards mid on. Livingstone takes off but is met with a loud NO from his partner. He gets back in his crease in time.
  • 0.4UYadav to SSamson

    A play and a miss! A lot of width offer outside off, much like the first delivery, Samson once again tries to hammer it through the off side but the away movement takes it away from his bat.
  • 0.3UYadav to SSamson

    FOUR! Incredible placement. Finds the gap well here. Samson uses the angle into him, it's on a length, and brings those strong wrists of his into play. Whips it through backward square leg for a boundary.
  • 0.2UYadav to SSamson

    SIX! That's not such a bad delivery, but what a shot from Sanju Samson. He's an amazing talent. Length ball on middle, Samson just swings hard across the line from inside the crease. Times the ball perfectly as he sends it sailing deep into the mid-wicket stands.
  • 0.1UYadav to SSamson

    Appeal for a caught behind from Virat Kohli, but he gets no assurance from either his bowler or keeper. Back of a length outside off with room on offer, Samson frees his arms and looks to crash it through the off side, but misses.
  • We are back for the chase. The target is 63 and Rajasthan will want to get off to a similar start like Bangalore's. Umesh Yadav will take the ball first for the hosts, while Sanju Samson and Liam Livingstone open the innings for the visitors.
  • There is usually not much to speak about in a 5-over innings but this one will be specially remembered for Shreyas Gopal's hat-trick. He removed Kohli, de Villiers and Stoinis to break the back of the Bangalore innings. He will now hope that his batsmen do not let his good work go to waste and chase this down. Meanwhile, the home crowd will hope their bowlers bowl out of the skins to defend the 62 runs they have. Don't go too far away, we should be back very shortly...
  • That began like a whirlwind and ended really meekly for Bangalore. After bludgeoning 35 runs in the first 9 balls of the innings, the hosts completely lost their way courtesy a Shreyas Gopal hat-trick. The procession never stopped from that point on and they ended up adding just 27 runs more to their total in the last 21 balls of their innings. Rajasthan will be mighty pleased and look favorites to chase this down at a required run rate of 12.6 in a 5-over game.
  • 4.7OThomas to NSaini

    A bye to finish things. Shortish delivery outside off, Saini backs away but fails to put bat on ball. The batsman cross over either way as Samson misses his shy at his end. BANGALORE FINISH ON 62/7!
  • Navdeep Saini is the next man in and will face the last ball of the innings.
  • 4.6OThomas to PNegi

    OUT! Edged and gone this time. Thomas angles across a length ball, it's around off, Negi looks to slog this over the leg side but nicks it behind. Sanju Samson moves to his left and takes a straightforward catch.
  • 4.5OThomas to PNegi

    FOUR! Shouldn't come as a surprise anymore, a lot of edges will be seen today. Short ball on off, Negi looks to pull but the ball flies off the top edge and goes over the keeper's head for a boundary.
  • Umesh Yadav walks out at number 8.
  • 4.4OThomas to HKlaasen

    OUT! Thomas gets a wicket to his name as well. Fuller length ball just outside off, Heinrich Klassen stays leg side as he tries to clear probably the cover region. Gets it off the top edge and towards Livingstone at deep point who runs in to his left and takes a very good catch.
  • 4.3OThomas to PNegi

    Length delivery darted well outside off, Negi reaches out to cut it but misses and the batsmen take off. Samson behind the stumps fires it at the bowler's end but ends up hitting Negi instead.
  • 4.2OThomas to HKlaasen

    Not much harm done. Full ball on the stumps, Klaasen slogs it off the inner half in wide long on's direction. A single on offer for the batsmen.
  • 4.1OThomas to HKlaasen

    No ball! And it's going to be a Free Hit! Thomas oversteps and bowls a fuller length ball outside off, Klaasen aims to bang it down the ground but misses it altogether. Has a chance to redeem himself now though.
  • Pawan Negi will bat next. Meanwhile, the last over of the innings will be bowled by Oshane Thomas.
  • 3.6JUnadkat to PPatel

    OUT! A soft dimissal in the end. Parthiv is dismissed while he attempts to play a cheeky shot. The slower one wide outside off, the left-hander moves a long way across his stick and plays the paddle scoop. Unfortunately for him, he hands a straightforward catch to Thomas positioned at short fine leg.
  • 3.5JUnadkat to PPatel

    Dot ball. Crucial, crucial dot ball. Pace off this length delivery again and it's pitched around off, Parthiv swings to go big over the leg side but gets beaten due to the lack of pace.
  • 3.4JUnadkat to PPatel

    Superb effort from Ajinkya Rahane. Back of a length, slower in pace and outside off, Parthiv cuts it through point. Rahane from sweeper cover makes good ground to his right and stops it with a dive. The batsmen take two more.
  • 3.3JUnadkat to PPatel

    The cutter on this occasion, close to off, Parthiv smacks it down towards long on and gets a brace to his name.
  • 3.2JUnadkat to PPatel

    FOUR! One more top edge and one more boundary. The 50 comes up for Bangalore. Pace on the ball once again, a length ball around off, Patel swings across the line and gets it off the top edge over short fine leg's head. It's always going to the boundary after that.

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