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SA vs SL



South Africa beat Sri Lanka by 45 runs (D/L method)
Dwaine Pretorius
Reeza Hendricks

15.4Sipamla to Lakmal

OUT! BOWLED! SRI LANKA HAVE BEEN BOWLED OUT FOR 137. South Africa win by 45 runs. Bowls it on a good length on middle, Lakmal blindly swings at this one and misses it completely and gets bowled.

15.3Sipamla to Lakmal

Again on a good length and outside off, Lakmal looks to cut but misses it due to the away swing on this one.

15.2Sipamla to Lakmal

On a good length and outside off, Lakmal swings at this one but misses it.

15.1Sipamla to Dananjaya

OUT! Sri Lanka lose their ninth wicket. It was bowled full on leg, Dananjaya lofts it over mid on but does not get the distance on it. It goes to Aiden Markram at long on who takes a comfortable catch. This is great bowling from South Africa after the rain break.

14.8Phehlukwayo to Malinga

OUT! Best figures in T20I for Andile Phehlukwayo in T20Is. Full length delivery outside off, he looks to heave it over cover but mistimes it. Chris Morris in the deep settles under it and takes a comfortable catch. 4th wicket for Phehlukwayo.

14.7Phehlukwayo to Malinga

Good length delivery on middle and leg, Malinga looks to hit it but gets an inside edge onto the pads.

14.6Phehlukwayo to Malinga

Shorter delivery outside off, Malinga attempts a pull but misses.

14.5Phehlukwayo to Malinga

Slower yorker outside off, Malinga swings his bat at it but misses.

14.4Phehlukwayo to Udana

OUT! This should now put it beyond Sri Lanka's reach. Their best batsman of the series is gone and with that the hopes of Sri Lanka. Full length delivery on off, Udana looks to clear the man at long off but cannot do so. Miller gets under the ball and judges it well to take it inside the rope. 46 runs more required off 16 balls.

14.3Phehlukwayo to Udana

SIX! Makes the most of the Free Hit. Full length delivery on off, Udana shows his strength and sends this over the cover fence for a maximum.

14.2Phehlukwayo to Udana

WIDE! The Free Hit continues. Slower delivery outside off, it is outside the tramline. Wide signalled.

14.1Phehlukwayo to Udana

No Ball! The wet ball slips from Andile's hand and he bowls a beamer. Udana looks to hit it on the off side but misses. Will the Free Hit cost South Africa.

13.6Shamsi to Udana

Single to end the over. On the pads, Udana tucks it towards mid-wicket and keeps the strike. 3 runs off the over. Excellent this from Shamsi.

13.5Shamsi to Udana

Slower through the air this. Udana looks to tick it to the leg side but gets a leading edge. The ball goes to cover fielder.

13.4Shamsi to Dananjaya

Floated on off, Akila milks it to cover and gets a single. Singles won't hurt South Africa.

13.3Shamsi to Dananjaya

Tossed up leg spinner outside off, Akila looks to whack it on the off side but misses.

13.2Shamsi to Udana

Shorter on off, Udana pulls it to deep square leg and gets a run.

13.1Shamsi to Udana

Flighted outside off, Udana attempts a reverse sweep but misses and the ball flushes him on his thigh. Shamsi asks the question but the umpire turns it down.

12.6Morris to Dananjaya

Play and a miss! Short of a length delivery, Dananjaya looks to pull but gets beaten on this one. 8 runs have come from this over. The visitors need 57 runs in 24 balls.

12.5Morris to Udana

Short delivery, Udana pulls it towards mid-wicket for a single.

12.4Morris to Dananjaya

Full on middle, Akila drives it towards mid on for a run.

12.3Morris to Dananjaya

FOUR! Nice shot. Full on off, Dananjaya hits it over covers for a boundary.

12.2Morris to Udana

Full toss on middle, Udana lofts it over mid off. It lands safely in no man's land. The batsmen take a run.

12.1Morris to Dananjaya

Full and outside off, Dananjaya squeezes it towards point for a single.

11.7Shamsi to Dananjaya

Short delivery outside off, Dananjaya plays it towards point for a single. 8 runs have come from the over.

11.6Shamsi to Dananjaya

Flighted delivery on off, Dananjaya keeps it out.

11.5Shamsi to Dananjaya

WIDE! Bowls it wide and outside off, Akila leaves it alone.

11.4Shamsi to Dananjaya

Tossed up on off, Dananjaya defends it out.

11.3Shamsi to Udana

Floated on middle, Udana flicks it towards square leg for a single.

11.2Shamsi to Udana

FOUR LEG BYES! Bowls it down the leg side, Udana looks to flick but gets it off his pads. It goes towards fine leg for a boundary.

11.1Shamsi to Dananjaya

Flighted outside off, Akila plays it towards point for a single.

10.6Sipamla to Udana

Short of a length delivery, Udana pulls it over mid-wicket. It lands in no man's land. The batsmen get two runs. Big over for Sri Lanka and a much-needed one. 22 runs and a wicket have come from the over.

10.5Sipamla to Udana

SIX! Second consecutive maximum for Isuru Udana. Short delivery on middle, Udana pulls it over mid-wicket again for a biggie.

10.4Sipamla to Udana

SIX! Amazing shot. Short delivery, Udana pulls it over mid-wicket for a maximum.

10.3Sipamla to Udana

OUT! RUN OUT! What a direct hit from Reeza Hendricks. Short of a length delivery, Udana took his eyes off the ball and pulls it towards mid-wicket. Thisara Perera wants the run but Udana responds very late. In the end Hendricks at mid-wicket fires a direct hit at the bowler's end. It is referred upstairs. The replays show that Thisara Perera is a goner. For instance, it looked that Thisara made it in. The third umpire gives it out and Thisara Perera has to make the long walk back.

10.2Sipamla to Udana

Full on off, Udana lofts it over mid off. The batsmen pick up a couple.

10.1Sipamla to Udana

SIX! THAT IS HUGE! Amazing shot. Full and outside off, Udana lofts it over mid off for a maximum.

9.9Shamsi to Udana

On the pads, Udana flicks it towards mid-wicket for a single.

9.8Shamsi to Udana

Wide! Two in two for Shamsi. This is the action replay of the previous one. He once again bowls this outside the leg stump. Wide given.

9.7Shamsi to Udana

WIDE! Shamsi misses his line and sprays this down the leg side. Wide signalled.

9.6Shamsi to Udana

Floated on middle, Udana blocks it off his front foot.

9.5Shamsi to Perera

This time it is short and inside the tramline. Perera is able to cut it to point and rotate the strike.

9.4Shamsi to Perera

Wide! Bowls it way outside off, Thisara looks to cut it but it is outside the tramline. Wide signalled.

9.3Shamsi to Perera

Shorter outside off, Thisara punches it straight to the fielder at cover.

9.2Shamsi to Udana

Flighted delivery on middle and off, Udana plays it with soft hands to point and gets to the other end.