SA 190/4 (32.5ov)
SL 189 (39.2ov)

South Africa beat Sri Lanka by 6 wickets

MOM: Isuru Udana

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  • Alright. Another match, another loss. Sri Lanka look like a team wondering, when will this end? South Africa, on the other hand, would be wondering that as well. Both teams would like some rest. The Proteas, after a terrific run. The Lankans, after a horrible one. Will 5-0 be a possibility? Join us on Saturday, March 16, 2019 at 1 pm local (1100 GMT) for the final ODI in Cape Town. ADIOS! TAKE CARE!
  • Victorious South African captain, Faf du Plessis, feels that South Africa did really well in this game. Is pleased to see Duminy back in the mix. Praises the entire bowling unit, not only in this game but the entire series. On being informed that more than 60 percent of the runs are being scored by himself and de Kock, Faf admits that he could have given the opportunity to some other players but he wanted to finish the game too. On being asked which is his preferred position to bat, du Plessis says that he would love to bat at 3 but feels that Aiden Markram is potentially a top-order player and Rassie van der Dussen usually bats in the top 3 too. So for the team, he reckons batting in the middle order would be better. Promises more opportunities for the guys on the bench in the final game. Regarding the World Cup plans, Faf says that as a team, the graph is upwards and all guys know what they need to do, promising an exciting couple of months coming up.
  • ISURU UDANA HAS BEEN NAMED THE MAN OF THE MATCH, FOR HIS 78 FROM 57 WITH THE BAT. Says that he enjoyed his innings with his side being 9 down. Adds that he looked to attack the bowlers bowling into the wind. Also says that he has been working hard on his batting for the last 3-4 months. On being asked what was going through his mind when he came out to bat at 97/7, Udana says that the initial plan was to give the strike back to Dhananjaya de Silva but it didn't work, so he took it upon himself to get some runs.
  • Sri Lankan skipper, Lasith Malinga, says that he has nothing much to say after tonight's game. Feels that the track was flat but the batsmen let the team down. Admits that after being 6 down in the 18th over, it is very difficult to come back into the game, that too, against a great side like South Africa. Hopes that the team figures it out before the World Cup and people grab their opportunities. He is confident though that both factors will be achieved and the unit will give its best in the final game. On Isuru Udana, Malinga says that he is an all-rounder in domestic cricket and is a great positive for them from this game.
  • Earlier, after electing to field, South Africa did not actually set the world on fire but had Sri Lanka 2 down inside the 4th over. Then, they enforced a collapse from 51/2 to 131/9 before a record last-wicket stand stretched them a bit. Everyone generally bowled well, with the ball seemingly seaming around on a flat deck, with a bit of bounce. Please stay tuned for the presentation...
  • South Africa have won convincingly but they will not be too happy with it. Hendricks continued his poor form while Markram could not convert his start. Ideally, they would have wished for a 8 or 9-wicket win but they will take this for now.
  • 4-0. One more match to go. Can Sri Lanka pull off an inspiration from somewhere and avoid a whitewash? Doesn't seem so. The batting is not performing while the bowling looks toothless. Today, their bowlers cannot be blamed as they were defending a paltry 189. The main bowlers are not able to take wickets, so a part-timer, Dhananjaya de Silva, bowls 10 overs and takes 3. Ouch. No swing, no seam movement. An easy run chase in the end for the Proteas.
  • 'Great reflection of the Sri Lankan effort. No energy in it.' says a sad Russel Arnold on air. Michael Holding smiles. But Arnold hit the nail on the head. It was like the Lankan team arrived, participated in the game but did not have their heart in it at all. What a total one-sider.
  • 32.5TPerera to DMiller

    VICTORY BY 6 WICKETS. And with 103 balls to spare. South Africa have cruised though again. A leg bye, but it counts in the scoreboard. A length ball on leg, Miller looks for a flick but the ball hits him on his pads and deflects towards square leg. The winning run is completed with ease. Another comprehensive victory by the hosts. Now they lead the series 4-0, and with this professional attitude they leave the field with heads held high.
  • 32.4TPerera to JPDuminy

