SL 338/6 (50.0ov)
WI 315/9 (50.0ov)

Sri Lanka beat West Indies by 23 runs

MOM: Avishka Fernando

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  • SL
  • WI
  • 48.3LMalinga to OThomas

    OUT! It is not close, it is out! West Indies are nine down now. Malinga gets his third. This lands around middle and leg. Thomas swings but misses. It goes off the pads towards third man. The batters run one as the bowler appeals. The umpire shakes his head. Kusal Perera suggests to review it and Dimuth Karunaratne obliges. Hawk Eye shows three reds and Thomas has to take the long walk back.
  • 47.1AMathews to NPooran

    OUT! EDGED AND TAKEN! What a masterstroke this is! Angelo Mathews who is bowling his first ball of this World Cup, forget the World Cup, his first ball after eternity, gets the batsman who had all the West Indies' hopes pinned on him. Mathews bowls it wide outside off, Pooran goes after it but the ball takes the outside edge and carries to Kusal Perera who makes no mistake. Mathews is pumped up and why not? He has probably won Sri Lanka the game. Pooran walks back dejected. What an innings from him but it would have been even more special had he taken his team over the line! West Indies need a miracle from here on.
  • 46.6IUdana to SCottrell

    WIDE! Pressure getting to the bowler here. This is down the leg side, Cottrell looks to flick but misses.
  • 46.2IUdana to NPooran

    FOUR! That is in the gap! The slower one and shorter in length. Pooran is ready for it. He waits for it and then pulls it through mid-wicket, away from the fielder in the deep and a boundary.
  • 45.6LMalinga to NPooran

    That has slipped! A high full toss outside off, Pooran goes after it but misses. The keeper fails to collect it cleanly but the batters don't run. Wide.
  • 45.1LMalinga to NPooran

    DROPPED AND FOUR! That has been misjudged horribly. Has Thisara Perera, the sub, dropped the game? Well, we will find out. Malinga bowls it full and on off, Pooran lofts it towards long off. He has not got enough on it. Perera though runs in then realizes it is going over him. Looks to recover by moving back and by stretching his hands up. The ball bursts through and goes into the fence. Malinga is not impressed. Karunaratne is shaking his head. Massive moment, this.
  • 44.5IUdana to NPooran

    SIX! What a sound that made off the bat! That has been hit with the wind. Short and on the body, Pooran waits for it and pulls it over the backward square leg fence for a biggie.
  • 44.4IUdana to NPooran

    WIDE! Down the leg side, Pooran looks to swing but misses. Wide signaled.
  • 44.1IUdana to FAllen

    OUT! Run out! Rihanna maybe in attendance but the song of Taylor Swift - 'Trouble, Trouble' is playing in my mind. Complete miscommunication here and yet another fifty stand is broken through a run out. A delivery down the leg side, Fabian flicks it towards short fine leg and Pooran wants to have a run in spite of the striker not showing much interest. Rajitha, in the meanwhile, picks up the ball and parries it to the bowler who does the rest. Not even in the frame, Fabian. He has sacrificed himself here. 57 needed off 35 balls.
  • 43.4KRajitha to FAllen

    SIX! What a hit this is from Fabien Allen! WOW! Even Rihanna in the stands is impressed. The one boundary they need in every over has come here. This is full and on middle, Allen lofts it over the bowler's head. It goes all the way.

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