SL 251 (42.3ov)
SA 338/7 (50.0ov)

South Africa beat Sri Lanka by 87 runs

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  • SA
  • SL
  • 42.4ITahir to SLakmal

    OUT! That looked out and it is out. A great googly by Tahir to fool the batsman. He lands it around off and Lakmal is caught on the back foot trying to deal with it. Fails to put bat on ball and is rapped on the pads. They appeal and the umpire raises his finger quickly. Lakmal takes the DRS but to no use, it's clipping the top of middle stump. That's it then. SOUTH AFRICA WIN BY 87 RUNS!
  • 42.2ITahir to TPerera

    Wide! A googly wide outside off, it's left alone by the batsman.
  • 41.3DPretorius to JVandersay

    OUT! Fantastic catch by Duminy. Pretorius offers room outside off and Vandersay rocks back to pack a punch. He fails to keep it down and it goes low towards backward point. JP Duminy stationed there snaps it inches above the ground, great reaction catch from the veteran.
  • 40.7JPDuminy to JVandersay

    Again a wide down the leg side! Jeffrey gets inside the line to cover the stumps and then allows it to spin down the leg side.
  • 40.6JPDuminy to JVandersay

    Wide! Turning down the leg side, Vandersay allows it through to the keeper.
  • 40.4JPDuminy to TPerera

    Wide! Fires one down the leg side, Thisara wants to flick but misses.
  • 39.4APhehlukwayo to MSiriwardana

    OUT! Fourth wicket for Phehlukwayo. Shorter one, well-directed, Siriwardana pulls but without much power and timing. It flies in front of square leg and Aiden Markram takes the simplest of catches in the deep.
  • 38.7JPDuminy to AngeloMathews

    OUT! This is a brilliant running catch from Chris Morris, not easy when you are sprinting back! A loopy full ball around off, Angelo tries to heave it across the line by jumping down the track but gets a big top edge over extra cover. Morris does well to keep his eyes on the ball and catches it safely. The reaction on his face tells you everything, not easy to take those.
  • 38.4JPDuminy to AMathews

    SIX! Mathews goes big! It's not over until this batsman is at the crease. Flighted ball, too full in length around off, Mathews lines up behind the delivery and thwacks it over long on.
  • 38.3JPDuminy to MSiriwardana

    Wide! Sprays a full ball down the leg side, Siriwardana leaves it and the keeper fumbles. They cross.

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