SRH 231/2 (20.0ov)
RCB 113 (19.5ov)

Sunrisers Hyderabad beat Royal Challengers Bangalore by 118 runs

MOM: Jonny Bairstow

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  • MAN OF THE MATCH - Jonny Bairstow is the Man of the Match for his magnificent century! So that is it from here then. Do not go away though, just switch tabs and follow the second match of Super Sunday! Chennai take on Rajasthan at their fortress in Chepauk! That one promises to be a good game with one team having won 2 games out of 2 and one having lost 2 out of 2!
  • Prayas Ray Barman, Colin de Grandhomme did stay out in the middle and Bangalore eventually ended up getting all out on the penultimate ball of the 20th over. Hyderabad won by a massive margin of 118 runs and inflict more pain on an already under-pressure Bangalore franchise. The visitors will do well to remove this out of their mind as soon as possible and turn up for the next game with a better frame of mind. Earlier on, Virat Kohli had won the toss and elected to bowl first but that turned out to be a nightmare decision as both openers of the hosts made centuries and ensured they posted a total which the away side would not even get near to.
  • The game was almost 90 percent done after Hyderabad had posted in the first innings but if there was one squad that had the capacity of chasing it, it was surely one which has Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers in it. But nothing of that kind was even allowed as Nabi picked 4 wickets in an opening spell of 4 overs. 9 overs done and Bangalore were 40/6. There was no coming back from there and all Bangalore had left to try and do was to bat out the entirety of their overs.
  • This has been one steamroll of a game. After the tight ones in the past few days, this has come as an absolute shocker. Virat Kohli in the first game of the edition had said that it was good that the heavy loss they suffered then was a one-off and was glad that it was out of their way early in the tournament but tonight has been an equally, if not heavier defeat for them.
  • 19.5SSharma to YChahal

    OUT! That's the final wicket and Bangalore are bowled out for 113. Shorter delivery on middle, Chahal looks to pull but top edges it to mid-wicket. Deepak Hooda there takes an easy catch. HYDERABAD WIN BY 118 RUNS.
  • 19.4SSharma to MSiraj

    Dropped but an excellent effort from Nabi. Shorter delivery on middle, Siraj looks to pull but mistimes it. Nabi comes running and looks to take the catch on the dive. The ball pops out of his hand though. Single taken.
  • 19.3SSharma to MSiraj

    Good length delivery outside off, Siraj leaves it alone.
  • 19.2SSharma to YChahal

    Fuller delivery on middle and leg, Chahal strokes it to long on and rotates the strike.
  • 19.1SSharma to MSiraj

    Good length delivery on off, Siraj strokes it to covers for a single.
  • Sandeep Sharma to bowl the final over of the game.
  • 18.8VShankar to YChahal

    Full ball on off, Chahal drives it straight back to the bowler.
  • 18.7VShankar to MSiraj

    Full toss outside off, Siraj drives it to covers for a single.
  • 18.6VShankar to MSiraj

    Full ball on off, Siraj fails to connect.
  • Yuzvendra Chahal is the last man in.
  • 18.5VShankar to MSiraj

    OUT! Run out! So much confusion here and in the end it is de Grandhomme who has to walk off. A length ball outside off, Siraj drives it towards covers and runs for the single. His partner is ball watching all along as the fielder at cover, Bhuvneshwar Kumar picks up the ball and throws it at the bowler's end. Shankar removes the bails at his end first and then scores a direct hit at the keeper's end. Sandeep Sharma runs from mid-wicket and tells the umpire that the batsman at the bowler's end, de Grandhomme was also out of the crease. Hence, the umpire who was not going upstairs initially takes the appeal to the third umpire. And guess what? The replays show that Colin did not ground his bat in time. Poor cricket from him and sums up the evening for Bangalore. The wheels have come off absolutely in spectacular fashion.
  • An appeal for run out has been taken upstairs. Colin de Grandhomme is the man in question here. Even if he is in. Mohammed Siraj has to walk back as there was run out at the other end as well and Siraj was way short there.
  • 18.4VShankar to MSiraj

    Wide! The ball is way wide on the leg side but the batsman still goes after it. The umpire has signalled a wide.
  • 18.3VShankar to deGrandhomme

    DROPPED! Bhuvneshwar at cover drops a sitter. Length ball outside off, de Grandhomme plays a drive on the up. The skipper at cover goes for the catch near his face and the ball bounces off his hands and goes behind him. The fielder in the deep comes in and keeps the batsman down to one.
  • 18.2VShankar to deGrandhomme

