SL 203 (49.3ov)
SA 206/1 (37.2ov)

South Africa beat Sri Lanka by 9 wickets

MOM: Dwaine Pretorius

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  • SL
  • SA
  • 37.2TPerera to duPlessis

    FOUR! That is the end. Faf du Plessis finishes it with a boundary. Thisara bowls it on the pads, Faf flicks it fine down the leg side. The keeper dives to his left but to no avail. The ball goes to the fine leg fence for a boundary. SOUTH AFRICA WIN BY 9 WICKETS AND 76 BALLS TO SPARE.
  • 35.3LMalinga to duPlessis

    FOUR! Full, almost a yorker on off. Du Plessis hits it through mid off and gets a boundary. Now just 8 needed and Faf is also just 8 away from his century.
  • 34.6IUdana to duPlessis

    FOUR! Full on middle, du Plessis smashes it through mid on for a boundary. He's eyeing a century here.
  • 33.5LMalinga to duPlessis

    FOUR! 150-run stand comes up between the two. Full toss on the pads, du Plessis flicks it towards square leg and fetches a boundary. Just 20 runs needed now.
  • 32.5JMendis to duPlessis

    FOUR! Short and wide, du Plessis picks it early and cuts it like a butter through point for a boundary.
  • 30.2JMendis to duPlessis

    WIDE! Sprayed down the leg side and it has rightly been wided.
  • 28.3JMendis to duPlessis

    WIDE! Wrong side of the tramline on the off side. Faf leaves it alone and it has been wided.
  • 27.4SLakmal to duPlessis

    FOUR! Du Plessis has decided to press on the accelerator. Short delivery on off, Faf picks the length early and dismisses it to deep square leg via a pull shot.
  • 27.3SLakmal to duPlessis

    SIX! That was six the moment he hit it. Good length ball on off, du Plessis comes down the track and smokes it over the long off fence for an 88m biggie.
  • 26.4deSilva to HAmla

    WIDE! Darts one down the leg side. Perera looks to take it but it lobs off his glove and goes behind. Mendis runs after the ball from first slip and stops it at short fine leg. They take a run too.

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