SA 29/2 (7.3ov)

Match Abandoned

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  • SA
  • 6.1SCottrell to AMarkram

    OUT! Second wicket for Cottrell. The pace bowlers of West Indies have been on a roll this World Cup and Cottrell is the vital cog of it. Once again Cottrell comes steaming in and hits the deck hard, it is on the body. Markram looks to flick it but it goes off his glove. It goes to the left of the keeper. Hope behind dives on that side and takes a very good catch. The form that Hope is in, he won't drop much. The Cottrell salute is out for the second time already in this game.
  • 4.6SCottrell to deKock

    FOUR! Cut and cut hard! Back of a length ball outside off. Cottrell is guilty of giving him width to play with. De Kock says thank you very much and cuts it through cover-point for a boundary. The slow outfield cannot stop that from going to the fence.
  • 3.7KRoach to AMarkram

    FOUR! Gorgeous! Overpitched on off, it is in Markram's zone and he beautifully creams it through mid off for a boundary. This should get Markram going.
  • 3.1KRoach to deKock

    WIDE! Roach bowls it down the leg side, de Kock looks to flick but misses it.
  • 2.5SCottrell to HAmla

    OUT! West Indies draw the first blood. Once again the West Indies pace bowler has got an early wicket. Cottrell hits the length hard around off, Amla looks to go hard at it with his cut. Sheldon though generates extra bounce off the surface and Amla ends up edging it to wide slip. The young Chris Gayle there takes a simple catch. Cottrell brings out his trademark salute. The West Indies are up and running and once again Amla fails in this World Cup.
  • 2.3SCottrell to HAmla

    FOUR! This will go to the fence. Good length ball on off, Amla lashes onto it and slashes it through point for a boundary. First one off the day and it has come off the bat of Amla. Glorious one to have the first boundary off the day.
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