'It's how we show affection!': Ben Stokes' wife laughs off 'crazy' claims the cricketer 'choked' her at an awards ceremony with joke tweet showing her squishing his cheeks in return

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Daily Mail

Author 2019-10-08 19:55:00

Ben Stokes's wife has laughed off claims that the cricketer angrily grabbed her face at a cricket awards night  last week - saying it is how the couple show affection and they were simply 'joking'.  

The Ashes star was seen with his hand in wife Clare Stokes' face at the Professional Cricketers’ Association Awards Anniversary party in London last Wednesday.

It was reported earlier today that the cricket 'grabbed' his wife shortly before the couple left the event at Camden's Roundhouse venue.

But Mrs Stokes made light of the report this afternoon, tweeting a photo of her pushing her husband's face in apparent mockery of the picture.


Clare Stokes tweeted this message today after a photo emerged of her husband with his hand in her face at a cricket awards night last week. She made light of the picture, and even posted her own version of the picture, with her hand in her husband's face


In separate pictures, the couple were pictured kissing at the bar of the Camden venue

She tweeted: 'Unbelievable what nonsense these people will make up! Me and Ben messing about squishing up each other’s faces cos that's how we show affection and some pap tries to twist it in to a crazy story!

'And all before we then have a romantic McDonalds 20 mins later!'

Mrs Stokes also tweeted a photo of her and her husband posing on the red carpet.

Ben Stokes later retweeted his wife's message, alongside with a kissing emoji, to his 600,000 followers. 

Stokes is favourite to be BBC Sports Personality of the Year and tipped for a knighthood because of his heroics in the Cricket World Cup and Ashes series this summer.

MailOnline has approached Mr Stokes for a comment. 


The pair were also pictured arm in arm at the event in Camden last Wednesday night


Mrs Stokes said they went for a 'romantic McDonald's' after the event


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