    Yorker outside off, CdG fails to dig it out.
  • 18.1VShankar to deGrandhomme

    Length ball on middle, de Grandhomme pulls it to long on and takes a couple.
  • 17.6RKhan to MSiraj

    Siraj shows the full face of the bat and defends the ball off the back foot.
  • 17.5RKhan to MSiraj

    Tossed up on middle, Siraj looks to play it across the line but gets an inside edge onto his pad.
  • 17.4RKhan to deGrandhomme

    Flighted outside off, CDG strokes it to covers for a single.
  • 17.3RKhan to deGrandhomme

    OUT! It has just not been Bangalore's day. Floated delivery outside off, de Grandhomme strokes it wide of deep cover and runs the first one hard. He goes for the second but Umesh was not aware. Colin comes halfway down the track and Umesh seeing this sacrifices his wicket as the ball is thrown to the bowler's end. Rashid Khan waits for a while and then teasingly takes the bails off.
  • Mohammed Siraj walks out next.
  • 17.2RKhan to deGrandhomme

    Good ball. Leg spinner pitching on off, Colin looks to play it on the off side but misses.
  • 17.1RKhan to deGrandhomme

    Shorter on middle, CDG taps it back to the bowler.
  • 16.7VShankar to deGrandhomme

    Attempted yorker on off. Shankar ends up bowling a low full toss. CDG hits it to long off and keeps the strike.
  • 16.6VShankar to deGrandhomme

    Full toss outside off, de Grandhomme swings his bat at it but misses.
  • 16.5VShankar to UYadav

    Fuller delivery on middle, Yadav hits it to deep square leg for a single.
  • 16.4VShankar to UYadav

    WIDE! 100 comes up for Bangalore. It comes off a wide as Shankar sprays this down the leg side.
  • 16.3VShankar to UYadav

    Not out! The review has been lost. But the wide which was given has also been retracted. Short ball going down leg, Yadav moves across and goes for the pull but fails to connect. The keeper was interested and asked his captain to go for the review. They went upstairs and the replays showed that it brushed his shirt while going to the keeper. But it is good for Hyderabad that the wide has been retracted and the ball got counted.
  • Review time! The umpire has signalled this ball as a wide but the keeper, Bairstow reckons Yadav has got a glove or something on it's way through. He tells his skipper and then takes it upstairs. To the naked eye, it looked like there was a deflection off the shirt.
  • 16.2VShankar to UmeshYadav

    FOUR! Driven! Bowls it full again but Umesh this time drives it crisply through the covers for a boundary.
  • 16.1VShankar to UmeshYadav

    Full ball on off, Umesh goes for the flick but mistimes it to covers.
  • Vijay Shankar to bowl now.
  • 15.6SSharma to UmeshYadav

    On middle and leg, Umesh flicks it towards mid-wicket for a single.
  • 15.5SSharma to UmeshYadav

    SIX! Umesh Yadav won't wait. Back of a length delivery on middle and off, Yadav flat bats over long on for a maximum.
  • 15.4SSharma to UmeshYadav

    Back of a length delivery on off, Yadav pulls it wide of deep mid-wicket for a couple.
  • 15.3SSharma to UmeshYadav

    Good length ball on off, Umesh pushes it to the fielder at point.
  • 15.2SSharma to UYadav

    Good length delivery on middle and leg, Yadav looks to flick but misses. He gets hit on the pad. There is a stifled appeal but the umpire is not interested
  • Strategic Break! After a batting collapse, Bangalore have managed to score a few runs and keep their run-rate from falling to very low. De Grandhomme has hung on there and scored some runs for himself with a few boundaries. Prayas Ray Barman supported him well to survive the overs but has just given away his wicket before the break. Can they keep the margin of losing to less than a 100? Let's find out after this break.
  • 15.1SSharma to RayBarman

    OUT! The youngster's innings comes to an end. A debut to forget for the youngster but he did well with the bat. Slower delivery on off, Ray Barman makes room and looks to play it on the off side. He gets beaten by the slowness off the ball and ends up chipping it straight to Deepak Hooda at cover. Hooda makes no mistake and takes the dolly easily. The 51-run stand comes to an end.
  • 14.6SKaul to RayBarman

    Length ball on off, PRB goes on the back foot and pushes it to covers for a single.
  • 14.5SKaul to RayBarman

    Bowls a yorker outside off this time, Ray Barman fails to dig it out and the ball goes to the keeper.

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