RR 161/3 (19.1ov)
SRH 160/8 (20.0ov)

Rajasthan Royals beat Sunrisers Hyderabad by 7 wickets

MOM: Jaydev Unadkat

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  • SRH
  • RR
  • 19.1AlHasan to SSamson

    FOUR! Rajasthan win by 7 wickets and stay alive in the tournament! Shakib gets to bowl the final over and he delivers a short ball first up. Samson goes back and pulls it powerfully down to wide long on for the winning runs.
  • 18.5SKaul to SSamson

    On the pads, Samson looks to flick but it goes off his thigh pad to the on side and they take a single.
  • 17.2BKumar to SSamson

    Drifting down the leg side, Samson fails to flick and it goes off his thigh pad to the leg side. They cross for a leg bye.
  • 16.6KAhmed to SSmith

    OUT! Smith departs and the crowd goes silent! Khaleel digs in a short ball on middle and off, Smith shuffles across the stumps to pull it across the line but it takes the top edge and flies down to fine leg. Kaul moves across to his left from fine leg and just about manages to hang on to the catch. Steven Smith is disappointed with himself as he returns to the dugout. 14 needed off 20 balls.
  • 16.3KAhmed to StevenSmith

    FOUR! A length delivery on middle, Smith shuffles across and deflects it fine down the leg side. Kaul makes a sliding stop near the fence and they take two. The umpire then goes upstairs to check and the replays find that Kaul made contact with the rope while getting rid of the ball. 50-run stand comes up!
  • 16.1KAhmed to SSamson

    FOUR! That's a rocket! Short in length around off, Samson stands back and pulls it with terrific timing over mid-wicket. Remarkable shot, says Sunil Gavaskar on air.
  • 15.2BKumar to SSamson

    Wide! Wrong line, sliding down the leg side, Samson misses out on the flick shot.
  • 14.5KAhmed to SSmith

    FOUR! Poor delivery from Khaleel. It is down the leg side, these are easy pickings for Smith. He just helps it on his way towards fine leg for a boundary.
  • 12.2SKaul to SSamson

    FOUR! Two in two! This time Kaul serves a short ball around off, Samson pulls it off his front foot, a great pick up shot with superb timing and it screams away to the fence at deep mid-wicket, beating the dive from Rashid Khan.
  • 12.1SKaul to SSamson

    FOUR! Kaul once again begins his over by conceding a boundary. Offers plenty of width outside off, Samson reaches out for it and smashes it through point. Shankar tries his best in the deep with a dive but fails to pull it back.

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