SA 180/3 (20.0ov)
SL 164/9 (20.0ov)

South Africa beat Sri Lanka by 16 runs

MOM: Rassie van der Dussen

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  • Right! 2-0 to South Africa, or shall we say, 7-0 to the Proteas, ever since the Tests ended. The Lankans simply have found no arsenal to build on their Test series win and will need to find some magic to try and avoid a whitewash. Do join us on Sunday, March 24, 2019 at Johannesburg at 2.30 pm local (1230 GMT) for all the action from the third and final T20I. ADIOS! TAKE CARE!
  • Victorious South African skipper, JP Duminy, feels that it is a very satisfying series win, albeit with a few areas to brush up upon but reckons that it was a complete performance in this game. Praises Hendricks and van der Dussen for staging that century partnership. On Steyn, he calls him a champion, setting things himself in the Powerplay, along with Chris Morris. On Morris, he is amazed with the stuff he provides with the new ball and also at the end. Praises Isuru Udana for his terrific knock but will take the win. On his dropped catch and then affecting the run out. JP says that he was fortunate that the ball did not go far after he dropped it. Is looking forward for the final game on Sunday, aiming to end the series on a high.
  • RASSIE VAN DER DUSSEN HAS BEEN NAMED THE MAN OF THE MATCH. On his record stand with Hendricks, Rassie says that both the players compliment each other nicely and enjoyed their partnership. Adds that Hendricks scores in different areas than him and hence bowling to both of them would be difficult and the pair exploited exactly that. On his World Cup chances, van der Dussen says that he can only work on the opportunities he gets and continue to work harder. On his game plans, Rassie says that one just needs to be aware about all oppositions, one's strengths and one's weaknesses. Adds that now he will rest but tomorrow he will check and analyze how he played tonight.
  • Sri Lankan skipper, Lasith Malinga, feels that the Lankans bowled well at the start but lost it towards the end. Reckons that 175 was a gettable target on a good pitch like this. Praises Isuru Udana for his fight but laments the lack of support for him. Admits that the first six overs need a partnership to set the tone, which is the talk in the dressing room but throughout the tour, his team has not had it and hopes that the players learn. Praises Udana again for knowing his responsibility and batting sensibly. On himself being 2 wickets away from becoming the leading wicket-taker in T20Is, Malinga smiles and says that he will continue giving his best and just try to restrict the flow of runs. On his near future, Lasith says that he will continue to play as long as his body allows him to and will give it his all in every game.
  • Save aside that assault from Udana, otherwise it was a good bowling scorecard for the home side. Dale Steyn struck twice in the very first over while Morris broke the backbone of the Lankan innings taking 2 in one over. Sipamla had a tough outing but Pretorius and Shamsi ensured that things were in control. Please do stay tuned for the presentation...
  • An unbeaten 84 from 48 balls, with 8 fours and 6 sixes. Spare a thought for this man - Isuru Udana Tillakaratna. He came out all guns blazing and took the Protean attack to the cleaners, bashing everyone. Had he got some support at the other end, who knows, Sri Lanka might have even pulled off a coup.
  • one needed a good start, if one is a batting team. Instead, South Africa got a terrific start with the ball. 1/1, 5/2, 31/3, 31/4, 56/5... the wickets just kept falling one after the other. In fact at one stage, the Lankans were falling well short of even 100 but Udana's heroics got them so close.
  • Not a bad effort from Sri Lanka at all. Sorry. From Isuru Udana. He has single-handedly brought the Lankans so close, probably within a couple of bad balls within victory. But to be honest, the Lankans did not deserve to win and they did not.
  • 19.6LSipamla to IUdana

    Outside off, pushed towards long on for a single to end the game. JUST A 16-RUN VICTORY FOR SA.
  • 19.5LSipamla to IUdana

    SIX! Ho ho ho! The match might be over but not the effort. A short ball, Udana launches into this one and pummels it over mid-wicket!
  • 19.4LSipamla to IUdana

    A short ball, outside off, Isuru pulls it uppishly but it almost carries to Reeza Hendricks at deep mid-wicket who dives to take it. Replays show that it was a touch short.
  • 19.3LSipamla to IUdana

    SAFE! Comedy of errors. Slower ball, fuller outside off, Udana reaches out to sweep and drags it through mid-wicket. He is initially happy with the single but Vandersay is halfway down the track to shake hands with him. Seeing Udana stationary, Vandersay stops. But now, Isuru starts to run. There is a run out on offer at the striker's end but the throw comes at the bowler's end where Sipamla fumbles. By that time, Vandersay gets in. Now, Sipamla picks the ball and has a shy at the keeper's end but misses. The keeper collects the ball and disturbs the stumps and appeals. It is referred upstairs but replays show that Udana's dive has got him in. Two runs overall.
  • Confusion, confusion! Is it a run out in the end?
  • 19.2LSipamla to IUdana

    Misses out. Without any illegal delivery, this match is done. Full and outside off, IU gives himself room to the leg side again, aims to go off side but finds short extra cover.
  • 19.1LSipamla to IUdana

