RCB 62/7 (5.0ov)
RR 41/1 (3.2ov)

Match Abandoned

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  • RCB
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  • 3.2YChahal to SSamson

    OUT! Samson is gone. Chahal provides the breakthrough for his side, like he does so often. Slows this up and lands it on a driving length outside off, it turns away as Samson looks to go big down the ground. It goes off the outside edge and skies towards point, where Negi comes under the ball and catches it safely.
  • 3.1YChahal to LLivingstone

    Spinning away from outside off, Livingstone goes a step across and kneels down to play the big slog sweep. It goes under his bat and past the keeper. The batsmen steal a bye.
  • 2.6KKhejroliya to SSamson

    FOUR! We've seen enough of this in this game, the edges will fly and most likely go away. 18 runs off the over, massive for Rajasthan. Length ball outside off, Samson goes after it without any foot movement and gets a thick edge. It goes through the vacant slip cordon and away to the third man boundary.
  • 2.5KKhejroliya to SSamson

    SIX! One of the sweetest timers of the ball. Incredible hit. Khejroliya makes the mistake of providing pace on the ball, bowls it full and around off, Samson's eyes light up as he comes forward and bangs it straight back over the long on fence. Maximum.
  • 2.3KKhejroliya to LLivingstone

    maybe too cheeky. Livingstone goes across to this full ball well outside off, attempts to scoop it but misses and wears it on the pads. The ball rolls on the off side and the batsmen manage to steal a leg bye.
  • 2.1KKhejroliya to SSamson

    SIX! Khejroliya is welcomed in fine style by Samson. A length ball on middle and off, Sanju plants his front foot forward and gives this the full swing of his bat. It's right off the meat and away she goes over the cow corner.
  • 1.2NSaini to LLivingstone

    SIX! He's mistimed that but such is the pace on the ball and the power of the batsman that it's cleared the rope. Wow. Short ball in line of the stumps, Livingstone throws his front leg out of the way and hammers it over long on for half a dozen. 10 runs off the first 2 balls. 43 runs to win now off 22 balls.
  • 1.1NSaini to LLivingstone

    FOUR! That's clubbed away. Almost a tennis-like shot. Back of a length into the body, Livingstone adjusts slightly inside the crease and muscles it over mid-wicket. Nobody out there in the deep, so it will run away to the boundary line.
  • 0.3UYadav to SSamson

    FOUR! Incredible placement. Finds the gap well here. Samson uses the angle into him, it's on a length, and brings those strong wrists of his into play. Whips it through backward square leg for a boundary.
  • 0.2UYadav to SSamson

    SIX! That's not such a bad delivery, but what a shot from Sanju Samson. He's an amazing talent. Length ball on middle, Samson just swings hard across the line from inside the crease. Times the ball perfectly as he sends it sailing deep into the mid-wicket stands.

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