'T20's captain should be given to Rohit to reduce the workload of Virat'

Raj News Express

Raj News Express

Author 2019-09-28 01:44:04

Yuvraj Singh, the former explosive batsman of the Indian team, believes that if captain Virat Kohli has a heavy workload, then Rohit Sharma should be handed the captain in the shortest format of the game.

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During the conversation with Aaj Tak, Yuvraj Singh said, "Earlier there used to be only two formats in cricket - ODI and Test. So it seemed right to do the captaincy in both formats from the same captain. With the arrival of T20 cricket, now there are three formats. went.Which puts a lot of burden on the captain. "

Yuvraj Singh said, "If Virat Kohli feels that he is overloaded due to the pressure of T20, then he can give the captain of this format to Rohit Sharma. Rohit has been very successful as a captain."

Yuvraj Singh said, "I don't know what the team management has decided about Virat Kohli's workload management. The management will have to decide how much pressure Virat can bear. Will he try for a new captain for T20? Want to do. It depends on how they want to move forward towards the future. "

This former batsman believes that Virat Kohli has been a successful batsman. The team management has to decide how to manage their workload


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