SA 135/2 (28.0ov)
SL 225 (49.3ov)

South Africa beat Sri Lanka by 41 runs (D/L method)

MOM: Aiden Markram

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  • SL
  • SA
  • 25.5IUdana to vander Dussen

    WIDE! Udana attempts a bouncer but misses it completely. He bowls it way over and down the leg side. Wided.
  • 24.2APerera to vander Dussen

    FOUR! A flighted delivery around off, RvD dances down the track and strikes it straight over the head of the bowler. A one bounce four.
  • 23.4IUdana to AMarkram

    FOUR! Exquisite. Overpitched delivery outside off, Markram gets on his front foot and hits it through backward point for a boundary.
  • 20.6ADananjaya to vander Dussen

    FOUR! Excellent from Rassie. Tossed up delivery on middle and off. Van der Dussen brings out the reverse sweep and times it beautifully through vacant backward point fence for a boundary.
  • 19.6TPerera to AMarkram

    FOUR! Crisp! A volley around off, Aiden gets to the pitch of the ball and just punches through the gap between covers and mid on. The ball touches the boundary ropes. The umpire signals boundary.
  • 17.2TPerera to duPlessis

    OUT! Gone! Du Plessis departs. Good length delivery outside off. Du Plessis loses his calm after not being able to score off Thisara. He comes down the track and looks to slap it to the off side but gets an outside edge. Kusal Mendis behind the stumps takes a regulation catch. The 70-run stand is broken. Lanka will hope get a couple quickly now.
  • 12.6ADananjaya to AMarkram

    FOUR! Lucky boundary for Markram to end the over. Tossed up on off, Markram has a poke at it and it goes off the outside edge to the third man region for a boundary.
  • 11.5IUdana to AMarkram

    FOUR! Beautiful execution. Over pitched delivery on middle and leg. Markram comes down the track and whacks it through mid-wicket for a boundary.
  • 10.6ADananjaya to AMarkram

    FOUR! A tossed up delivery on off, Markram just leans forward and gets to the pitch of the ball and drives it towards wide mid off. The ball touches the ropes. 10 runs from this over. And that brings up the 50 for South Africa, now they just need another 176 runs to get home safe.
  • 10.2ADananjaya to duPlessis

    FOUR! A short delivery on off, Faf gets back and waits for the ball and with perfect timing strikes it to the point region and gets a boundary.

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