    A fuller length on middle, Duminy plays it straight to mid off and hurried for the single to prevent himself from getting run out. That was a quick single by Duminy, proving his fitness.
  • 32.3TPerera to JPDuminy

    A back of length ball pitched on middle and off, defended on the back foot, straight to point.
  • 32.2TPerera to DMiller

    Outside off, run down to third man for a single.
  • 32.1TPerera to DMiller

    FOUR! What a shot from David Miller. Full and outside off, Miller drives it beautifully through mid off for a boundary.
  • 31.6LMalinga to JPDuminy

    On off, Duminy defends it out.
  • 31.5LMalinga to JPDuminy

    Again on a length and outside off, Duminy drives it through point. The batsmen get two runs. Good running between the wickets.
  • 31.4LMalinga to JPDuminy

    Length delivery on off, the left-hander plays it to point.
  • 31.3LMalinga to JPDuminy

    FOUR! Nice shot from JP Duminy. Full and wide outside off, Duminy drives it through covers for a boundary. Just 9 needed to win the match for the hosts.
  • 31.2LMalinga to JPDuminy

    Full and outside off, Duminy plays it to point.
  • 31.1LMalinga to JPDuminy

    Outside off, dabbed straight to backward point.
  • 30.6TPerera to JPDuminy

    A short of good length on middle, Duminy cuts it to third man for a single.
  • 30.5TPerera to DMiller

    Shorter in length, pitched on leg, Miller pulls it to mid-wicket for a single.
  • 30.4TPerera to DMiller

    Change of line, on middle this time. Miller was looking for a cut, but the ball was too close for this shot. Missed the ball completely.
  • 30.3TPerera to DMiller

    Short of length on leg, kept away by Miller for no run.
  • 30.2TPerera to JPDuminy

    A length ball on leg, helped around the leg side with a flick for a single, by Duminy.
  • 30.1TPerera to DMiller

    A back of length on middle and leg, Miller taps it to mid off with full face of the bat for a single.
  • 29.6LMalinga to DMiller

    The batsman has flicked the ball off his pads. One run added to the total.
  • 29.5LMalinga to DMiller

    Landed outside off, played straight to point.
  • 29.4LMalinga to DMiller

    Full and outside off, driven towards mid off.
  • 29.3LMalinga to JPDuminy

    Outside off, steered towards third man for a run. Just ticking away now... 18 more needed.
  • 29.2LMalinga to JPDuminy

    FOUR! Outstanding timing. On a length on middle and leg, Duminy just helps it around the corner, through square leg and the ball just races away.
  • 29.1LMalinga to DMiller

    Outside off, dabbed to third man for a single.
  • Lasith Malinga returns. 5-0-25-0 so far.
  • 28.6TPerera to DMiller

    Same line with back of a length, Miller shows full face of the bat and drives it to mid on for a single.
  • 28.5TPerera to JPDuminy

    A length ball, pitched on leg, Duminy works it for a single at the mid-wicket region.
  • 28.4TPerera to JPDuminy

    A back of length around leg, Duminy was looking for single by nudging it to leg, gets hit on his thigh pad but is sent back by du Plessis.
  • 28.3TPerera to DMiller

    Short and outside off, punched uppishly through the covers for a single.
  • 28.2TPerera to DMiller

    The batsman shows the full face of the bat and defends the ball off the back foot.
  • 28.1TPerera to DMiller

    Full and around off, watchfully pushed to the off side.
  • Thisara Perera into the attack now.
  • 27.6KMendis to JPDuminy

    FOUR! And this will go to the boundary as well! Full and outside off, plenty of width, Duminy leans and drives it through the covers!
  • 27.5KMendis to JPDuminy

    SIX! WALLOP! A short ball, around middle, Duminy rocks back and pulls it massively over mid-wicket!
  • 27.4KMendis to JPDuminy

    Around off, watchfully defended.
  • 27.3KMendis to DMiller

    Full and outside off, driven through mid off for one.
  • 27.2KMendis to JPDuminy

    Short and outside off, cut through point for a run.
  • 27.1KMendis to DMiller

    Outside off, punched off the back foot for a single.

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