SA 95/0 (12.4ov)

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  • We have two more Warm up games coming up on 27th May! Australia take on Sri Lanka at Southampton and England lock horns with Afghanistan at The Oval. Both the games begin at 1030 local (0930 GMT). Hope we get two full games. Till then, take care and goodbye!
  • A very frustrating day of cricket comes to an end! Rain played spoil sport in both the Warm up games today. The Pakistan and Bangladesh one did not see even a ball being bowled. Here however, we had the toss which the Windies won and elected to bowl. De Kock and Amla started off in explosive fashion. After around the 10th overs though, rain interrupted and the players were off. It was a long delay but the players did walk out again only for a few balls before rain arrived again. The wait then continued. It did end. The players did march out for a 31-over-per side game again but another drizzle saw the umpires call it off!
  • So that should probably be it! The inevitable has happened! The players are seen shaking hands and THE GAME HAS BEEN CALLED OFF!
  • Guess what? We are going off again! The umbrellas are out and the covers have been called on. However, the Windies players are not in a rush to get off so, it might not be very heavy. Let's keep our fingers crossed.
  • 12.5ARussell to HAmla

    1 run.
  • 12.4ARussell to HAmla

    A good yorker on middle, Amla jams it out.
  • 12.3ARussell to HAmla

    Another bouncer but this bounces way above the batsman's head. Wided.
  • 12.2ARussell to deKock

    Only a single as de Kock guides it down to third man.
  • 12.1ARussell to deKock

    FOUR! It is raining boundaries at the moment. Short and outside off, de Kock cuts it past point and the ball races away to the fence.
  • 11.6OThomas to HAmla

    FOUR!STREAKY! Fuller in length, Amla looks to drive it but gets an inside edge which runs past the stumps and into the fine leg fence. 50 up for Amla. Not the kind off innings we usually see from Amla. Explosive from the word go. 16 runs coming in the over. A very productive one.
  • 11.5OThomas to HAmla

    SIX! Up and over the Slips. Amla see the length to be short he just upper cuts it and from the moment the ball left the bat it was heading for a maximum. First of the innings.
  • 11.4OThomas to deKock

    Length ball on pads de Kock flicks it to leg side for single.
  • 11.3OThomas to deKock

    FOUR! Short of length on middle, de Kock pulls it brutally to the mid-wicket fence for a boundary.
  • 11.2OThomas to HAmla

    he batsman opens the face of the bat and helps it to third man. The batsmen have run through for a single.
  • 11.1OThomas to HAmla

    Length ball outside off, Amla drives but misses, the ball goes on the bounce to the keeper.
  • Oshane Thomas is on!
  • 10.6ARussell to deKock

    FOUR! Perfect response from de Kock. Russell gets too predictable there. He goes short again and de Kock was waiting for it, he rocks back and pulls it through backward square leg for a boundary.
  • 10.5ARussell to deKock

    Russell has his tail up here! He bangs another one short and it is on the body, de Kock once again does well to evade it.
  • 10.4ARussell to deKock

    Good pacey short one on middle, de Kock first thinks of a pull but the realizes it is too quick, he evades it well.
  • 10.3ARussell to HAmla

    On the shorter side on off, Amla guides it down to third man and a single is taken.
  • 10.2ARussell to HAmla

    FOUR! Crunched! Short, wide and Amla makes Russell pay. He goes back and cuts it past point for a boundary.
  • 10.1ARussell to deKock

    On the shorter side, de Kock pulls it towards fine leg for one.
  • 9.6JHolder to deKock

    The batsman gets an inside edge on that which goes fine down the leg side. One run added to the total.
  • 9.5JHolder to deKock

    9.5: J Holder to de Kock,BEATEN! Length ball leaving the batsman de Kock looks to run down towards third man, the ball whizzes past the outside edge.
  • 9.4JHolder to HAmla

    Length ball outside off, pushed towards covers and a single taken.
  • Loud cheer from the crowd as the players trudge out! The breakdown of the Powerplays are as follows - 1-6 - PP1, 7-25 - PP2 and 26-31 - PP3! Powerplay 2 signalled by the umpire as we are set to resume the game. Jason Holder to continue bowling from the fourth ball, Amla on strike!
  • Update 1525 local - Woohoo! Good news! It has stopped raining and the captains have met and discussed with the outcome of it being that we will be having more cricket! The game will be a 31-over affair and play will begin at 1530 local, in 5 minutes from now!
  • Update 1500 local (1400 GMT) - The update is no update! Nothing seems to be happening here as such. Just a whole lot of waiting while the conditions are still wet.
  • Update 1359 local (1259 GMT) - Well, well, well... Do not get too excited folks. The match is not going to begin. The covers are coming on again!
  • Update 1345 local (1245 GMT) - The rain has stopped and the covers are being removed. We are expecting a start in about 10-15 minutes from now i.e around 1400 local time!
  • 1315 Local (1215 GMT) - We are still waiting for the conditions to become better. We have started losing overs. No such improvement yet though...
  • Well, they go off again! So 7 balls is all they had come out for. This is frustrating for the players and the crowd but that is how one assumes the day is going to be. Let's up once again hope, it is not a long delay and this time, if we come on, we don't go off then.
  • 9.3JHolder to HAmla

    FOUR! Half volley to Amla and he puts it away! Full and on off, Amla leans into it and creams it through extra cover. That went to the fence like a tracer bullet.
  • 9.2JHolder to HAmla

    Back of a length again and the line is on off, Amla stands tall and defends it onto the ground.
  • 9.1JHolder to HAmla

    Lands it on a back of a length on off, Amla stands tall and keeps it out.
  • Jason Holder to bowl from the other end!
  • 8.6ARussell to deKock

    Defended off the back foot by the batsman.
  • 8.5ARussell to HAmla

    Length ball going down the leg stump, Amla pulls it to fine leg for a single.
  • 8.4ARussell to HAmla

    Pitching outside off, Amla punches it to point.
  • 8.3ARussell to HAmla

    Length ball on middle and leg, Amla looks to fend that away to the leg side but gets hit high on the pads.
  • The players make their way out to the middle. It is not Gabriel who is going to continue his over, instead, it is Russell who has the ball in his hand.
  • 1146 Local - We have news for you and it is good! The rain has stopped and the covers are off. Play will resume 1150 local.
  • It has started to pour now! It was drizzling for quite a while but the umpires now feel they need to walk off. On come the covers, let's hope it is not a long delay.
  • 8.2SGabriel to HAmla

    Length ball on the off stump, Amla looks to guide it to third man but gets an inside edge to square leg.
  • 8.1SGabriel to HAmla

    Short of a length, Amla hops and defends it to the on side.

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