RCB 178/6 (19.2ov)
SRH 175/7 (20.0ov)

Royal Challengers Bangalore beat Sunrisers Hyderabad by 4 wickets

MOM: Shimron Hetmyer

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  • SRH
  • RCB
  • 19.2MNabi to UYadav

    FOUR! That is it. He might have been villian in the eyes of many for the last over but he has taken his side home with the bat. Again full and flighted outside off, Umesh slashes it through cover and finishes the game. BANGALORE WIN BY 4 WICKETS.
  • 19.1MNabi to UYadav

    FOUR! That should be it. Flighted outside off Umesh smacks it through point for a boundary. Only 2 needed now.
  • 18.5KAhmed to WSundar

    OUT! Slower delivery does the trick. Khaleel gets his second of the over. It is full on off, Sundar looks to go over mid on but does not time it. The ball goes high in the air and Manish Pandey moves backward from mid off and takes a good catch. 8 needed off 9. Surely Bangalore cannot lose it from here. Right?
  • 18.4KAhmed to WSundar

    WIDE! Full and wide outside off, Sundar looks to play it but misses. It is outside the tramline. Wide signalled.
  • 18.3KAhmed to SinghMann

    OUT! Can this turn the tide of this game? Slower bouncer outside off, Gurkeerat Singh Mann looks to go over point but does not get the elevation. The ball goes straight to Yusuf Pathan who takes an easy catch. End of an excellent innings from Gurkeerat Singh Mann. But unfortunately he too cannot see his side home.
  • 18.2KAhmed to SinghMann

    WIDE! Khaleel misses his line and bowls it down the leg side. Singh Mann looks to flick but misses. Wide signalled.
  • 17.4RKhan to SHetmyer

    OUT! Caught! Hetmyer cannot quite finish it off. Outside off, short and turning away, it is the googly which spins away. The West Indian backs away and punches this powerfully over extra cover. But Vijay Shankar is stationed perfectly at the ropes and he takes it easily, but just inside the ropes. The Chinnaswamy gives a standing ovation to Hetmyer. What a knock. 75 from 47 balls. Took the wind out of Hyderabad's sails. Just 12 needed now, from 14 balls.
  • 17.3RKhan to SHetmyer

    SIX! This is ending pretty quickly! A short ball, around middle and leg, Hetmyer rocks back and pulls it over long on!
  • 17.1RKhan to SinghMann

    SIX! A flat one now. The crowd is absolutely loving it. Shorter on middle on, Gurkeerat gets on his back foot and flat bats it over mid-wicket for a maximum.
  • 16.1BKumar to SinghMann

    Good length ball on the pads, Gurkeerat looks to flick it but it goes off his thigh pad to the on side and they get a leg bye.

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