'No-Election' BCCI AGM Will Audit Accounts, Adopt Annual Budget



Author 2019-10-23 00:08:00


The 'few good men' in BCCI will be after all "elected" on 'A Wednesday' morning without any actual election or contest - a convention followed for years as a part of Board's "cosy club" culture. In fact, when did BCCI last have a "proper contested" election and not "unanimous appointments" election is a question that raises several eyebrows and gives enough stress to our memory quotient. There will be no aberration this time around and those "few good men" will assume power, again, without any contest.

CoA will find itself dissolved

But it's a historic day in the sense that this will mark an end to an ad-hoc arrangement that lasted for nearly three years. So when Sourav Ganguly-led BCCI office-bearers' team takes charge, the Supreme Court-appointed Committee of Administrators will find itself dissolved.

The main agenda before the BCCI AGM

So the main agenda before the BCCI Annual General Meeting will be to clear its accounts & budget. The BCCI AGM will now see confirmation of the minutes of the previous general meetings; adoption of the report of the secretary for the year under review; adoption of the treasurer's report and the audited accounts for the year under review; adoption of the annual Budget; appointment of auditors for the year and fix their remuneration; appointment of the ombudsman and ethics officer; appointment of the
cricket committees and standing committees as mentioned in Rules 26 and 25.

Once the office bearers take charge, the state associations can look forward to getting their budgetary allocations and funds the arrears of which have reached Rs 100 crore during the last 3 years.


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