    SIX! Udana continues his party. Moves to 75! Full and outside off, Isuru gives himself room to the leg side, waits for the ball to come to him and swings it over long off!
  • Jeffrey Vandersay is the last man in. Lutho Sipamla will bowl the final over.
  • 18.7CMorris to LMalinga

    OUT! TIMBER! Chris Morris has the last laugh. Perfect yorker on middle, Malinga makes room and looks to drive but misses it and gets bowled. He had no clue about that and he paid the price for it. Expensive over from South Africa. 16 runs and a wicket have come from the over. Sri Lanka need 32 runs in the last over to win the match.
  • 18.6CMorris to LMalinga

    FOUR! Third boundary of the over. Full toss and outside off, Malinga looks to drive but gets an outside edge. It goes towards third man for a boundary.
  • 18.5CMorris to IUdana

    Full on middle, Udana lofts it over mid on for a run.
  • 18.4CMorris to IUdana

    SIX! Stand and deliver stuff from Isuru Udana. Full on middle, Udana lofts this straight down the ground for a maximum. He is a player to watch out for.
  • 18.3CMorris to IUdana

    WIDE! Bowls a bouncer, Udana does well to duck under it. The umpire gives it a wide for height.
  • 18.2CMorris to IUdana

    FOUR! Terrific shot. Full and outside off, Udana smashes it through covers for a boundary.
  • 18.1CMorris to IUdana

    Full on off, Udana drives it to covers.
  • Chris Morris is back on.
  • 17.6TShamsi to LMalinga

    FOUR! JUST OVER THE STUMPS! Floated outside off, Malinga looks to defend but the ball spins in, takes the inside edge and goes over the stumps to the fine leg fence!
  • 17.5TShamsi to LMalinga

    Full and around middle, Malinga looks to defend but gets an inside edge onto his pads.
  • Lasith Malinga comes in at number 10, replacing Akila.
  • 17.4TShamsi to ADananjaya

    OUT! TIMBER! There goes the 8th wicket. Sri Lanka do not have choice as they have to go for the shots. Floated well outside off, Dananjaya looks to play against the turn, looking to play the slog sweep but in the process, drags it back onto the stumps.
  • 17.3TShamsi to IUdana

    TOP EDGE AND SAFE! Flighted delivery on middle, Udana looks to go big but gets a top edge on this one. It lands in no man's land. It goes towards mid-wicket for a run.
  • 17.2TShamsi to IUdana

    Tossed up on off, Udana looks to play a reverse sweep but misses it.
  • 17.1TShamsi to IUdana

    FOUR! Great start to the over. Tossed up on middle, Udana gets on one knee and plays a reverse sweep between point and third man for a boundary.
  • 16.6LSipamla to IUdana

    IN THE AIR AND SAFE! Short delivery, Udana looks to heave it over mid on but gets a top edge. It lands in no man's land. The batsmen take a single. In the process Udana breaks his bat. 33 runs have come from the last two overs.
  • 16.5LSipamla to IUdana

    Bowls a short of a length delivery, Udana looks to hook but misses it completely.
  • 16.4LSipamla to IUdana

    SIX! That is colossal! Maiden T20I fifty for him. Outstanding stuff from him. Length delivery on middle, Udana lofts this cleanly over mid-wicket for a maximum! That has gone out of the park!
  • 16.3LSipamla to IUdana

    FOUR! Off the inner half! Udana will not mind. He moves to 46! A short ball, around off, Isuru swings hard but the ball goes off the inner half of the bat, past a diving short fine leg to the fence behind!
  • 16.2LSipamla to IUdana

    FOUR! WHOOSH! Udana is enjoying himself here. A length ball, outside off, Isuru gets his front leg out of the way and smashes it over cover for a boundary!
  • 16.1LSipamla to IUdana

    A length ball outside off, slower in pace, Udana swings hard but misses.
  • Lutho Sipamla returns. 2-0-12-0 so far.
  • 15.7JPDuminy to IUdana

    Floated on off, Isuru plays it towards point for a run. 18 runs have come from the over. Very big over for Sri Lanka and a much-needed one. Sri Lanka need 68 runs in 24 balls.
  • 15.6JPDuminy to IUdana

    Tossed up on middle, Udana looks to sweep but misses it and gets hit on the pads.
  • 15.5JPDuminy to IUdana

    SIX! Nice use of the Free Hit. Second six of the over. Full toss on middle, Udana lofts it over mid on for a maximum.
  • 15.4JPDuminy to IUdana

    NO BALL! Forget the catch, JP Duminy has overstepped! Full toss on leg, Udana lofts it over mid on but does not get the distance on it. It goes to Markram at long on who takes an excellent catch just before the ropes. He is not sure whether he has touched the ropes or not and throws the ball back in play. All that effort in vain. The next ball will be a Free Hit.
  • Is that a catch? Aiden Markram has taken a cool catch at long on but he is not sure. Wants the umpire to check it upstairs.
  • 15.3JPDuminy to IUdana

    FOUR! They need more of these. Tossed up outside off, Udana looks to cut but gets an outside edge. It goes towards third man for a boundary.
  • 15.2JPDuminy to IUdana

    SIX! Short delivery on leg, Udana pulls it over mid-wicket for a maximum.

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