SA 251 (45.1ov)
SL 138 (32.2ov)

South Africa beat Sri Lanka by 113 runs

MOM: Quinton de Kock

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  • SA
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  • 32.2LNgidi to LMalinga

    OUT! All over! SOUTH AFRICA WIN BY 113 RUNS! Ngidi digs in a heavy ball outside off at 137 kph, Malinga goes back and tries to smash it over the infield on the off side. But all he manages is to hit it aerially from the toe end of his bat and straight into the hands of Steyn (sub) at covers. The South African players are ecstatic and the crowd is also very happy. Time for the customary handshakes.
  • 30.5KRabada to ADananjaya

    OUT! Caught! Rabada gets his third. Back of a length delivery on off, Akila looks to play across the line but mistimes his pull shot completely. Ends up chipping it towards the mid-wicket fielder. Wiaan Mulder there takes a very easy catch running to his right. Dananjaya showed fight but cannot do much and South Africa are just a wicket away now.
  • 29.5ITahir to KRajitha

    OUT! There goes the Imran-train again! Rajitha is a one-ball visitor. Tahir bowls the zooter to the tail-ender. Rajitha does not keep the ball out as the bat comes down late. Raps him on the pads first and the umpire's finger goes up immediately. On a roll are Imran and his team. They just need 2 wickets to win now.
  • 29.3ITahir to TPerera

    OUT! Final nail in the coffin for Sri Lanka. Tahir is on his bike and up in celebration. Even after conceding a biggie on the previous ball, Tahir dares to flight this ball. He serves a googly which lands full and wide outside off. Thisara latches onto it and tries to play a powerful shot over the off side but doesn't account for the away spin. Ends up slicing it in the air towards sweeper cover where David Miller moves across to his left and takes the catch safely.
  • 29.2ITahir to TPerera

    SIX! Perera is done with the waiting game. Flighted delivery on off and middle, Thisara frees his arm and sends it over the mid-wicket fence to the crowd for a maximum.
  • 27.1ITahir to TPerera

    FOUR! From the moment it left the bat. A flatter ball from Tahir wide outside off, Thisara drives it really powerfully wide of cover for a boundary. His side needs a lot more of those though.
  • 26.2KRabada to deSilva

    OUT! Caught! Another soft dismissal for Sri Lanka. Full length delivery on middle and leg, de Silva flicks it uppishly and straight to the Protea skipper at short mid-wicket. The writing is on the wall for the visiting team. Rabada has bowled brilliantly today and gets his second of the match. South Africa into the Lankan tail now.
  • 25.5ITahir to deSilva

    Wide! Hurled down the leg side and it is punished by the umpire.
  • 25.3ITahir to deSilva

    FOUR! Brilliant shot! A flighted ball outside off, de Silva makes room and gets his cover drive wide past mid off for a boundary.
  • 24.5KRabada to TPerera

    FOUR! Short and punished. Length delivery on middle. Perera makes room and clears his front foot out of the line and whacks it through point for a boundary.

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