'Jofra Archer Can Help Australia Win Ashes Series'

Raj News Express

Raj News Express

Author 2019-09-18 11:12:36

England cricket team vice-captain Ben Stokes believes that young fast bowler Joffra Archer can help his team win the Ashes in 2021-22 in Australia. Archer took a total of 22 wickets in five matches in the recently drawn 2–2 series. He also helped England win the World Cup title.

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"The Guardian" quoted Stokes as saying, "I don't think I have seen more talented cricketers in my time than him. It is good to have such a bowler in the team. There is no doubt that he will win the Ashes in Australia in 2021-22 Can help us. They can bowl at a speed of 90 mph with control and such a bowler is lethal in any part of the world. "

On England's performance in the domestic Ashes series against Australia, Stokes said, "Considering the constant changes in the top batting order and the other difficulties, I think the Test team performed well. It seems that in our last match Have found a formula that is working for us and we can work on it further. "

Stokes went on to say, "Joe Denley has experience in the opener and has done it for a long time in his career and he is comfortable in this role. I believe we have found something that works for us And hopefully we can keep it up so that when the players get a chance, they can consistently do well. "

Stokes played at number four as a specialist batsman due to not being fully fit to bowl in the last Ashes Test against Australia. Regarding playing at the same spot in the future, he said, "To be honest, I am not sure. It depends entirely on team combination and balance. Obviously it is an option and bowling due to injury this week is not Having done it, we had to make changes and bring in the fourth seamer. It depends on what Rutty (captain Joe Root) wants for the balance of the team and gives the player a place Is. "


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